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  1. 19 minutes ago, ZRod said:

    To be fair it's close to that little water fall thingy. That's a big selling point


    It's 4 hours from the 2nd and 4th largest cities in North America (NYC & Toronto). 4 hours from Montreal. 5 hours from Boston. There's skiing close by. Ben and Jerry's ain't too far for the linemen. It's got a lot more going for it than stinkin' Lincoln. But it does snow more...

    ZRod - not sure if you live up here?  I can say confidently that nobody is going to Cuse for the lake and the 2 weeks of fall.  They don't leave campus often, when they might ski its BB season.  It's a great little college town, but its proximity to Boston and NYC isn't a draw for any students that I know of ... unless maybe for those that might do summer internships in the cities.  Course I'm only speaking of my friends who went there, but I'd think the athletes have the same or higher constraints (no skiing for them I'm pretty sure, training table and the like).  I think his biggest adjustment (and maybe he'll view it as a positive) is the academic standards at Syracuse limits their recruiting targets - I assum UNL isn't as stringent.

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  2. Russia is saying different charges were why she was able to leave and he isn't.  Espionage vs drugs.  Now we know the whole thing is bs, but there's not a doubt this had nothing to do with the US government or priorities, as much as the GOP will try to spin it and say so.  It's not because she's black, or gay, or a woman, or an athlete, or a name brand - charges.

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  3. 32 minutes ago, BIG ERN said:

    And if the dude can get kids to Syracuse, where there's "nothing do to and it's cold and snowy" (said with whiney voice of all the folks who say we'll never be good because who wants to spend time in cold boring Nebraska) recruiting to Nebraska should be cake.

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  4. I completely get it - I really had to force the jump to this.  Single gal, don't have a garage or place to store it so needed to be able to pick it up to get it into a basement after use.  Don't want to deal with gas engines and the battery versions I was looking at got heavy quick (and expensive).  Hoping this allows me to do the little storms (of which we have many in New England), the ones where I'd say "its not worth calling the plow guy" and then I'd tweak my back.   Fingers crossed! 

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  5. I did a search and couldn't find it here, but would be curious on thoughts from the group ... anybody here do financial planning professionally or for fun?  I have a financial advisor/fiduciary but they've had some staff changes of late and so since I'm going to have to rebuild my relationship with them yet again, I think I'd like to diversify a bit outside of their company.  I've purchased and ladder(d) some CDs but after listening to some folks lately I wonder about doing some plain jane S&P investing NOT thru them.  I am betting that we've got folks on here, some of which do this sort of thing, and others who like to talk about it.


    What do you do and why????

  6. I just purchased an electric one from SnoJoe.  I had to go for small, so less than $250 and got myself a 100ft cord ... can lift it up easily and it handles up to 6 inches, after that the snow guy will have to come with the big guns.  But in all my research I decided that electric was the way to go for me ... batteries added up and the weight of the machine became an issue. Read a ton of reviews and ended up on this brand - not sure if they have larger options that might fit your needs, but also liked that the base was rubber so I can run it on my paver driveway and composite decking.

  7. 1 hour ago, Guy Chamberlin said:

    In 2022 there are still plenty of NFL teams giving second chances to domestic abusers and serial gropers. There is typically some fan protest and media heat on ownership, but as long as the players deliver on the field it all kinda fades away. 

    Hey good news - 



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  8. And if we're going to get all riled up about d!ck pics, let's talk more about the photos that Kimberly Gargoyle was sharing at work of her "friends" packages (who I am fairly sure didn't ok the sharing).  That's two times censoring problems right?  Or is this one cool?

  9. There was an awareness that what they were doing was wrong and he and his staff worked to keep that from the greater public's view.  If there was nothing to judge he wouldn't have worked so hard to keep it under wraps.  


    It's ok to find out things about people that make you think differently of them - people have faults.  You can still appreciate what they did and think that there were things they could/should have done differently.  I'm sure if Tom was honest there are things he wished he did differently - I believe in the LP documentary he says as much.

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  10. 6 minutes ago, knapplc said:


    She had never lived in New York prior to running for Senate. She was still First Lady when she began her campaign. Her first ever home in New York was bought in 1999 for the express purpose of establishing residency, but even then she didn't live there - she ran for and won the Senate seat, and lived in D.C. during her two terms as Senator.


    Prior to that she lived in Arkansas, and when Bill became President in 1992 she lived in D.C. for eight years.

    Yes and Bill lived in the NY house while she was working in DC and he established his presidential office in NYC.  She lived in that NY house when she didn't have to be at work in DC.  Her daughter moved to NYC for grad school so obviously there was a plan to be in NY after the WH.  I guess I don't find fault with a president from AR who after 8 years outside the state doing big things determines that perhaps AR isn't the right fit for his/his family's future.  I'm not sure I buy into the fact that they purchased a home in NY to just establish residency for her senate run.  If that was the case they would have left that state years ago when she finished that role don't you think?

  11. I'm not sure that you read the article you actually attached there Nic ... first off 21,000 signatures were submitted asking for renaming (and there's nothing about those opposed to closing it.  Where did you get the 93,000 figure?).


    And they're just re-theming the ride.  So it's there but will be about a Disney theme (Princess & the Frog)


    I don't want to assume I understand what you were trying to say with your post - do you feel that because more people were advocating for leaving the name as is that it's noteworthy that Disney is renaming it?  Are you upset that it's been renamed?  Do you support the retheming?  Are you surprised it took a few years?  Are you pointing out with the stats (again not in the attached article or referenced in any way) that there are more folks supporting a theme that is racist in nature than those that aren't ?  Are you pointing out that they renamed one of the Splash Mountains but not the other?

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  12. 5 minutes ago, Guy Chamberlin said:


    There are a couple things going on here.


    If you were entertaining the image of Mickey Joseph strangling his wife, would it change the narrative if you found out he was actually fighting with a man he caught with his wife?  Yes. Absolutely. Is one scenario more excusable than the other? Yes. Absolutely. It just is. 


    But does it excuse Mickey for behavior we are all legally required to control? No.  Should the consequences be severe regardless of who was in the room?  Yes. Has the court of public opinion already cost Joseph millions, regardless of the legal findings still to come? Yes. What are the chances these revelations will be murky and nuanced and creepy? 100%


    Is everyone in here wrong and right at the same time? Maybe!





    I'd just change one word of the above - it wouldn't be excusable, but it would be understandable.  


    Neither scenario is excusable unless this was a situation where someone was being abused or their life was at risk.  If two consenting adults were hooking up with people other than their sig others I'd say the husband/wife/friend should and would be pissed, and I'd understand they'd be angry, but it wouldn't make any sort of battery or strangulation excusable.

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  13. 1 minute ago, MyBloodIsRed16 said:

    Really?  Do you have kids?  I'm pretty sure if I caught someone abusing my daughter they would get strangled.  There was a story a few years back when a father caught some guy sexually abusing his daughter outside and he ended up beating the guy to death.  Was his life in danger? nope.  Did he go to jail for murder?  Also no.  Pretty sure he wouldn't go to jail if he strangled him either.  

    You know what?  If we find out that there was a person violating one of Mickey's kids I'll eat my words.  Until then I stick to them.


    The number of people on this thread who are defending and rationalizing this situation by outlining scenarios where you think battery and strangulation would be ok is frightening.  Truly.

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  14. 2 hours ago, twofittyonred said:

    yes, that is what I saying...    :facepalm: :angry: <_<   #thisiswhywecanthavenicethings

    WOW.  Can't believe I have to type this.  


    There is never a reason good enough to justify a person strangling another.  Man.  Woman.  Unless your life was in danger there is no acceptable reason for that.  And the fact that you double downed and then used the faces above - you must be a real winner.

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  15. 12 minutes ago, twofittyonred said:

    question,  If it comes out that this disturbance had to do with an affair by the second party, does it change the narrative..??  

    Do you mean is it ok to strangle a woman if she's cheating on you?


    Am I understanding your question right?  If so do you want to think about if you really, really want to say that out loud?

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