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  1. RunMickeyRun02

    The Family Curse Continues

    Forgot 57 (dad) and 61 (mom) too And it rolls on, the lightning thing adds an interesting twist, thanks everyone that followed along.
  2. RunMickeyRun02

    The Family Curse Continues

    Nope, looks like now his first game will be against Colorado.
  3. Came here to make my status something about Texas losing....looks like I wasn't a very original thinker...

  4. RunMickeyRun02

    The Family Curse Continues

    I would want sedated, not conscious for any curse preventing procedure.
  5. RunMickeyRun02

    The Family Curse Continues

    The way thing went down I was thinking he would be a bowl game baby those are usually 50/50, never dreamed we'd go 4-8 last year
  6. RunMickeyRun02

    The Family Curse Continues

    A new head coach, and a new son for me whose first game is tomorrow. The last chance (Unless something 'accidentally' happens) until I have grand kids for the curse to be broken. That could make it stretch to the 80 year mark I think if the curse continues I might just go get snipped. I forgot to mention years ago after Rileys BYU loss that my mother was born just before the Devaney era, so.....yep she qualifies as well. Also fun fact, my dad was the only one born during a football season.....and during a 7 game losing streak.........ouch. Also find it interesting that another Bowden is coming to town, this time Terry and Akron instead of Bobby and FSU. I'd like to save this thread after we win (hopefully) and so I can show my son some day how he became my lil' curse breaker, esp. after everything I've been through these last two years. So please send well wishes to future little RMR, ask him about hoverboards and future stuff. Oh, and sorry @DrunkOffPunch for not following orders. Thanks letting me share,....again.
  7. RunMickeyRun02

    Gebbia Not at Practice - Transferring to Oregon State

    In TG's case I would say follow your dreams, you can always adult later. Worst case you end up with a degree from SOMEWHERE that you didn't have to pay for. I personally went the 'safe' route and I'm not regretful I did but it doesn't stop me from wondering what would have happened or if I would've been happier.
  8. RunMickeyRun02

    When Will the Huskers Be Ranked?

    I not-this-yeared, although I'd be happy to be wrong.
  9. RunMickeyRun02

    Husker Warm-up a 'Rite of Passage'

    Thanks for sharing, that is not at all what I'd been picturing.
  10. Yes, agreed. I feel like someone is trying to get me angry. I just don't care. We Nebraska fans are notoriously easy to mess with because we take football so seriously. If it wasn't this, they'd be trotting out some other thing to rile up Husker Nation.
  11. RunMickeyRun02

    Vegas sets Huskers Over/Under at 5.5 wins

    Is anyone else like me and totally forgot about Troy? I thought of the season as Akron, Colorado...some other teams,....Ohio State, Michigan and our division. For some reason I thought we drew Penn State out of the east too.....
  12. RunMickeyRun02

    Huskers looking to add grad transfer at QB?

    Sorry for the side note. Keithen McCant is the QB in question, went in the 12 round to the Browns, some guy name Nick Saban was their DC..... Looks like he played 3 years of Canadian ball. I was trying to figure out if he made it to the preseason but I can't find stats for the preseason that go back that far, anyone know ?
  13. RunMickeyRun02

    2018 NFL Draft

    It's getting really painful seeing on the wrong end of so many guys highlight reels. I'm glad I didn't make a drinking game out of it. That center from Iowa's reel was brutal.
  14. RunMickeyRun02

    POB...still in the QB room?

    Okay, just me then, fine.