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  1. It's taken a good chunk of Nebraska fans 20 years to come around to the idea of the pass
  2. Just for clarity, are you of the belief that "biased and inconsistent reffing" is happening more so towards Nebraska OR this is a general problem that occurs towards all teams?
  3. Suh vs Texas OL was an all-time fun thing to watch
  4. On a sidenote... I am utterly amazed how disconnected I am from ANY bowl game this year. Generally I would watch a few here and there in passing, but ZERO so far. Probably watch some of the semi's... I expect ND to get throttled and Clemson to take OSU by 14
  5. Oh, if you are going NFL route then yeah, I could see that..I was speaking more about the "real life" players
  6. In any other year I would agree...but all of these guys missed the ambiance of playing in front of 80+k for the year...leaves a hefty "if I had a do over" in heads
  7. I was just reading the ESPN article on Army and thought, "f it, play Army...dudes are in service looking for a game and we have guys wanting to go home from college"...read that a couple times if it doesnt sink in the first time
  8. Honestly, what's lost in all this is we are actually playing a prime time game....WINNING!!!!!
  9. Would not be surprised if Frost calls a timeout at halftime
  10. BuckeyeBob is an a$$h@!e...but he's our a$$h@!e
  11. Our special teams is more a class that students take to metaphorically feel special
  12. Could we please stop with the "refs are against us!!!!" garbage...s#!tty teams get penalties called on them
  13. Oh, i think this regime has more than proven that you can get worse when you play
  14. Spring football...play s#!tty against each other!!!!
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