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  1. 18 hours ago, Savage Husker said:

    For the league GU plays in, I don’t understand why Few has his starters eat so many minutes with only 2 bench players getting meaningful minutes. They’re guard heavy and maybe I have Sallis bias, but for a program finally signing 5*’s out of HS rather than finding them in the transfer portal, he doesn’t give the young guns too many opportunities to develop in season.

    Oh well, GU’s loss can be NU’s gain…hopefully. 

    Preaching to the choir my man...for all the great things Few does, his loyalty to starters is a work area. There were many times this year GU had double digit leads with under 4 to go, game well in hand and he had Timme, Strawther and starting guards still on the floor. We lost not just Hunter but as well as Dominick Harris to the portal this year likely because of stuff like that.

  2. 2 minutes ago, I am I said:

    your stream of consciousness posting needs a little coaching:  Watch it, read some stuff. Think to yourself. Don’t post. Sometimes post. Practice those 5 steps. Unless you’re 3-5 beers in then by all means post away. 

    and absolutely you need to coach hustling. Even to 4-5* athletes. There are literally “hustle drills”. And at my college we used to practice “enthusiasm.”  
    literally practiced getting hyped on the sidelines after a scripted big play. Watch a scripted big play near our sideline and the whole team practiced jumping up and down and showing enthusiasm/hype. It seemed so stupid as a freshman, then it made perfect sense later on. 

    if you want to do something when it matters, you practice it. It worked very well. We were by far the most hyped and enthusiastic team in our conference and it wasn’t fake. We were always enthusiastic. 

    Coach made Allen do it twice because he was like 9 inches away from his jump cut on first try. That’s attention to detail which cost N very dearly in 25 games lost by 6pts or less over 5 seasons.  Then he gets the jump cut right but doesn’t finish correctly. Coach hollers at him for a 3rd rep and Allen is jogging downfield like “all good coach, I got this”. Coach hollers and he doesn’t listen. Screams, no listen, with instruction. Doesn’t listen. So coach like “aiiigjht, next man up…this mf’er ain’t listening to details on this one.” 

    that was be one player, one drill, 2 reps. But instead of letting it slide, he calls him out. I like it.
    We been missing this. A lost. Dude ain’t gonna transfer for getting called out. And if he does, or anyone does…bye
    But man, stop with the assumptions and cratering earth theories. Just chill and read and enjoy. 



    I don't understand how any Husker fan can see this, knowing our YEARS of laziness, and not think this is a good thing. 

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  3. 12 minutes ago, Dr. Strangelove said:

    Tough match up for TCU.


    The talent gap in college football is just to vast between teams to create a compelling playoff. Hopefully expansion creates more fun games. 

    Ironically, I think the limited number let in (4) amplifies talent gaps, whereas more let in would have that play out on a more sensible scale

  4. 14 hours ago, ColoradoHusk said:

    Harbaugh’s clock management didn’t cost Michigan any time, once TCU got the initial first down of that late possession. Whether he took the timeout immediately after TCU achieved the first down or waited like he did, there was always going to be 50-60 seconds left when TCU was punting the ball away.

    Exactly, I actually thought Harbaugh played the time pretty well

  5. I just hate how everything is up for immediate public opinion, I am guilty as charged for being a breeze of wind in those sails...it just sucks at the end of the day. Decisions are made on "what if" instead of "what happened". Not talking about the MJ situation in general, it's just another example of how we as people form a quick opinion without zero context/facts and the internet does the rest. 

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  6. 2 hours ago, HuskerNation1 said:


    I get that background checks do not catch everything, but when I have done background checks on my hires, the types of thing that Joseph did in college would have shown up.  If that was known by the athletic department, there is no reason he should have been put in such a visible role as interim HC,  just as many companies would not allow someone with a similar background obtain a senior position in that company.   When you get to these types of visible positions, the focus needs to be on brand and reputation management and ensuring the right person is in place to lead all aspects of a program, especially young men who are still being molded.


    And with Frost, there had to be questions of his behavior of missing recruiting trips and likely coming to practice where others knew he had been drinking too much.  


    With that said, it appears Rhule is pretty squeaky clean which is a great thing for the program at this time.

    Yes, because people in senior leadership roles are ALL upstanding citizens.

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  7. 3 hours ago, RedDenver said:

    Just looking at our roster, I think we'll manage 2 wins next year. If Rhule can do some amazing development of the lines in a single off-season, then 4-6 wins. But given that Rhule had 2 wins in his first year at Temple and 1 win in his first year at Baylor, I'm expecting 1-3 wins.


    Of course anything is possible so we could suddenly win 7+, but I think that's extremely unlikely. I think Rhule will rebuild the program, but we won't see tangible results until year 2 or 3.

    OL is one of the hardest to build. You can have "big" dudes but technique is what separates the good from just being big...and good technique is not taught and applied in 9 months. This is why they need a recruiting bonanza for the top OL in the country, whether it be HS or transfers, sell the FAB 5 motto to them.


    If iam Rhule, iam hitting the OL transfer market hard.

  8. 3 minutes ago, commando said:

    i think there was about 40 seconds left when that play happened...but i may be wrong.

    I believe because the defender made contact and hit the player to go slightly back and then out of bounds is why the clock did not stop. Offensive player has to have personal forward momentum when going out to stop clock

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  9. 30 minutes ago, ladyhawke said:

    With all due respect, lots of those tickets ARE purchased and given away.  We’ve lost so much! Can we not have one thing that is still ours? Everyone I know KNOWS that the sellout streak is based on purchased tickets not butts in the seats. I say keep the streak! (Just my humble opinion and I mean no disrespect to your opinion. ) :)

    That's awesome (tickets are given away). I have no doubt that every Husker fan recognizes that the "sell out" streak means tickets sold not butts in the seat. My mine gripe is the national perspective that is communicated to non-Husker fans/recruits is that it implies its "butts in the seats".


    When we were winning I could go along with it as you may have 1 or 2k that don't show up...as we continue to lose and 5+k are not showing up and it is evident the stadium has plenty of seats open, than it becomes gimmicky.



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  10. 9 hours ago, Born N Bled Red said:


    It doesn't matter if butts are in seats. A sell out means all tickets are sold. The UNI has no power over what buyers do with the tickets after they are sold. Idiots can burn them for all they care. I wish you and every other "individual" who can't tell the difference between a sell out and a capacity crowd would either go back to school or learn to Google the definition on such things. 

    Good lord, we all get the difference. Reread my post, the "sell out" is marketed as " full capacity" to the public. Again every broadcast starts with a "x straight sell out crowd" with a camera pan of the crowd. 


    What's prideful about all the tickets being "bought" due to the University and big boosters working together to ensure on paper the "crowd is technically full"

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