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Found 1 result

  1. Just a FYI to folks looking for an easy away game ticket in 2012--Northwestern is selling season tickets from $99 to $262/ticket. Reason you may want to jump on this now, as opposed to say, in a month or three, is that Northwestern has designated their Nebraska game as "Family Night" in an attempt to get family and alum in the area into the stadium to try and keep us out. Was able to pull two tickets for Row 77 in section 130. Not ideal, but once you sell the tickets for the other games, it shouldn't be *nearly* as expensive as $262/ticket when all is said and done, especially if you nab decent seats. And this won't be a bad outing, if, for no other reason, you can see experience Chicago before and after the game. Northwestern Ticket Office Link And yes, this is no Columbus, OH--but then again, that ticket is likely to be in the stratosphere. This option is for the more budget-minded fans that also like to get some tourism in on their football outings.
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