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  1. Can it be "The Price is Right" fail horn?....or, the Whammies, taking Ireland from us.
  2. Fine..Dublin, Ohio...or f it my backyard and I'll serve Guinness
  3. Where has this staff proved "highly capable?"...I hope a great season at UCF is not your response. I want Frost to succeed but every season he and his staff seem to be swimming in the deep end with legs and arms that have fallen asleep.
  4. Let's move it to Dublin, Ontario...still Irish (with a smile) and foreign
  5. 100% agree..recruit a DL that can get there with 4 and recruit an OL that can block it...everything else gets all-conf and Heisman consideration
  6. Frankly, I'm not sure what I as a fan can do...I mean, I keep sending MySpace requests but no one EVER responds
  7. Jmo, an environment (less restrictive transfer rules) where facing some levels of emotional growth is becoming less needed cannot help in the growth of a young person. With that said, there are likely benefits as well (less stress, etc).
  8. Can we just get some dudes that can ball? Is that too much to ask? I feel like every f#&%ing year we are dealing with guys that need percentages of touches or systems to excel...f#&%!!!! Fix this s#!t Frost..or get out
  9. It's taken a good chunk of Nebraska fans 20 years to come around to the idea of the pass
  10. Just for clarity, are you of the belief that "biased and inconsistent reffing" is happening more so towards Nebraska OR this is a general problem that occurs towards all teams?
  11. Suh vs Texas OL was an all-time fun thing to watch
  12. On a sidenote... I am utterly amazed how disconnected I am from ANY bowl game this year. Generally I would watch a few here and there in passing, but ZERO so far. Probably watch some of the semi's... I expect ND to get throttled and Clemson to take OSU by 14
  13. Oh, if you are going NFL route then yeah, I could see that..I was speaking more about the "real life" players
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