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  1. Chadwell- NO We hired Chadwell when we hired Frost. Don't see any difference between the two. Bohl- might laugh at us now. Orgeron-No . He can recruit, but can't really coach or retain his cordinators. Stoops- wouldn't come here for any amount of money Were stuck with Frost for the next 2 years. If he would hire a new staff, minus Chins, we might have something. For those who think that the Big 12 is dead are wrong. Iowa St will have a chance most years now to contend or compete for conference title.
  2. When a defense gives its offense short fields, 2 INT's, and we can't muster a single touchdown, then yeah, our defense can't do anymore. First half was a bad defensive half, but we were still in the game. They came out at half and made some adjustments, they got stopps, they gave us turnovers. The offense did not provide any spark. WE had to know that at some point our Defense would not show up for whole game or half. This has been coming. We blew to many chnace this season already.
  3. If as an offense, I can't gain one inch on 2 plays, then I am blowing stuff up. I don't care. Either new lineman or different QB or different style ( no more shotgun). Why are we just content with our current play on O-lline. I would play all freshmen at this point ! That lost the game. WE did not need a kicker to win this game. We needed an offense. We needed play calling.......we needed basic football to take over once. If our offense can't gain short yardage, we can't win in the Big 10. We don't belong.
  4. Its time to hit the reset button. WE better see some roster moves. Yant deserves better. Manning deserves better. Betts deserves better. OUR DEFENSE , wow, they are giving all they have right now. Our tight ends deserve better. I don't see us making a bowl game now. I am ok with shaking things up. I am ok with doing things differently. This roster isnt good enough to win right now, why in the world would it be any better next season. I don't know why we are not recruiting more top end talent for next season. Were content with keeping the same players for one more season. Just doesn't make sense.
  5. Total loss for words right now other than blow it up and start all over. Frost can stay if he makes wholesale changes on offense and special teams. Find an actual offense other than playground circus style. I am not sure Frost needs to come back, but I know we wiould owe him $millions and don't see us ponying up that cash right now.
  6. I am questioning everything now. Minnesota actually looks like a better team than Michigan ST, better offense line than Michigan. Our team needs this bye week. Need to make some decisions. Smothers or whomever is next needs some reps. If I were Yant I would transfer to Minnesota or K-St. He would get his due. Manning and Betts should leave as well. Its going to take that for this staff to change its ways and positions.
  7. Thats on Amart. Do anything but what he did there. Run it ahead for a net loss, but have a chance on 2nd down.............sums up our team
  8. We just can't get over the hump. Our defense showed up this half, but our offense is a no show once again. When our defense decides its done, were won't even sniff a close game the rest of the season. I see one win left(Purdue). Wisconsins D will eat our lunch. They are top 15 defense. Iowa will lay a beat down on us. Ohio St might be playing better than anyone right now, so guess that final score!
  9. Gameover. Martinez era is almost over for me as well. Can't throw it thru people, so stupid. For everything is does well, doubles it in bad. Time to cut your losses and play for next season if we lose this game. time to get SMothers some reps. We are not going to a bowl game. Play for next season.
  10. This game is not on our kicker. This game is on our offense and the line play. WE shouldn't have to depend on a kicker to win games when we can't knock it in from the one inch line for a TD.
  11. I don't say this just to say this: Frost in my opinion has a few games left to define his career. He has a few games left to do something other than losing. Writing is on the wall. Win or else. I have tried to be positive thru out his time here so far, but we are not competing today. If we were competing, and still down at half, I would not care as much. This team came out flat and looks tired and complacent. i remember these seasons in the past when our teams started looking like this. 2007, 2014, and 2017. Coaches got fired, team just stopped playing to win. If I don't see more in the second half today, this is where were headed. I hope i am wrong. I hope we come back and at least have a chance to win. I hope that AM has not lost this team. I hope that we are still willing to fight.
  12. What do we know at this point? ARe we sure that Michigan St and Michigan are top 10 teams? Are we sure that OU is a top 5 team? I am wondering if we really have turned the corner? Minnesota is bigger up front than anyone else we have played so far. They bullying us all over the field. We look like a Jr high team at this moment. Whats worse is that we are allowing ourselves to play down to this level on both sides of the ball.
  13. This team reminds me of 2017 right now. It almost looks like our players have quit. Plain just quit.....so far. If we don't start recruiting Big 10 athletes on both sides of the ball we won't sustain any level of success. Mainly we are not getting lineman on either side of the ball. We have to get offensive lineman. WE don't compare to other Big 10 teams up front. WE all know that in the 80's and 90's we had nothing if not for offensive and defensive lines. Until we get better up front, we will not compete week in and week out.
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