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Found 1 result

  1. This video 'campaign' may not go anywhere, but I saw it scroll past on social media so I thought I'd pose the underlying question: Have the costs of collegiate athletics surpassed their worth? And as a caveat - what is their worth? The video picks on college football. This overview is not very well written, but it outlines the topic and includes the embedded video: http://www.filmsforaction.org/watch/college-athletics-are-stealing-your-future/ Also see http://www.presidentialfootball.com/index.php. I do have to admit I was surprised how much the University of Ohio students were paying in student fees - I think the video asserts that they pay almost $6000 over the course of an undergraduate degree, with the majority of these fees going to their football program. Obviously, this isn't the case everywhere (Virginia Tech students, for example, pay less than $300 annually for sports programs), but given the atmosphere surrounding student loan debt, I could see arguments being made that it shouldn't be the students who foot this bill. And if it is not the students who pay for it, who should? Big time programs probably carry their own weight, but those big time programs need to be able to fill up their schedules with somebody. Any thoughts?
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