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  1. I think it's pretty rich that Kevin is telling POTUS what to not call his party members and followers .... after 4 years and counting of his guy calling dems "treasoness, unamerican, radical left, fascists" and more. Extreme MAGA Republicans is an insult Kevin? Then take care of them yourself and change the image of your party. I'm pretty tired of the double standard, and to be honest the dems not fighting back because they're asked not to. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-democrats/trump-calls-democrats-treasonous-for-chilly-state-of-the-union-reception-idUSKBN1FP2WG
  2. Old news yes, but Trump hasn't gone after him with it so aggressively before has he?
  3. Woooooooo! Hear we go fella's! Hold onto your horses, it's go time.
  4. No maybe about it. There will be another.
  5. Let's be honest - if he was shown them while in office he just would have taken a sharpie to the photo and crossed them out. Poof! No balloons!
  6. I do think it's highly likely he may have a touch of neurosyplhillis.
  7. He shows so many outward signs of mental illness when he posts. Disgusting that we've got millions of people thinking that he can lead a country, and a lot of those think he was chosen by god to do so. Everybody know the story behind the deaths of Ivan The Terrible, King Edward IV, Oscar Wilde, Al Capone and what was suspected with Hitler, Lincoln?
  8. And I'd argue what we recover in the way of information technology, and capabilities of it when we recover the materials as well as what we learned while following it is likely invaluable.
  9. It was a miserable couple days in New England for sure. In the low 40's today and everybody is walking dogs and playing outside like it's July. Amazing what 40 feels like after -30.
  10. is it me or does the alarmism sorta get drowned out by laughter when the word "balloon" is in it? They sound stupider than usual with this one, and I thought the gas stoves focus was pretty damn stupid.
  11. PLUS: - two free My Pillows compliments of Mike Lindell - one hour dinner with Tucker Carlson - two Hawaiian shirts from the 2020 Proud Boy collection - All Lives Matter bumper sticker and MAGA and Blue Line Flags with poles for your F150
  12. Yup - that's perfect JJ. Let's do it. Edit: now that it's down I think we've doubled our market potential. These plus balloon safety bubbles sized to fit over your home and property with holes for these weapons to shoot out of. MAGA home and property bubbles. We could also for the additional price of $19.99 add on an essentials package of tin foil hats, water and tv/radio access for NewsMax or whatever the latest cult show is.
  13. If I had more time and money I'd start designing and selling "Space Balloon Guns" to all the NRA members.
  14. I say if that's the case shoot it down. Let the unvaxxed nutjobs try to live through that sort of infestation.
  15. Honestly at this point don't see how we get back on track with all the brainwashed people in this nation. Seriously - what is it going to take? Trump dies and Jr and all the kooks will just dream up a new conspiracy behind it. When does it end?
  16. We need to have a couple formalized efforts. Thus for those outside the service as well as a team inside the ranks to sniff it out there. I was on a flight recently that had a decent number of new recruits heading down to NC for basic training, One of them was wearing a 3 Percenters' shirt. In my opinion he should have been turned away at the gate, but I'm sure that didn't happen. And lastly, we need to improve mental healthcare int he US and especially at the VAs to deal with the post traumatic discharge. Just the life changing act of leaving the military is huge, much less any emotional issues they might have because of it.
  17. Godspeed Mr. Goldsmith. A very important job in today's world.
  18. I believe the backstory is changing in coaching staffs, and he's one of many that's moving from Chandler. Not as dramatic as you're making it seem.
  19. Would love to see the donations from Newsmax to these particular yodels.
  20. The dude called into a radio show this week after the break in video was released and said he was "sorry he didn't get more of them". The only weird thing about this break in and attack was the crazy man that did it. Anybody that tries to point at anything the victim did, or wore, or carried is either brainwashed or ... no they're just brainwashed.
  21. Like moth to a flame. Those that laugh most on this forum would benefit the most from deprogramming.
  22. I am not sure ... do they have the problem with any males that have PhDs? Seems like I don't hear them raising up about all those folks that often, in fact when it works for them they highlight the MD.
  23. In addition to this teaching in schools we'd need to have some sort of deprograming and teaching for adults.
  24. Yea Archy,, I'm not making any assumptions on your posts because you are nothing if not consistent. Your "I'm just asking questions" technique is the same one your party uses any time a news report/truth doesn't play into your line of thinking. You do it here continuously after getting a response that paints you into a corner, It's either that or you try to utilize some nuance on word choice to attempt to tie up the other poster, like claiming Jeffries was proposing an insurrection because he used the word immediately. It's all just so trite.
  25. I saw the whole things but I don't know that it was in order. Seems like different agencies were publishing different tapes.
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