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  1. We are doing squats right...and, cause we want to!!!! ADVANCE OVERSIZED PRIMARY COLOR!!!!!!!
  2. Soooooo tired of any narrative that we get "punished" with tough schedule(s)...people who push this are likely people who get home from the drive thru and are pissed cause their fries are not piping hot so get on YELP to display the "obvious" disrespect thie establishment had towards them I mean for f sakes, in a season full of uncertainty wouldn't you want to play your marquee opponents as soon as possible
  3. You still putting people in body bags though...right?!?!?!
  4. I would assume no fans has to do more about not creating unnecessary travel as I dont see how you could not accommodate 10k fans in an 80k stadium and disperse them enough where close contact is not even possible for the most part. Sections are closed off and you are only allowed access to bathrooms, etc in your section
  5. You know damn well some of the cardboard cutouts would not go along with this
  6. Can they play this year? #tooLazyToLookUp
  7. Even if dude is right...he looks like a douche...mostly I just hate the "throw s#!t on the internet" world we live in and he has become the impitomy of that. Feed narrative to a crowd that wants it and get notoriety. Chicken wing dude > Sir Yacht
  8. I mean, gotta ask...did you show up to functions in overalls and a straw hat?...as that has never been my experience when people ask where I am from...maybe you hang out with douchebags?
  9. Honestly, provided they play this fall at some point, I don't see how this has recruiting implications, etc...unless you expect the SEC, ACC and BIG 12 to pitch "we play in pandemics" to recruits...which in itself sounds funny
  10. Presidents vote is pending on whether or not they have discussed October
  11. But you did shat yourself...which is like Covid Deuce
  12. Lol..ok keyboard commander. All I am saying is he put on some pounds and looked slower cognitively and athletically, hence "getting into college" aka freshmen 15, etc and all the extracirriculars that generally contribute to that...purely my observation. Now I expect you to go back and man your post.
  13. Just win....belly aching about who we had/have to play seems puss footing...we got into the BIG and haven't proved jack...we came in as a "BIG" name team and have not done s#!te, asking for a warmup is not us
  14. AM is the player that got to college and then got into "college"..hope he can get back
  15. Honestly man, such a dumb take away...its like saying "everyone was smoking in the stands and no reports of lung cancer!!!" I want football and think they should play but I have a hard time thinking in not a sense manner. Life can go on but not to recognize the risks is just hillbillyish
  16. Observationally, John Q. Public is becoming less and less worried about this, even knowing full well the risks...essentially it is becoming a "LEAVE BRITTNEY ALONE!!!!!" mantra and just plow ahead. I am fence riding on this as I get both sides, selfishly I want normalcy but cognitively strive for common sense...I guess this is where 'Merica is on the see-saw
  17. This season amounts to a "Game of Thrones" championship...season gets played ....each region declares a Lord..and all the Lords get together and declare the chip...#AP vs UPI
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