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  1. They just need to paint a ham sandwich on the football..problem solved
  2. Epstein running through our defense like teenaged girls...
  3. Yikes....brings in the freshman QB and boom 1st down
  4. Hope the team gets COVID so the record doesn't get any worse???
  5. McCaffrey does his best impression of dancing with the stars with the DE...good grief
  6. Yes..hire an ancient alcoholic who is going to go full Biden soon...great idea
  7. Our O should just watch the Illinois O game tape to learn how to score...
  8. Peters looking like a Heisman candidate today...gg bshirts
  9. 2 missed opportunities with those fumbles...smh
  10. every flag gives me a semi heart attack....and has for the last umpteen years
  11. I think Luke's dad called him at halftime and said don't bother coming home for the holidays if you don't win this game son
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