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  1. Dont need to watch Gebbia ..just watching our QB's
  2. Are not the Wr playing simply because they know the playbook?
  3. I am still baffled at how under utilized (or just even utilized to be more exact) Luke is as a wideout and slot
  4. Wow, you took this to level 10 on the ole, "let's exacerbate problems to make things look not as bad" meter
  5. At the end of the day this is it...we have to give Frost a minimum 5 years...and frankly all he has to do is be .500 next year and .500 - .600 at minimum a year after that and he gets an additional year
  6. Even if there is, you think Frost is going to play em
  7. Agree...as you described they looked like a D1 team today. Excited to see Nebraskaball take shape
  8. First off..Playstation..pfftt..Xbox bro. Secondly, I stand by my assertion in that coaching is FILLED with recycled s#!t and just because you choose coaching as a profession does not make you a "coach" in the deeper meaning. I am not saying Joe Schmo could literally step in (although my comment would imply that, my bad) and coach a better game...but there are many of people who could be a "coach" if they chose that as a profession and likely have better success than a guy who, based on his history, has no ability whatsoever to adjust, provided they had the emotional int
  9. Remember when we were worried about another program or more so the NFL coming after Frost..lol
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