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  1. *Looks outside* 

    *Looks at Husker Baseball Schedule*

    *Looks outside*

    *mind blown*

    1. brophog


      He slides into second, no wait, he’s now in the dugout...

    2. VectorVictor


      This is why it's ridiculous for the NCAA to start the baseball season anywhere before Spring Break. 


      Problem is, the warm-weather schools don't want to cede their advantage to the north, and considering that most of the warm weather schools reside in the old South, the idea of fair play and doing something for the betterment of the sport as a whole is anathema to them.

  2. This gripe seems to come up a lot. I watch a ton of college football but never college gameday. I watch football all Saturday long, I don't need a couple hours of guys talking about college football beforehand. As for the lack of gameday on campus perhaps we should lose less than four games in a year before we cry injustice. I know I should care about GameDay being on campus because it would benefit recruiting and help the local economy but I just can't bring myself to.
  3. Does anyone know or understand how the Thursday Night game is picked? I know CBS gets the AFC, FOX he NFC and Sunday night football goes to NBC (who I thought got first pick) but where does MNF and especially Thursday Night Football fall in this pecking order? I ask because tonight's game seems uncharacteristically interesting. 

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    2. RunMickeyRun02


      They bid before the season? Is flex scheduling only for the sunday night game? 

    3. Mavric


      As far as which network gets which games, yes, the bidding is done years in advance.


      The schedule is set months before the season starts so the Monday Night and Thursday Night games are set then.  The Sunday Night games are also set at that time but the do get some flex options later in the season (but only from Sunday afternoon to Sunday night).

    4. ColoradoHusk


      Regarding the individual matchups on each night, with FOX throwing more money to the NFL for the Thursday night package (starting this year), the NFL rewarded them with more appealing matchups.  Sunday night football tries to get the best match-up each week on NBC, but CBS and Fox can try to protect certain games for their afternoon blocks.  Monday Night Football on ESPN has pretty much turned into an afterthought in terms of the quality of game.  

  4. Forgot 57 (dad) and 61 (mom) too And it rolls on, the lightning thing adds an interesting twist, thanks everyone that followed along.
  5. Nope, looks like now his first game will be against Colorado.
  6. Came here to make my status something about Texas losing....looks like I wasn't a very original thinker...

  7. I would want sedated, not conscious for any curse preventing procedure.
  8. The way thing went down I was thinking he would be a bowl game baby those are usually 50/50, never dreamed we'd go 4-8 last year
  9. A new head coach, and a new son for me whose first game is tomorrow. The last chance (Unless something 'accidentally' happens) until I have grand kids for the curse to be broken. That could make it stretch to the 80 year mark I think if the curse continues I might just go get snipped. I forgot to mention years ago after Rileys BYU loss that my mother was born just before the Devaney era, so.....yep she qualifies as well. Also fun fact, my dad was the only one born during a football season.....and during a 7 game losing streak.........ouch. Also find it int
  10. In TG's case I would say follow your dreams, you can always adult later. Worst case you end up with a degree from SOMEWHERE that you didn't have to pay for. I personally went the 'safe' route and I'm not regretful I did but it doesn't stop me from wondering what would have happened or if I would've been happier.
  11. I not-this-yeared, although I'd be happy to be wrong.
  12. Thanks for sharing, that is not at all what I'd been picturing.
  13. Yes, agreed. I feel like someone is trying to get me angry. I just don't care. We Nebraska fans are notoriously easy to mess with because we take football so seriously. If it wasn't this, they'd be trotting out some other thing to rile up Husker Nation.
  14. Is anyone else like me and totally forgot about Troy? I thought of the season as Akron, Colorado...some other teams,....Ohio State, Michigan and our division. For some reason I thought we drew Penn State out of the east too.....
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