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  1. Nothing gains a teams trust by having your son transfer in and making him the starter
  2. Out of the possible 48 quarters this year, I probably watched a total of 36.
  3. Wisky losing to illinois (although not necessarily a bad loss) would have trumped a loss to a ranked Virginia..thus Clemson would have been #4 If the above scenario happened LSU is 1, OSU is 2, OU is 3 and Clem is 4. Wisky would have been 5
  4. That's a TD Edit: Did not know that rule...but makes sense..I guess. I mean doesn't the goal line theoretically wrap around the world so shouldn't you ba able to push through the pile on as long as you dont hit ob? Nevertheless it is moot
  5. If you squint...you can pretend Wisky is Nebraska Edit for viewing enhancement: turn the sound off because comments about solid execution and fundamentals by the announcers will ruin the fantasy.
  6. The first couple pages is like the opening scene to a college spring break trip movie where guys are getting ready for a weekend of just flat out debauchery and shenanigans only to find themselves at Jonestown
  7. The other losses outside of barely being out scored was due to voodoo...they don't count
  8. Or, 19 times in the last 5 years Nebraska has lost due to the other team just outscoring them
  9. If next year sucks ("sucks= 6 wins or less) he gets a verbal warning. Following year sucks (sucks = 7 wins or less) he gets a performance improvement plan Year after that sucks (sucks = 8 wins or less) he gets corrective action plan Year after that sucks....? There, I just HR'd this entire thing
  10. if peoples hope and/or lack there of is dependent on armchair observations of others..then they deserve to get emotionally hurt
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