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  1. Folks, there is a reason why you are not hearing any news about Frost and other schools outside of Nebraska. Stop and think why that could be. All of the evidence has been out there to connect all of the dots.
  2. How many times do I need to tell people that I am not posting anymore when this gets announced? I am a member of 247.
  3. The Sock Puppet was a troll that tricked the entire fanbase. My info about Frost and UNL is legit.
  4. Just giving a little humor with an update. The update is that there is literally nothing going on anymore with UF and Frost. Ice cold.
  5. Here is the update for Frost and UF. Read between the lines please.
  6. Posting an update on Frost and Florida in a few minutes.
  7. Just wait until UCF's AD gets that call from Nebraska. Poor guy is going to have one of them "oh crap" moments and he will know it is time to get to work on finding a new coach.
  8. "heard from a coach" "heard from a coach" such reliable sources with reliable info. Coaches are just randomly going around texting/calling other fellow coaches saying "dude, did you know that I am staying at UCF." That isn't how this works. I will say this, go and read Sipple's article and read between the lines of the numbers he is listing, what he said about it, and go back to Lar's tweet. I am telling you folks something without directly saying it.
  9. Footballscoop has been absolutly terrible for coaching news this year.
  10. It is true that no official decision has been made, but the decision has been made.
  11. IMO, neither party was expecting it go happen this year. I bet both were thinking in a couple of years. We knew this season was going to be a little rough, but it became a total disaster. Frost has done better than anyone had expected and even Frost himself has said it has gone faster than he expected it to. I'm sure he honestly has wanted to build something at UCF, but the timeline is now. So he will have to leave before he expected/planned.
  12. They are the only two. Sharpe even said once that Frost to UF was close to a done deal. Yeah, he was completely wrong on that. I'm not sure how those two are going to handle the news of Frost becoming the head coach.
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