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  1. Alright fellas, step away from the urinal..this pissin' contest is over
  2. 4 of the 5 are not worthy of announcing..OSU has some history at least. If your going to waste a stadium money shot at least have some logos with gusto
  3. Huh, he talked about Pelini not the collective Husker hoard
  4. I just thought everyone got entrepreunual bug
  5. If I had grown up in Iowa and not Nebraska, probably would have grown as a Chiefs fan...but probably would have sold meth...so all considered it is for the best...SEAHAWKS!!!
  7. Dude...lol...you seriously cannot believe of the 2, that listing his address as MS was the big blunder. And i tire of the "people have a right to believe..." as an excuse for peoples opinions on things and we should just respect their "right" to have an opinion on things...you say dumb opinionated s#!t, you should be treated like a dumbs#!t.
  8. Looking back, seeing preseason shots of AM and how he bulked up...I did have a thought of "looks more like mass than work...could be slower"....and when all said and done, looked slower
  9. Every passing year that Nebraska fans bring up the 95 Huskers in comparison to the current year champ the more we slowly devolve into Uncle Rico
  10. Things house cleaners or serial killers think about
  11. I think both Garrett and Rivera are guys that have coaching value and even more importantly can communicate with players on a personal or professional level
  12. No sun block at all...he is just a dude I consistently see on someone's sideline
  13. If Frost had a turnaround here at Nebraska I could see him leaving for the NFL. I would assume the demands of a college coach far exceed an NFL coach from a year round view...but job security is probably more fragile in the NFL. With that said, once you become an NFL HC you ALWAYS have a landing pad somewhere. Honestly, the more Nebraska has sucked the more I have gravitated towards the NFL. In general it is sound football and gameplans... just gotta get past the douchery of some players
  14. The stuff that initially worked against OSU was because it was something they did not prepare for, once they got a look at it, it was done...it bordered more on gimmicky than a sound gameplan
  15. I thought it was Arkansas that was known (back then) for the full court press...40 minutes of hell
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