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  1. New to the board, long time lurker but I'm throwing my hat in on this one. I don't know much about Bob and his defense but if it like everyone is saying - I am a lifelong Steelers fan and we run the same defense he does. This year it started out extremely slow but has gotten progressively better through out the year. Heres a highlight video from this year (Renegade is the defensive song for home games when we need a stop, sorry for the music!): Obviously we need to recruit the players to run the system, it can drive you crazy because of the underneath throws being completed but as long as you have players that can tackle whats in front of them, it works. The key is confusing pressure, changing who is coming and when but always showing that pressure.
  2. Taylor is impressive so far besides the early fumble, good passes esp to BK in the window and the audibles and decision making are perfect so far. Its going to come down to our D because I dont think their D can stop us.
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