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  1. Our 5 star one and done was at the FT line to win the game at the end of the first OT…missed. It isn’t the refs. NU had multiple chances to win the game. They choked. AGAIN.
  2. Nebraska simply cannot win against any team with a pulse. They will likely finish with fewer than 10 wins. Again. This is one of the all time choke jobs from a program that wrote the rule book on losing basketball.
  3. 14 point lead in the 2nd half in regulation…5 point lead in the final 90 seconds of OT2…4 point lead with 90 seconds to go in OT3…and you still find a way to lose. Only Nebrasketball.
  4. Lol - 30 minutes to build a 14 point lead. It took NC state less than 4 minutes to tie. NU is beat.
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