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  1. Just now, ColoradoHusk said:

    Most golfers who can't break 100 should learn to get off the tee decently.  Then the key to breaking 90 and then 80 is from 100 yards and in.  So many shots are wasted with poor wedge play and putting.


    I played a couple weeks ago, and I hit the ball ok, but I was making a decent number of putts, especially in the 5-10 foot range.  I ended up shooting an 81, and that was with 2 OB balls off drives.  I think I should have broken 80, but the only reason I was close to breaking 80 was how I was putting.




    So you're one of those "Drive for show" guys. ;)

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  2. Just now, DevoHusker said:

    great info...and yeah, I want to see something in the mid-upper 80's


    I mean, c'mon "76 or higher" ??


    I assume they pulled all that data off the PGA Tour because they'd have all the data on putt lengths.  And not a lot of them are shooting higher.


    But that doesn't do much for us common folk.  :lol:

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  3. 5 minutes ago, Ziebol said:

    2021 PWO offer for Jackson Burkhalter. Brother of Christian Burkhalter.


    Interesting.  Was a mid-three star on 247 until he tore his ACL in October 2018.  Was originally Class of 2020 but is going to prep school this year.


    Seems to have an Ole Miss offer and they've also offered Christian.

  4. 1 minute ago, Warrior10 said:

    He was an EE who returned home when COVID started, however, there is smoke that he's staying home. 


    Yep.  They aren't required to be back in Lincoln yet.  So nothing seems definitive.  But less-than-great. 


    He and Speilman are the only two known to not be back yet (of those who were here in the spring).

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