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  1. 1 hour ago, All Hail Herbie said:

    “I’m hoping the Big Ten has to modify their system for us,” Frost said confidently, resulting in a loud cheer from the group of current and former players and NU administration.


    Your right, the quote was much more nuanced.  I would also be the first one to cheerlead more of these proclamations, if of course we were having some success.  Hard to believe, but this quote is now 3 1/2 years old.  


    And it wasn't like he just came out and said that.  It was in response to a question about how he'd have to adjust to the B1G.  So he was playing off the question, not just thumping his chest and bragging.

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  2. 25 minutes ago, runningblind said:

    Jackson too, I had included Reimer and left off Gifford.  Good explanation about the rest.  I guess my observation here would be more about the number of defensive players versus offensive, but that trends towards which side of the ball is ahead right now I suppose.  Athletic ability doesn't specifically correlate to football performance of course but it surely won't hurt.


    It's a fair question I guess.  To me, it looks like the guys who have been in the S&C program for 3+ years are the guys who are at the top of the list.  Williams, CTB, Martin & Kolarevic (not here but college overall), Domann, Jurgens, Reimer and Jackson all fit that description.  Only Sanford and Gifford lead the list and haven't been in college that long.  The only offensive skill guys who fit that description are Martinez, Toure and (kind of) Manning.  Martinez is on  the list.  And tall WRs don't usually score well in squats and pro agility runs.

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  3. 8 minutes ago, runningblind said:

    Serious question here, while his numbers are impressive,  is that simply an impressive feat by this kid alone or is this an indictment of where the rest of the roster still is? I notice 4 walk ons in the top ten list and only a couple of offensive players.  Lots of defensive guys which seems to line up exactly with how the team looked last year.


    Are your four walk-ons Sanford, Martin, Reimer and Gifford?  Martin was a four-star recruit.  The part that we got him as a walk-on has nothing to do with his lack of athletic ability.  Reimer and Gifford were both recruited heavily by this staff but they were able to convince them to come into the program as walk-ons with the promise of getting a scholarship after they got here to be able to give scholarship offers to other players we were trying to get from farther away.  Sanford is really the only guy who is a traditional walk-on.  And he is a college heptathlete.  

  4. Just now, BigRedBuster said:

    Sanford strikes again.


    I hadn't noticed that he was now on the football team until the Spring Game.  I knew he was a really good athlete and was glad he was getting a chance to be on the team.


    But after seeing that he is right at the top of most of these testing numbers, I wonder if he won't work himself into some playing time, at least on special teams.


    There is speculation that they won't release 40 times and even if they did he might not be in it.  He is fairly fast but I'm not sure if he'd be fast enough to win a spot at CB some time.  But I wouldn't rule it out at this point.

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  5. 1 hour ago, JJ Husker said:

    I haven't been to a HS bball game in awhile but I don't recall ever seeing a shot clock in a HS gym. Some schools may have issues paying for them. Guess they can do more fundraisers....


    I've always heard cost is the biggest hold-up in the NFHS adopting it.  "Forcing" schools not only to buy the equipment but also training and paying someone to run it.


    Although all this actually does it make it allowable to have a shot clock.  Each state will have to choose if they adopt it or not.  So I'm not holding my breath for it to show up in Nebraska for a few years yet.  I could see it in Colorado sooner.  Which will make interstate games interesting.

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