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  1. Oh, that's nothing. When we BYU fans get really steamed at a Utah State fan, we've been known to even go as far as to take freshly baked cookies to that person after we've already taken them to the rest of the neighborhood! Once at a BYU-USU game, an Aggie fan sitting in a nearby section started being somewhat rude. I endured it as long as I could, but eventually something in me just snapped and I marched right up to that fellow and said "Hey, now!" I'm embarrassed to admit that I could lose control so badly. (My voice was quite stern.) I apologized to the ladies who were present for using
  2. AngryAndee: >here's something BYU fans will always try to hide, Lavell Edwards was an Aggie and a USU product!!! Yes, we're trying so hard to hide something that everybody who is familiar with BYU football already knows. We're also trying to prevent the fact that Coach Guy Holliday went to Cheyney University of Pennsylvania from being leaked as well, so don't tell anybody. It would be awful if that got out! >BYU loses constantly to teams like USU I'll just leave the other schools out for now, to keep things simple for ya, sport. USU has only beaten BYU 5 times sinc
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