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  1. With Nebraska being the further most west program in the Big 10, we limited to recruiting in Big 10 region. However, we do have some decent players in state. None are top 50 caliber, but would wear RED with pride and work hard. It seems to me that we have troubles finding players who can or will give it their all, all the time. Find and keep our best recruits in state, and then mix them in with some Top 150 recruits and find some success. Sampson would be a good hire for a few years to rebuild the talent, and bring in a different caliber athlete.
  2. K-St is a traditionally good program. Iowa St has been good since the Johnny Orr days in the 80's. I think there is several arguements that can be had on this subject. Is the Big 10 better than the Big 12 or reverse? For the last 7 seasons I would say that they are pretty much equal.........top to middle. Bottom teams in the Big 10 I think are worse than the bottom teams in the Big 12. Neither or either way really has much impact on Sadler vs Miles, but its hard to compare either one when they are in different worlds. Doc didn't have the Pinnacle BAnk Arena for recruiting either..........just can't compare the two. X's and O's Doc was better. Players were more disciplined. PBA has added such value to Big Red recruiting. I think that Miles will leave the program in better shape than he found it, but that might actually depend on facilities than actual coaching. So its hard to even compare stages in program right now. PBA is the deal maker for Miles and his tenure.
  3. Nebhawk

    Replacements for Miles

    If we don't get a name brand coach, we will not get decent recruits. These mid major coaches with decent teams are situated near bigger population areas. MAkes it much easier to find good players with talent who want to play close to home. Buffalo being one of those areas. Nevada being another. Lets also look at what we really are perceived as in the basketball arena. Nevada has wins in the NCAA tourney. We don't yet. Might we be near the bottom of Power 5 in terms of basketball at this moment and in the past? That spells out to me, we need to take a chance on a guy like Sampson. Doesn't have to be Sampson, but someone who has done it at all levels and not afraid to win.
  4. Nebhawk

    Replacements for Miles

    Danny Manning? Currently coaching at Wake Forest, where it's nestled around Duke and UNC along witih NC ST. I think Manning would do better around here. Coached Tulsa to a NCAA tourney, and I think did win a game. Ty Lue would be a great name, but don't think he would ever like the recruiting part. Kelvin Sampson at Houston? Former K-Stater Steve Henson at UTSA. There are some good names out there. Just find the right one.
  5. Nebhawk

    Replacements for Miles

    I don't think MIles is going to ever be the guy who wins 25 games in a season, but I don't know if we can get that guy to come here either. Matta, has coached in Ohio, where there is ample recruiting. Why would he come here where you have to work at recruiting nationally? Finding that guy is not easy. I think in some aspects we are better off with Miles, and not all at the same time.
  6. Nebhawk

    Well this is interesting...

    Yeah, were at least two classes away from winning or playing for Big 10 crown. Clemson and Bama have 2 deep NFL talent at almost each and every position. Other teams have NFL talent, but not like those two big boys do right now. Evne more than talent, Dabo is an awesome coach in my opinion. He has passion and truly loves his players. Saban could care less about Bama boys unless they are winning titles for him. Completely different. I honestly don't expect to see Bama being as dominant in years to come, especially after Tua leaves after next season. This is where Scott Frost will shine in years to come as well. Passion and love for his players will always come first.
  7. Nebhawk

    ESPN: First 2019 Way-Too-Early Top 25

    I don't know what next season will look like, but we are a few classes away from what Clemson and Bama have in talent. To be completely honest, we are few classes away from winning any kind of Big 10 hardware, but even further away from Clemson and Bama. Good news is that I think after last nights debacle, Saban won't remain king for much longer. Dabo Swinney is a much more relateable coach and gives credit to his players more than himself. Bama's kids don't look like they enjoy playing the game, while Clemson's look like college kids having a blast. Something to be said for that.
  8. Nebhawk

    Huskers Fighting Big Trend

    WE humans are a fickle bunch. Alabama is a dynasty job if you can recruit and win. Bear Bryant, Gene Stallings and Saban are the guys to win titles at Bama. In between each of those guys, they have hired and fired alot of want to be's! Kind of like what we have been doing for a few years now! As soon as SAban retires from Bama, it won't have the luster it now has. He can recruit. He doesn't have to call plays on offense. I am pretty sure his main area of concern is the defense. His defenses are elite each and every year, and they have replaced many D-C's. Osbourne coached among the games legends. Paterno, Switzer, Bryant, Woody, BO, Bowden, and more. Who is considered elite now? Meyer, DAbo and Saban! Urban can't stand the heat in the kitchen longer than a few years at a time, and takes off and hides for a while. Its more about era, than being greatest of all time. Saban has been the greatest in the 2000's. Osbourne was best in the 90's. Switzer was most likely the best in the 80's. Who now would any of us consider to be legends or legends in the making? Saban, Meyer, and Dabo sums up that list doesn't it? The game isn't what it was. Coaches are not what they were. Coaches get fired in 3 years if they are not winning conference titles.
  9. Nebhawk

    The BIG in Bowls

    If your going to take the business aspect of this, then consider the colleges who spend several thousand dollars on these players in scholarship money, ticket sales, and bowl money for schools and conferences. So if you can play for your school, your scholarship, and for your teammates, I think you should. Bottom line is these bowl games now are stupid for most all who participate unless your in a major bowl, with major tradition. For the record, wrong board, but our basketball coach can't win with this roster on the road, won't ever win on the road after this season.
  10. Nebhawk

    The BIG in Bowls

    Since we don't see many teams with there best players competing in these mid range bowl games, how can you really say who is having a good bowl season or bad one? So many key players electing to watch the game instead of playing in it. Georgia should have stayed home so far as well. Concerned about not making a playoff game, and Texas so far is taking it to them..........10-0 end of 1st quart.
  11. I should add that it was mentioned that if OU was looking to leave, they would be hit hard by SEC to join their conference. Let the bidding begin!
  12. This discussion often leads me to look at things more realistically than wishfully. First off, no one knows with any certainty what lies ahead in this conference realignment game. Secondly, with OU going to the college football playoffs for the second year in a row, why would they choose to leave that cash cow? With the current format set up in the Big 12, Texas/OU is the main game, with rematch in title game almost guaranteeing them a shot at playoff push. As a Nebraska fan, why would I want OU in this conference? Why would I want to have that added competition for a place at the dinner table? I know that this is 6 years away, and in those 6 years things can change dramatically, but right now I don't see OU wanting to leave what they own and control on the field of play.
  13. Nebhawk

    Huskers Fighting Big Trend

    We have let NFL talent leave this state in the last few years to play at Iowa and other nearby schools. That has nothing to do with warm weather. I think in the last ten years we had two guys go and star for KSU on the line. We can point fingers at warm weather for being the culprit, but really it is bad recruiting and talent identifying. We are not a hot bed of football talent, but we have enough talent leaving that has moved on to be elite at other programs. Currently, the best two players at NDSU are from the Omaha area.............. Sure warm weather has some effect on recruiting, but it has always been that way. Winning is what brings in recruits. Winning on TV, in big games is what matters. We haven't won games that matter for nearly a decade or longer. Texas, OU, Buckeyes, and the Badgers. Start beating those teams, and we will get more top notch recruits. Keep losing those games, and we are at best a 8-4 program.
  14. Nebhawk

    Huskers Fighting Big Trend

    Its all about recruiting. Even Bama has a player from Tulsa on the team that was a 3 star running back. He might be there best RB. Identifying talent is the key. Going out and getting that talent to buy into your system and your coaching style. Frost has appeal. Young players will talk to him. Can you imagine Riley and Bo on recruiting trips trying to convince a young man to attend this school. Yeah, thats why we are where we are today. They couldn't turn the deal, and couldn't impress enough. Take player A. He is a 3 star. Alabama talks to him, then he is suddenly a 4 star player. I don't completely buy into the recruiting stars placed on all recruits being equal. This is whats wrong with such thing. Sure, each season we look at who wins the title and look and see that they have had several Top 10 recruiting classes, can we believe those stars are being created equal? Its all matter of opinion and how a group of coaches can coach up that talent and put it all together on the field. Watched Bill Snyder take so called 3 star talent and win the Big 12 twice. If you can coach and get players to buy in, your going to have success. Matt Campbell is the next Bill Snyder.
  15. Nebhawk

    The BIG in Bowls

    SEC plays a different brand of football, and they are daring the rest to match it. They recruit bigger faster players. They play a more rugged style. Sure they spread it out, but they also pound you up the middle when they have to run some clock and wear you out. Its kind of crazy if you think about things from the past. OU, Nebraska, Florida St, Miami, Penn ST and Notre Dame were the biggs during the 80's and 90's. This must have just boiled the SEC for many years. Alabama was almost all they had, really right now its the same thing. The BCS system, and now this playoff thing are really the only thing that is keeping the SEC going right now. Take away this stupid system, and I don't know what would be. I guess one can imagine what might have been if TOM would have stayed around for a few more years. WE might have been what Bama is right now.