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  1. I can see a scenario in the distant future that includes about 24 bowl games that are just a part of the playoff system going forward. Each round of the playoffs would be at a traditional bowl site from the Alamo all the way to the Orange bowl. This would still allow for the pageants and parades to take place I guess. That how I would look at this in the future. Tradition is long gone in College football, doing away with bowl season just seems like the next step. Sure, we will have bowl season for a few more years, but its going to go away eventually. Conference realignment has all but destroyed what once was. With the ever expanding conferences and playoff picture, it will not remain.
  2. Absolutely agree 100%. Mickey was put into a no win situation. We have a roster that is in need of help and frankly a very lackluster coaching staff at this point. Mickey is the only bright spot from the chair I sit in every Saturday. I honestly don't think many other coaches want this gig right now. Maybe Campbell or Leipold, but thats really it in my eyes. Do you take a chance on those two before Mickey? Jim Leonard is MIckey. Can't believe that he would be suggested over Mickey based on his resume, which is coaching defense in the worst division in P-5 football. Yes, the worst division in Power 5 football is the west division of the Big 10. Worst offenses in the country on an usual basis. Aim higher at least if you want a Coordinator type. Meyer is not going to come here. This is not a fit for him. Notre Dame or Texas or Bama when Saban retires. Ready made winners.
  3. Leipold and Campbell might be the only two who even want this job, so don't Leipold and Campbell might be the only two dudes who would consider this job. With having stated that, I would stick with Mickey for 3 years as well. I think that Leipold is a really good coach with a good stafff. I think that Campbell can coach up and develop players as well. But these two names are not home run hires. This hire has to be a home run or otherwise stick with Mickey. We can't have a hire that only half of the fanbase gets behind. We have seen that with Riley and Callahan. 3 and 4 years of nothing but discontent among the fanbase is not good either. I think those two would do really well here, but like I said, if not wanted by a majority of the fanbase makes things hard. First time said coach lose's a game, others will want him fired. Our next coach has a tremendous job to do here. Recruiting, and reselling this brand won't be an easy gig for anyone. But in short, if you can't see what those two guys have done with programs that have way less in the means of football resources, then we shouldn't hire them for this job.
  4. I don't feel bad for anyone right now in this current state of the program. The program is bigger than any one coach and thats a fact. It is time to start getting results. Those results won't happen this year. Honestly, Frost was coaching as if he knew this would be it if he didn't win and by losing to NW and Georgia South, it was over. Chins knew his time was coming as well. In the coaching profession they know things don't always work out and can see for themselves that things will get changed. Chins knew last week that his time here was almost up. I am sure Frost warned him. This sucks for Mickey. He won't get the Head job, but is doing all the dirty work that needs done for Alberts and the program. I think this season is all but over. I think kids are going to be emotionally done with this place and be moving on. That really don't bother me that much, but to some extent does a little bit. This whole thing right now is so out of whack its not even funny. We have 3 more months of speculating on coaching hires and or not . This is an unhealthy enviroment for the players and all the coaches. Turmoil U. Desparation U. Things and words you don't ever want surrounding a program.
  5. This is why I don't see the check book coming out for Urban. Who can say he won't come here, take a paycheck, and end up going to Notre Dame or such team after one or two years? Sure he might get us back to maybe 6 wins in year one, but this job right now is not Ohio St or Florida. He won games at those two stops easier. He didn't inherit a team that needed to win 6 games. It is much easier to take a 6-7 win team and win 8-9 games and look like a savior. I agree, he is a really good football coach, and I would maybe give him a try, but to think that this job is as easy as going to Ohio St or Florida is so misleading. Even Utah has some instate recruits that are really good.
  6. In no way should anyone think that Mickey can turn things that fast. Just not possible. I would bet secretly if asked Mickey would tell you that half of our roster is not P-5 level talent as starters or even roll players. One would think everyone saw that on display yesterday. Roster has talent, but this talent hasn't been made better thru strength and conditioning. We rushed Teddy back when in all honesty he should have been redshirted this season and allowed to get 100%. Just so many things are bad at this program right now. Decisions have been made for the course of the last 4 years that have just drowned this great program. Frost litterally drained the life out of what Riley left that wasn't screwed up already. Frost should have been let go last season. IF we already new if he didn't win his first few games this season, he realistically had no chance to survive, then should have pulled the trigger last year and let a new coach cut there teeth this season. Now, we are in complete rebuild mode losing this season and one would have to think that next season will be a similiar one as well. The talent argument is a hard one. All the numbers tell us that we have more talent than Iowa, Wisky, Purdue and some others. Eye ball test tells us that we are not even close on some levels. I tend to use what my eyes tell me over what someone prints on paper. Now saying that it sure appears that we lack strength and conditioning more than overall talent. We have not developed our players correctly. Thats all on our current coaching staff, not just Frost. If MIckey would get the full time gig, he has to fire or replace almost this whole staff anyway. I support Mickey and want him to get some level of success, but it seems a far more difficult process than expected. If this team has quit like suggested, I completely expect to see a new team on the defensive side of the ball going forward. I expect to see Chins fired. I expect to see a major shake up on that side of the ball. Clearly, if you strip me of my blachshirt I am coming out the first and next game to prove you made a mistake. I didn't see any one our players playing pissed off yesterday. I saw moping and plain lack of who cares.
  7. I learned that our defense is really even worse than what we all thought. Our talent level on that side of the ball is basically NAIA level talent. I learned that our offense is nothing short of almost being as bad against quality opposition. I also learned that OU has alot of team speed and talent that we just were not ready for. Fast Break offense that once your back pedaling they just keep coming for you. I thought this was what Frost was bringing in here for an offense? Transfer portal is a good thing if you bring in freshmen and sophomores. 5th year seniors are only looking for a ticket to a NFL training camp or draft combine spot. Very few will come here or anywhere to play team ball. We need to hit the portal next season to bring in quality DL and OL players. Thats our only chance at getting better sooner. I think Mickey can identify those players faster. In order of importance: 1. We need to recruit better. ( LInes) 2. We need to get faster, stronger and bigger ( Strength and conditioning) 3. Get players who want to represent this school 100% of the time they are here. 4. Mickey is the only coach at this point I would retain, even with a new staff. The rest have shown be nothing.
  8. We did not sell ourselves to Urban today, we made fools out of ourselves. Really and honestly. We made ourselves and our university look like a bunch of beggers. I think he would be a nice hire. I think we needed to show more today on the field, not during the pregame show. What we showed on the field was a lack of athleticism, and a complete lack of want to by alot of players on both sides of the ball. Sure, some of that is coaching (defense), but some of that is just plain lack of talent from the top to the bottom on this roster. I am questioning a few different things after this game. Whipple is not a game manager. Again, we don't run the ball enough in key situations. We have a bad D, and we continued to get pass happy. We are so predictable. Run the ball more to set up the pass for a change. Casey did not impress me today. His overall game is not what we think it is. Purdy actually showed me more today. Grant is not able to out run a good P-5 defense like he did against other lesser foes. Palmer is the the lone bright spot on this team. He tries each and every play. We lack talent, but we are not getting maximum effort from those more talented. We don't have any leaders on the field. That is what Mickey has to develop going ahead. Were not going to get bigger, stronger and faster right now. By no means should anyone realistically thought that this game was going to be a W for us today. The team had just 3-4 practices together since the Firing. Emotions were still all over the place. This bye week is the best thing that has happened of this program in the last two years. I think we will see a different team against Indiana. It was just a pipe dream to think we might see that against OU in the first week after everything that happened. OU is also a way better team that anyone thought. I saw Mickey do more coaching on the sidelines than any other coach we have had here in a very long time. Maybe since Bo's early years.
  9. What I think everyone is afraid to admit is that we don't have enough talent on either side of the ball. If you have been watching this team play for the last few years or coaching regimes, its so noticable. We lack speed on both sides of the ball and for sure. our line play is non-existent. Strength and conditioning is lacking. Maybe more of the latter. We are not bringing in guys who can run 4.5 and improving them to 4.4. You hear of so many players across the nation talk about arriving on campus somewhere and increasing speed and strength. We are not. Its a complete rebuild for the program. It starts with every facet of the game. We once dominated the weightrooms across the game. We are now behind programs by at least a decade. Find me a coach who can revive our strength and conditioning program. We should key in on a recruiter first, and then a whole new approach to strength and conditioning. Those two things alone win us 6 games a season.
  10. Also, Mickey is an excellent recruiter. This is about 75% of being a good to really good coach. Ask most National title winning coaching in any sport, they will tell you that it starts with recruiting. In all fairness, I don't think Mickey is really a serious contender for this job now. If he goes 5-4 or 6-3, I think you have to give him a 3 year contract and ride it out. In all fairness, if Frost would have gone 7-5 this season, I think we would have been retained. That meant beating NW and Ga South, that sealed Frost future. So If 7-5 would have kept Frost, why wouldn't it keep Mickey? Honest and fair question. What else it will say, if Mickey does get the job, and gets it by going 6-6 or 7-5, no one else wanted it. Keep all of this in mind as this plays out. I am rooting for this to work. I think this a great oppourtunity for loyal Husker. Ask yourself who Dave ARanda was before he was DAve ARanda Baylor head coach? Same with alot of guys. They were given a chance, and took the ball and ran with it.
  11. So what I am reading is that alot of people are willing to take Meyer, knowing that he doesn't stay long in one place. Why? Ask yourselves why does he average about 5 seasons per stop? Why? I don't really know other than the schools that he leaves usually are left with somekind of moral issue or misguided recruiting. Now, with the portal and NIL, recruiting issues seem to be a thing of the past. Regardless of how good you think he is, and I do think he is a really good football coach, odds are this is not a destination job for him. Thats why I would steer clear of him. He coached at Florida and Ohio ST. Two places where you can step out your back door and recruit 40 kids who are 4 and 5 star. Ohio has the same abundance of talent in state. Those were easy gigs. This job will require heavy foot traffic in all locations to find that talent and get them to Lincoln. Meyer is not hungry enough for this job, but would take 8-10 million for a couple of years and try until another job was more to his likely hood. We need a coach who wants to be here. Want to be here for 10-15 years. We need a CEO type guy to get things going. His presser today was awesome from so many angles. The Chins comments, just relax. Nothing is going to happen this week. AFter this game and during the bye week Chins might be let go. Damage control people. Firing one coach was enough for one week. Imagine firiing two on different sides of the ball. The whole team would have been in trouble and this game Saturday would have been a joke for sure. I think if Chins D doesn't show more this week, he is gone. For the record, not really impressed with any of those names. Trev has a list of coaches. I won't be surprised if a name appears out of left field and thats guy. We might know that coach, but wasn't on the hot list. I don't know who that would be, but have a feeling wasting the next 3 months making points for and against hot list coaches isn't going to get it done either. Sit back relax, and enjoy 9 games where a team will improve, it can't get any worse, and see what happens.
  12. I agree that we do not have an abundance of talent on this roster. We do have some skill players with high upside. Unfortunately, we don't have a line that can block long enough for a QB to make those throws on a timely manner. Our Rb's have to run outside, to avoid 5 yard losses. Our defense is awful, but its more on having no D-line. I think we have some talent in the secondary and at Linebacker, but they can't cover for more than 3-4 seconds before the receiver has the advantage. Honestly, correct our line play on both sides, and we could have a .500 ball team still this season.
  13. Also, Mark Richt, the last I knew was fighting cancer. I don't think we wants to battle this mess right now.
  14. Everyone lighten up. I am not an Urban fan, more because its lost cause. Stoops-lost cause. A lot of names on that list are lost causes. I am however a big fan of someone who has more to offer at this point than just x and o's. Mickey is a good guy for this role of interim coach. He is our next head coach. If we can't get behind him now, we can not get behind the next guy either. This has been the issue since Callahan was hired and even worse when Riley was hired. They didn't fit the mold for who we wanted. They were who wanted us, and right now thats really good enough for me. Right now, Mickey is the only one who wants this and he now has his chance to shine. Lets get behind him, more and better than we got behind Frost and Riley for that matter. Lets hope they succeed now. We didn't for Riley. We didn't for Pelini in his last few seasons. In my estitmation, this might be the last chance to get that someone, all be it Mickey or whomever is next. This is the most important hire we have ever had. BAma, OU and others never had 20 years of this kind of turmoil with its coaches.
  15. My posts are directly directed toward our fan base, not on Trev. For the first time since Solich was fired, we might have an AD who CAN make the right hire for this program. Also enroute in doing so, we might not get the sexy pick like some want and have wanted, that have not come here. They were offered, they turned it down then and more than likely will do it again. Finding that guy who could, would and can, thats the job for Trev. But again, we finally have an AD with some knowledge of all aspects of this program, and the landscape of college football.
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