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  1. Preaching to the choir my man...for all the great things Few does, his loyalty to starters is a work area. There were many times this year GU had double digit leads with under 4 to go, game well in hand and he had Timme, Strawther and starting guards still on the floor. We lost not just Hunter but as well as Dominick Harris to the portal this year likely because of stuff like that.
  2. As a GU fan....we are bummed...the dudes a get. With that said, iam a Husker at heart, so hell yeah!!!!
  3. I don't believe any Husker related football "this is going to be dope" jargon until I see it actually on the field against teams not named Nebraska.
  4. I don't understand how any Husker fan can see this, knowing our YEARS of laziness, and not think this is a good thing.
  5. "Only a Sith deals in absolutes" #TheObiWanKenobiAbsolutes #isn't it ironic...don't ya think
  6. Death stares you straight in the face, it doesn't look to the side and duck face. IMPROVEMENT!!
  7. Bout as good as time as any to use a word I rarely use...."egads!!!"
  8. Ironically, I think the limited number let in (4) amplifies talent gaps, whereas more let in would have that play out on a more sensible scale
  9. Yeah, f#&% YOU skip bayless...you pos worm
  10. Exactly, I actually thought Harbaugh played the time pretty well
  11. Ummm..that was 100% targeting. We all have seen far less get called. I hate Michigan...but?
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