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  1. My hot take is rather simple and obvious:  SEC is going to keep dominating the college playoffs.  The other conferences are not even close to challenging right now.  Bama should have been one of the playoff teams this season.  They are better than most teams, even in losing 2 conference games this season by a slim margin. 


    My preseason top 10:

    1.  Georgia

    2. Bama

    3. Tennessee

    4.  USC

    5.  Clemson

    6. Ohio ST

    7.  Michigan

    8  LSU

    9.  NOtre Dame

    10.  TCU

    Expect a SEC team to win.  BAMA or Georgia, but don't sleep on LSU.

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  2. On 1/1/2023 at 11:36 AM, gossamorharpy said:

    It’s coming to an end. Saban retiring soon, Bama as a program isn’t the same dominant force it was a few years ago. Georgia on a nice run but they too don’t feel the same as Bama did during the last decade.. the dawgs almost lost to an Ohio state team missing its whole receiver room, quite a few who will be playing on Sundays. 

    Solid teams and best conference for sure but I feel like the sport is heading to a place of more contenders which is great 

    Completely agree.  I do think that parity will take place in a few years once the 12 team format gets going.  I still think that the SEC will get more teams into the playoff each season( Media bias) and the fact that they just have better talent right now.  OU and Texas will challenge the bag men in the SEC.  They have cash.  They will compete for recruits with Georgia and Bama.  I hope that they have a rule where all conference champs go to the playoffs. P-5 conferences at least.  This at least allow for some other schools to at least get a shot and hope they start soon as the regular season is over.  No layoffs.Just like basketball.  If you have injuries, so be it. 

  3. 7 hours ago, huskerfan702 said:


    I’m not trying to discredit tcu because they easily could’ve folded 3 outta the last 4 weeks and they found a way to win. But when you add in the conversation of a 12 team playoff ask how legitimate this conversation goes beyond 4. IMO the bcs never got it wrong.  

    BCS never got it wrong--Nebraska vs Miami?  USC vs OU?   OU vs LSU- none of these games were ever competitive.  BCS did get it right sometimes, but not always.  Close wins, hum, we had a few a close win at Mizzou in order to win the Natty.  Close wins teach teams and players how to win under pressure.

    The 12 team playoff will be a good thing.  The only negative that I can actually think of is injuries, team that are beat up after the regular season and lose because of attrition, not talent or scheme.  This will be school like TCU, K-ST, Ohio ST and maybe Michigan.  Georgia, BAma, and Clemson most seasons have more depth at key positions.  Bama will benefit from a playoff with more teams.  After watching yesterdays games, for sure they were one of the top 4 teams in the country at the end of the season.  SEC dominance is real, and I don't see it leveling out anytime soon.

  4. Lets hear how the Big 10 is so much better than the Big 12.....................More physical?  Better run games?  Better coaching?  I would say that TCU just checked all the boxes in that game..............I do give the Ohio St Buckeyes a 25% chance to win this game, but its going to take a different level of play than they have played all season in the Big 10

    I feel for AMart some, but does anyone know if he is 100%?  Maybe those few plays he ran was enough and he wasn't fully ready...........Shows actually how far down we have gotten when our 4 year starter goes to KSU and can't hold the starting job.....injury or not...........

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  5. Who is gods creation thinks that we can "grab coordinators" from other schools that are high profile?  We didn't hire a sitting coach first off, and secondly, if we couldn't hire big name as HC, who would think we could hire big name coordinators? 

    Trev surely has told Rhule every facet and area that needs an upgrade already.  Rhule knows that this job is an overhaul.


    This hire has some question marks, sure, but to think that no one from the Carolina Panthers is qualified to lead young men onto a football field are being rather negative, just to be negative at this point. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, HANC said:

    Why is this AUTOMATICALLY on Trev? You guys make me smh..so damn negative, and it is you guys who are the joke. Could it be Trev made a run at Fickell????? Could it be that Fickell wanted to be at Wiscy more than here.  No one knows, but easier to just point fingers and complain. And, wasn’t Fickell the HC when we came back on OSU when they collapsed in Lincoln.

    Exactly.  I am sure that Fickells agent was contacted, and they turned down any kind of interview or discussion.  Like I said on a different thread, we will never know who was asked and who declined even and interview at this point.  What we do know is that we made a few coaches more money along the way.

  7. Just wanted to put this out there, but how does the people of Oklahoma feel right now?  Your old coach is going to lead USC more likely into the CFP.  I guess that this says that if your thinking about leaving your conference, maybe consult with your HC first.  I don't feel a bit sorry for OU and Texas going forward.  They just sealed there fate.  Venables is also already on the hot seat, maybe he should have stayed put at Clemson as well.


    Greed that Texas and OU have is so ridiculous it is funny.  Reminds of another school..........lets hope for traditions sake they don't encounter the same things we did by joining a conference that really doesn't want you, but will take your name and money.

    Riley is a really good coach, with a scheme that works where ever he goes.  USC is going to be around for awhile now.  they might have just replaced Clemson and OU as a title contender each season.  Welcome to the Big 10!

  8. Anytime you add the human element, anything is possible.  I just wonder if parting ways now would be the best thing for both sides.  Palmer immediatly announced we was gong pro.......that says something about things right there.  For those on this roster that are open minded, this hire will work out well.  For those who wanted Mickey and want leave, it will work out well for them as well, some where else.


    I will stand by the fact that our roster is not that great.  They have no leverage in this right now.  We don't have a roster full of all-pro's.  So whom ever leaves, thats fine.  For those who stay, I think they will be rewarded in the future.

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  9. 3 minutes ago, ColoradoHusk said:

    My one concern about Mickey being retained and going back to WR coach and AHC is that there could be a core group of players who would still look at Mickey as “their head coach”. I am not saying Mickey would be divisive, but it could just happen naturally with the way the players are.  That would undermine Rhule’s ability to create the program how he wants it to be. That’s why it may be best for the long-term to have a clean break and move forward with a completely new staff. 

    Absolutely agree with 100%.  I think its time to separate and go on our own ways now.  With the above twitter, even if its nothing, where there is smoke, usually there is fire. 

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  10. We finally have a head coach, and we are not happy with him?  Mickey might have done ok, but odds are he just doesn't have enough......not a coordinator, just a WR coach.  If Mickey would have had some coordinator experience, that might have mattered some.  Anyway, its all a mute point now.

    Rhule is not Urban, but is Urban, Urban now? 


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  11. 8 Year contract is interesting.  So does Trev think its going to take 5 years to build this program to where it should be and the other 3 to win a division?    My guess is that Rhule said he was not going to take this gig for less than.  Need some security with money and years.  If he stays all 8 years that will say alot about this hire.  Watch Penn St come open next season................it is what it is at this point!

  12. If we are who we think we are yet, Rhule should get good recruits in here.  If we use our NIL money right, and entice players enough, we will get recruits.  Not worried about recruiting this season.  More worried about getting transfers thru the portal.  Recruiting will pay off 3 years from now, but if we are going to compete next season and the season after that, we need portal players.  Last time I looked, I didnt see very many linemen in the portal yet.  Funny season is just around the corner, so be prepared for alot of names to come out of the wood work!

  13. So what, who cares about recruiting rankings............the last time I looked neither KU or KSU have ever had Top 15 recruiting classes and right now they are winning and beating ranked teams.....in a tougher conference this year.


    Developing talent is the top priority.  Recruit what we need, build what we want.  We need lineman now.  We need good linemen now.  The rest will take of itself.  I truly believe that Rhule will at least win the games were suppose to win. 

    My next question is do we start recruiting Texas again?  Rhule has connections in Texas and relationships, does he use them?  Can he recruit Pennsylvania yet?  Where do we see our recruiting coming from right now?  Do we get any Baylor players to transfer for there 5th year?  

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  14. Mickey should be thanked for what he did do, but he didn't do anything that was spectacular.  He led a group of young men.  He was left with a mess, and did his best to correct some issues that have plagued this program for 5+ seasons.


    I think if anything he showed  us just how far out of touch Frosty was with the Big 10 and Big 10 football.  Beyond that, he didn't improve this team that much if your looking at the numbers.  4 wins was nice, but would've and could've says this team should have won 6 games this season.  Same issues that were present with Frost were still present with Mickey.  We found ways to lose games late.  Its time for a new sheriff in town.

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  15. Is this the hire that most people wanted?  I don't think its the flashy hire we all wanted, but its the guy who wants the job right now.  This shows that we are not the sexy of a job, and this guy has rebuilt teams from nothing into something.  I am good with this hire.  This is the guy who restarted Baylor, not Aranda.  Rhule has success, and runs the ball, power scheme wise.  He also gets big QB's who can run some, not featherweights like Casey.  I don't know if we have a QB on this roster who can run his offense the way he wants it.    We may never really know how many coaches turned us down, but I have to think Rhule was not our first choice.  If he was our first choice, great, we got the guy Trev wanted.

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  16. I think our expectations should be realistic, but yet if the guy can coach and recruit, even decently this year, we should win 5 games next season.  Big 10 West is the worst division in all of college football.  Iowa is going downhill, Wisky is in trouble even with keeping Leonard, Minny is going to be Minny, but they don't scare me, Purdue is going to have a different team next season, so to think that we can't compete right out of the gate is also not right mentality.  I don't expect a Big 10 champion next season, but I do expect to see improvement in record and team play.  We are as far down as we have ever been.  I don't think massive improvement is asking alot, right now.  We could massive improve and still only win 4-5 games next season......but I think now is the time to do this.  Now is the time to get a new coach in here and see what we can do.  Rhule is going to have to work is rear off to get recruits in here, and even flipping some from other schools........no one is off the table at this point.  Its the start of a new ERA.........I am excited!

  17. On some seasons I would agree, but we are playing for nothing at all.....nothing.  This will be alot of our guys last game no matter, freakin play to win and win big.


    This is a clown show now.  Desire, where is it?  Willing to do whatever to win this game.  Don't like a losing mentality, and thats all we have left over from the last 3 coaches.

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