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  1. 100% agree...complete it or tuck it and get 5...rinse and repeat
  2. This...soooo much this. The fact that we don't run rollout/bootleg designs at least 33% of the time boggles my mind. Frankly our screens (backside to RB) would work infinitely so much better if the only time wasn't when we ran pa boot
  3. Beginning to think you are related to McCaffery
  4. Not saying this guy is our next HC, but Nebraska should seriously look at Aaron Best from Eastern Washington...dude is football through and through. Offense put up 800 yards today against Idaho, understand the apples vs oranges, but the guy is not a bulls#!tter and produces.
  5. Remember how hyped we all were for Frost 1st game...gets canceled...interesting that from game 1 we were disappointed
  6. Would have been a MUCH brighter spot if we could have taken care of business, as a win combined with a very unexpected Iowa loss keeps reaching the CCG a difficult but a little more attainable goal...but we shat the bed
  7. I learned that some companies who design light fixtures, DO NOT have competence in designing the corresponding light fixture holder thing
  8. I learned after Culps missed fg that I am OK just checking the score later on my phone to see how the game ended up
  9. I think because he can see light at the end of the tunnel...progress that is evident
  10. Edited mine as you were responding...I would agree our RB are not the "reason" it is more our lack of consistency
  11. I would agree if we were 5-1...we need consistency before we can praise variety
  12. Cannot find anything to disagree with here...in regards to the pass rush that is why this weeks game plan needs to be on point...rollout, play action, rpo, etc....we need to play 2 plays ahead not off schedule
  13. Yup...the guy just needs to slow down mentally and he is going to breakout
  14. Huskers by 7 Our offense Johnson Johnson is oozing breakout potential
  15. Living outta state nothing is better than seeing another person with Nebraska gear...there is always a "Go Big Red" that ends every conversation...so I got that going for me, which is nice
  16. I get what you are saying, i really do...but the guy creates 2 yard gains outta something that was blocked for tfl. His vision will get better with time (create space, etc)...but...based on what I am seeing, he just looks $.
  17. The dude, is a step away from consistent 4-5 yard runs if he didnt have consistent contact on him at the los or a yard deeper...mediocre OL play and this guy breaks out
  18. The fact that you can't see it tells me all I need to know.
  19. I learned, or more so thought, why doesn't the s#!tter lid on the toilet have holes in it...I live in a house of females and so that s#!t is always down...sometimes my aim is off when iam 6 beers deep and I think if I had that I would save on toilet paper.
  20. I learned that I still laugh at the scene on "Men in Black" when the wife says, "Edgar, your skin is falling off your bones."
  21. In other news UniversalMartin made smoked beef back ribs tonight....so far, I am 5-0 on game day food. Sidenote: rushed for 350 yards today mowing my lawn
  22. I learned Mark Helfrich is Nostradomus...dude literally called MSU 1st TD...and jinxed us on his "don't have this happen" comment right before the pick in OT
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