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  1. I know they have computers do this but I'm pretty sure they're not doing such basic calculations as I am. If I just take the average of all the average category rankings from the nine categories I track for the undefeated and 1-loss teams in FBS that have a shot at the playoff (not looking at you, UCF), and then adjust for strength of schedule, these are your rankings: Losses don't matter for this, as I was trying to indicate in my post title. This is all about stats and how they measure up against the entire sample from games played against P5 teams by P5 teams and Notre Dame. I only considered games against P5 teams such that Michigan's loss to ND isn't even in the mix (is the only BS part). Even without counting ND, though, Michigan still had the toughest SOS. I calculated SOS by averaging the average percentile ratings for all the opponents each of these teams faced (across the nine categories I share details for in the Husker Football forum on a weekly basis). The simple adjustment I did for SOS was take the average percentile rating for a team's stats times the ratio between their SOS and Michigan's. Notre Dame had the second-best SOS per this method despite Michigan, Stanford, and Pittsburgh being the only teams with an average category percentile rating over 50 (which would be exactly average). LSU and Mississippi State are the only teams with above average ratings for Alabama. Maryland, Wisconsin, and Penn State were above average foes for Michigan. The best win is ND's over Michigan. Second place is Clemson's over Syracuse (avg. category percentile rating of 63.28). Third is WSU's over Utah (avg. category percentile rating of 62.46). Without any SOS adjustment, the rankings would be as follows: Lastly, here are the SOS rankings: p.s. - I am having trouble getting rid of this extra table I don't recall having inserted to begin with so here it stays...
  2. beorach

    Weird Time for Christians

    We need a priest in here for the way this thing is going <queue pedophile jokes> but Google told me there's no defined doctrine on the eternal fate of unbaptized infants and that limbo is (just) a theory. I've never heard of holy water in wombs and Google didn't help me find anything via a quick search.
  3. beorach

    Weird Time for Christians

    I appreciate your trying to shine a light, TG. I certainly wasn't trying to make a case for not needing God at all up above. What I was talking to my kids about was believing in Him versus knowing He's there.
  4. beorach

    Weird Time for Christians

    How are you making sure you get to heaven by passing up a miracle? I didn't follow that part. Sacrificing yourself is fine but it's still about faith and most people don't think they've got God's rules all figured out even if they believe in him. As a Catholic myself, I have never felt smart enough to understand the nuances of what we're supposed to believe. That's with a lot of Catholic school, including one theology class. I'm not saying the finer points couldn't be summed up well but I found more education muddied the waters further personally. I tell my kids we adults don't know anything for sure but that I believe due to my personal history. We should all pray for boring lives because you don't want to need His help.
  5. beorach

    Here To Explain: Illinois

    Thanks, Knapp! I was out of town watching a kid's tournament games and haven't had time to watch. The folks at work just told me we were fortunate the Illini dropped a couple of punts or it'd have been tied at half...
  6. beorach

    Here To Explain: Illinois

    I thought I had read it was a 66-yard run but that was a fun video nonetheless.
  7. beorach

    Weird Time for Christians

    You don't want the sin on you, the parents. Even some Christians still believe that good works don't make a difference as to where you're going (after death). Maybe some who do (believe that good works matter) also believe that heaven must be earned. This world, while clearly not God's kingdom, isn't just full of horrors either. Life's a miracle and it's a mistake to dwell too much on the resurrection. That's sort of paraphrased Bob Marley, though ("Get Up, Stand Up").
  8. If it's an all out fight between all of them, I think you have to worry about alliances. Based on nothing but what the announcers say and the school he went to, I'd go with Fitzgerald for being able to kiss a$$ and take advantage.
  9. beorach

    Huskerboard members game list

    I had season tickets in 1999. I can remember 1995 versus KSU because of the block from Mike Rucker. I remember having the buzz of my life en route to the 2002 Colorado game we lost despite having scored on a deep TD pass (and I want to say we struck deep against Ole Miss in the bowl, too, but still lost). I remember 2006 versus Texas because of the Nunn fumble that gave the Whorns life. I remember 2008 Missouri for how bad the game was and that the Westboro folks were around with signs I didn't enjoy having to explain to my young child (going to his first Husker game that wasn't a Spring one, I think). I went to the final home games from 2014-2016 and mostly remember the hat, getting a picture with Goldie Gopher, and how cold it was (sequentially).
  10. beorach

    Do We Win Out?

    On the whole, Iowa still has appreciably better stats than we do but you don't need those to tell that Nebraska is a much different team now (than the one some thought could have lost to Akron). Add in the fact that our own mistakes were largely our undoing in recent years against the Hawkeyes and I'm optimistic.
  11. Offensive rankings are below for all 124 FBS conference teams...
  12. Defensive rankings are below for all FBS teams in a conference...
  13. The overall rankings of all the FBS teams (that are in conferences) follows: All I did was average the average percentile figures for all nine categories I'm tracking to get these. I only take the average of the defensive and offensive category averages for the next two posts.
  14. I'm doing a poor job of explaining what I'm sharing. I take all the stats from conference games for 124 conference teams in the highest division and then compare the individual stats from all these categories (listed above) to national averages to get z-scores, which I then convert to percentiles. See below for how the B1G teams stack up relative to all those... Pass D Pass O Rush D Rush O Scoring D Scoring O Total D Total O Turnover Margin For SOS, I am taking the average of the average category percentile ratings (for teams a team has played) to develop this ranking... This means that Wisconsin is the first team on the list to have played the "worse-than-average" B1G teams overall. Strength of (Conference) Schedule We can sort of check this by looking at MSU's opponents: Indiana, Northwestern, Penn State, Michigan, Purdue, Maryland, and Ohio State vs. OSU's opponents: Rutgers, Penn State, Indiana, Minnesota, Purdue, Nebraska, and Michigan State
  15. I think I'll do a November-games-only version of this post once we're done but, for now, this is how we stack up with the next opponent in terms of all the B1G games we've played: Pass D completions per game: 23 (NU) to 10 (MSU) completion percentage: 67 to 50 yards per attempt: 48 to 82 touchdowns per game: 62 to 70 passer rating: 62 to 76 yards per game: 17 to 46 Pass O completions per game: 79 to 52 completion percentage: 87 to 4 yards per attempt: 68 to 8 touchdowns per game: 56 to 24 passer rating: 71 to 6 yards per game: 77 to 45 Rush D yards per game: 15 to 93 touchdowns per game: 3 to 91 yards per carry: 9 to 93 Rush O yards per game: 80 to 14 touchdowns per game: 85 to 17 yards per carry: 91 to 19 Scoring D touchdowns per game: 11 to 88 points per game: 10 to 87 Scoring O touchdowns per game: 76 to 12 points per game: 74 to 13 Total D yards per play: 18 to 88 yards per game: 8 to 87 plays per game: 15 to 55 Total O yards per play: 90 to 10 yards per game: 92 to 15 plays per game: 67 to 61 Turnover Margin fumbles gained per game: 70 to 70 interceptions gained per game: 69 to 69 turnovers gained per game: 76 to 76 fumbles lost per game: 32 to 32 interceptions lost per game: 59 to 32 turnovers lost per game: 45 to 24 turnover margin per game: 65 to 50