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  1. People don't understand how roundabouts work, they still stop
  2. 1) Get a speeding ticket 2) Get a Twing Bing 3) Say you've heard about Runzas, try one and then say , "oh, ground beef, onion and cabbage" 4) Look for a circa 1990 Valentinos 5) Find a 4 stop sign intersection in a cornfield and drive like hell...see #1
  3. Would love that...the thing with what is all going on now...we will finally have warm weather schools having to play in snow Miami at Nebraska in November would be sweet...and vice versa
  4. His picture reminded me of me when my mom HAD to take my picture before my 1st day of school
  5. Our coaching staff should have taken this logical approach the past couple years.
  6. In obvious passing downs I would put Nelson in the interior at times
  7. One thing with Iowa, their pass rushers look fluid ours for the most part look robotic in movement (stiff)
  8. I ll never understand why a fumble recovery is on a highlight reel when, you didn't cause the fumble and/or the ball just rolled to you and all you had to do was fall down on it
  9. Surprised about Allen not being taken.
  10. If people want to put themselves out there with ridiculous statements, videos, etc then go for it. I think any comments or actions that should have a law enforcement response should be addressed in that manner...but beyond that, if people want to make their social media bed better be prepared to lay in it.
  11. I think in any mass transit, tight quarters situation, masks should be required even sans covid...the flu sucks. Literally wearing a mask does not bother me, nor do I take some inherent disrespect when one is required.
  12. For me it boils down to the consumer of online platforms (Twitter, Facebook, tik tok, etc)...people can say whatever the hell they want...but for f#&%s sake people realize fake moments, twisted facts, etc when it is punching you in the face
  13. Sure it has been said (not digging through pages of stuff) but a badass OL only starts after you build a badass OL foundation. OL is the one transfer portal that does not pay as big team dividends as others...it's 5 dudes that have to be step-in-step.
  14. I would prefer natural grass with red endzones. We all agree that field "look" happens a couple steps down below, winning.
  15. Love getting rid of alternating greens...want red endzones with white lettering...field would look dope. Put $ into LED endzones...change that s#!t up every quarter
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