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  1. Likely missed this somewhere but I assume conference only games pushes season start date back to late september/1st week October or something like that...correct?
  2. No season this year...send me your ticket money and I will make everyone some badass scrimshaw, that's my COVID built skill...that, and embellished skills of grandeur
  3. At this point...Give me a virtual full season via xbox over a 5 game (my estimate) season played in empty stadiums. Sure it would be weird, but it would be a season with the best asterisk ever On a side note, Dr. Fauci has replaced C. Everett Coop at the top of my list of doctors that I've seen the most on tv
  4. "AM looking to rebound per Frost"....well, yeah, i would hope so
  5. COVID is an ESPN product, ESPN has hated Nebraska for like, EVAR!!!! So connect the dots...COVID is ESPN'S Tonya Harding(Jeff Gillooly), Shane Stant
  6. ...Just too many number of people to manage from a solely player perspective. You throw in coaches, trainers, etc to manage a football team..sheeeeeeet
  7. The CHAZ in Seattle was fun to watch cause you KNEW where it was headed
  8. Yeah, the "I'm not wearing a mask" crowd is odd. It's one of those things were, regardless of your thoughts on covid, you know how germs are spread in general so just put a mask on because it is the nice thing for those who are really concerned about it...and at minimum you are lessening your chances of just getting the cold, etc.
  9. Agree with William's, we had a slew of "under the radar" talent on our D...thinking of Doug Colman as an example
  10. James Sims...backfield was LOADED
  11. IF the season cannot happen..i would be fine if they just simulated games via xbox and showed them on regularly scheduled times...I will still get drunk and yell...I mean I am getting drunk regardless but give me something to get drunk at
  12. Just watched 95 game vs Florida...forgot how badass Michael Booker was.
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