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  1. Except all this confirms the firing was a good one - confirms that Trev made the right call. Puts boosters in their place about being the only ones in the know - I'm sure he'll get spoken to on his judgement of doing it on camera/mic - but it works for Trev and the program in the long run to have it aired.
  2. I'd imagine with all that's going on this season and has gone on during the tenure of these kids it's a way of checking in on them post game day (and post game day night) to gauge where they are with things.
  3. I agree with you 100% - my sarcasm didn't come thru correctly. Someone else made a comment that they're all crazy/embarrassing because ... "california"
  4. Yes, the reason these celebrities are all crazy is because of where they live.
  5. Calling them "celebrities" is sorta a stretch at this point.
  6. No words ... they don't even know enough to just be quiet.
  7. Well at least those guys he was belittling then arrogantly walking past as if he dismissed them, aren't able to vote (yet). I think all these actions will add up and end result in lack of support for the GOP - yet here we are.
  8. I'm sure Kevin will hold a presser today to speak out on the inappropriate and disrespectful behavior of these two and all those who "didn't have time for a covdi test" in order to attend.
  9. I'm ready to start dialing names from from the phone book of that traitorous tool's district myself.
  10. Hearing rumbles of a coordinated stunt by the GOP for tonights' SOTU....
  11. National guard has been called in as the fences go back up and they plan around potential activities that would endanger every politician in the building .... which is EVERY one of import in the USA, including the Supreme Court members. That's why the national guard has been called up. https://www.militarytimes.com/news/your-military/2022/02/28/national-guard-on-standby-for-state-of-the-union-address/ That's why they're needed at the SOTU. If the US was not so divided with half the country thinking the current leadership in power never won the election and should not retain power perhaps we wouldnt need it. But they are organized groups, with an irrational obsession with guns and fire power and "righting the wrong" -
  12. Lied about turning down a Rhodes Scholarship interview so he could play fb for Yale (but it was disclosed he was never up for Rhodes due to a sexual assault case) Patrick Witt? Color me shocked that he's a member of this GOP.
  13. Oh yes - I guess there were folks signing up to serve - thank you for the reminder. Just cant even imagine that in this day and age of divide, unless there was taunting involved and pointing out those who DONT sign up as libs and etc.
  14. So when I read this ... do you think Biden and Harris are from the far left of the party? As a center left Dem he's a moderate as any candidate in the last 10 years - I'd say McCain was maybe similar. I have concerns that folks think that if you are a Dem then you're Far Left. Joe believes in choice and gun control measures - does that make him a radical lefty?
  15. Nope - and remember when Biden said "no national funding and support to FL" after the Surfside Building Collapse? The Feb tornados? Tropical Storm Fred? Merica'
  16. OMG he sounds like the "Down By The River" SNL character.
  17. Know what is double groovy @knapplc ? Not defining yourself by your political party label! It's really amazing how much weight is put into that in the US. I'm a woman/man, white/black, straight/gay, Repub/Dem, Cornhusker/Hawkeye.
  18. Do you think we have strike forces on the ground near his bunker as well? We've got to be trying to get to him (by us I mean US/Allies/EU/Ukraine etc)
  19. For the life of me I just can't imagine the US rallying together in a time of war like this ... can you imagine?
  20. Totally up to the refugees where they should go - some may want to get an ocean away from what is happening/happened there. It's not up to us to outline what is "logical" for others.
  21. Well if there is anything that makes me NOT click on a link is't Brian Seltzer, Joe and Wierd Al or whomever comedian/washed up actor this post tries to imply is a source worth listening to. I missed the comment - what was the purpose?
  22. Ive heard a couple times this am from multiple sources that he isn't healthy - perhaps he's got nothing to lose now?
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