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  1. NO AMart is still who we thought he was, nothing more and nothing less. If Solich would have been coaching this team Mills would be all Big 10 and this team might be playing in a real bowl game this season.
  2. I prefer having horrible social teams as well. What the F*&K! That was kind of funny!
  3. You know things are not right when your reading this message board and not even paying attention to the game anymore!!!
  4. We all thought that things couldn't look worse than they did with Riley, but we surpassed that tonight and we don't have a plan anymore. We are possibly never returning to glory. Face it, damage has been done, and we can't get out of our shadows now. So glad we had what we had when we had it for so long!
  5. OH mY GoD! We are a bunch of F@#$ing hillbillies, coached by morons!
  6. Wouldn't surprise me if Luke transfers to somewhere like Stanford, or someplace that might actually play him and make him better.
  7. I think Frost is daring our boosters to fire him with some of these play calls. Now we get Wandale just murdered on that play, thanks for coming dude!
  8. Who is making these calls.....hand the ball back to Mills for F's sake!
  9. Might have been not a perfect hold, but it was a hook/hold that did let us gain some yards....have to make that call. We can't play do enough to start blaming refs for our poor play.
  10. Rutgers take a 10 lead, this game is almost over . Count on it. WE will quit.
  11. Correct me if wrong, but were in year 3, and we should be developing and recruiting better players, Right? Frost first season was better with Riley players- that sums up what direction were going in..........down!
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