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  1. Oh I know that, just saying it would be interesting if NIL was focused on results and not hope.
  2. Nebraska NIL funders want longterm growth, not peaks and valleys...find good investments and $ will come, imo Focus NIL $ on negative plays...you fumble/throw a pick..that is a cut in $. Missed tackle, cut in $..drop a pass, miss a block, etc..focus it on plays that prevent you from winning...not sure how you do that, but it would be nice.
  3. As many have said Mich St..easy choice. We would have been bowl eligible and clearly in the West hunt.
  4. Yup, run all we want but generally we end up in a 3rd and 6+ everytime
  5. Yup, and Kyle Shannahan drafted Trey Lance as his future QB...coaches have whiffs
  6. Possibly...not sure what that proves if they did? I mean, you give this years team Martinez at QB and they likely would beat the 19 team by 14+ and likely be 8-3 right now
  7. It's not even debatable...we are 100% better
  8. Yeah, last two games were not pretty (clock management)...don't really have a "well, hold on a minute" thought on it. But, when you have the turnovers monster on your back all season, I can kinda understand the "let's make sure we don't f#&%nthis up and at least get this" thought process...with that said, last night was horrible use of timeouts and intent on offense.
  9. The team...on the field...is 100% an improvement over Frost teams.
  10. 100% fair point...I just see at as a situation where they took a, for the most part, "let's see what we got" approach. If all of us are being honest, if you told us at the beginning of the seasono with 4 games to go, we would be one win away from bowl eligibilty...95% of us would have said, "sweet."
  11. Honestly, I enjoyed the game last night. The losses this year are purely about not having overall talent needed, whereas the years past, it was a whole Lotta things missing The team that showed up last night, is a 7-4 team (minimum)
  12. His college resume says...yes. Honestly, unsure what you are trying to get at. Are you implying he will leave? Get fired?....???
  13. All I know is food additives and math.
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