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  1. 10 minutes ago, knapplc said:


    I'm not sure what that P5 AD would mean about "no season anyway" unless they meant the G5 are just cannon fodder for the P5.  Which is true, but then it begs the question - why are there 130 teams in D1 when half of them have zero chance of winning a championship?


    College football's structure is weird.


    I'm pretty sure he meant they can't afford to actually have a season once they lost all their money-making games.  Which I think is what you are saying.


    As to the structure, it is kind of odd

  2. 34 minutes ago, teachercd said:

    Not a holder here, is this email going to be well received? 


    I would imagine that's pretty much as much as you could ask for.


    My question is do you have to decide before or after you know how many games you get to go to.  Getting 4 games is a lot different than getting 2.  Was supposed to be 7.

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  3. Email to season ticket holders:



    Options Are Available For Your 2020 Football Tickets


    Husker Fans,


    Since spring, the global pandemic has created many unique challenges and has impacted all of us in Husker Nation in many ways.


    In my three years as your Athletic Director I have witnessed how the hardworking people of Nebraska handle adversity. From floods to pandemics, Nebraskans rally to lift up their neighbors and that makes this old rancher proud to be a Husker.


    Husker fans are a powerful force. When we unite anything is possible.


    One of the first calls I received when becoming your athletic director was from Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany. His comment to me was “Nebraska needs to get back to being Nebraska.” He was correct and that is what we intend to do. We have made incredible progress in a short amount of time but still have work to do. Unfortunately, the pandemic could slow our progress. We are facing one of the most challenging times in our 130-year history. The severity of the current situation is real, and I am calling on our incredible fans to help pull us through.



    I appreciate your patience as we navigate the complex situation surrounding the 2020 football season. Throughout the past few months, I have been constantly reminded how fortunate we are to have the most passionate and loyal fan base in the country. Your strong support for our program has been evident by many of you reaching out with words of encouragement to me, our coaches and teams.


    Throughout this pandemic, our staff has constantly studied, monitored and planned out how to move forward with athletic activities, practices and competitions. First and foremost, the safety of every member of our Husker family is our top priority. We have worked closely with state and university officials, as well as medical professionals, on many scenarios our teams may face. We have focused on controlling what we can control and developing effective guidelines and procedures. I am proud of the time, effort and dedication of our staff. They have worked tirelessly to serve our student-athletes and ensure that as many of you as possible can return to Memorial Stadium safely this fall for a memorable game-day experience.


    The Big Ten schedule announcement earlier this week was a positive step forward in the process of returning to competition. We can now look ahead to Sept. 12 when we play our home opener at Memorial Stadium against Illinois.


    Nebraska Athletics is working closely with campus leadership, and local government and health officials to determine the recommended Memorial Stadium capacity based on health and safety guidelines. Capacity recommendations will be provided to Athletics later this month and reviewed throughout the season. Physical distancing to achieve recommended capacity in the seating areas may require a reduction in season ticket quantities to accommodate as many accounts as possible. Communication on capacity and safety guidelines will be delivered no less than two weeks prior to the first home game.


    We understand not all fans will feel comfortable attending games this fall. With that in mind, you will have options for the 2020 season. I ask that you fill out the attached survey by Friday, Aug. 14, indicating your intentions for this season.


    We have adjusted our no-refund policy and are offering the option of converting your 2020 Nebraska Football payment, or any unused funds, into a credit for the 2021 season. You will receive up to 30 priority points for selecting this option.


    You can also request a full refund on your 2020 payment. Regardless of the decision you make for 2020, you will have the opportunity to renew for the 2021 season and your status as a ticket holder will not be impacted.


    As you evaluate your personal decision for 2020, I would remind you of the impact your financial support has on our nearly 650 student-athletes. Your financial assistance is critical to providing our young men and women the most comprehensive student-athlete experience in the country.


    Husker Athletics is introducing the “Day by Day” campaign to help us offset the financial hardship of a $40-$100 million revenue shortfall caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We would appreciate your consideration in donating to the “Day by Day” campaign by re-committing all of your 2020 payment, or any unused funds, to Husker Athletics. Individuals who choose to do so will receive up to 100 priority points.


    If you are not in a position to make a financial commitment, or need to opt out of your tickets this year, I ask that you consider a 100 percent tax-deductible donation to the Huskers Athletic Fund at a level that is financially feasible for you. Again, your financial support helps provide a world-class experience for our student-athletes and allows us to re-invest in our facilities and fan amenities.


    I have always said that we will “Honor the Past, Live the Present and Create the Future.” Right now we need your support to ensure the future at Nebraska is bright.


    Thank you for your loyalty and understanding during these unprecedented times - There Is No Place Like Nebraska!




    Bill Moos
    Athletic Director


  4. 1 hour ago, teachercd said:

    It is so true though.  Even at the HS level, the s#!t coaches say to reporters/parents is so phony compared to what they say in the coaches office.


    Let me give you one from 2 seasons ago...QB takes off and instead of diving for a TD, slows down and basically turns into a human pillbug (or potato bug) if you will.


    HC to parents and reporter:  "He made a really smart play on that drive, protecting the ball and getting what he could"


    HC in locker room 15 minutes later:  "That kid is f#&%ing soft...and his parents drive me nuts.  Who stops at the 1 yard line"


    I didn't realize you coached Joe Daily.



    /It was Joe Daily, right???

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