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  1. Hahaha Yeah, because the farm houses in the panhandle are loaded with 5 star recruits. He’s Deion effin Sanders. He’s getting into any living room he wants to get in, anywhere in the country. And literally everything he can sell at Jackson State (minus the all black thing) he can sell at Nebraska x100.
  2. Not even remotely close to asking for Saban. He's set at Alabama. Urban isn't coaching and if he wants to coach again, there's not a better job in the country. Deion is coaching in the SWAC and living in Jackson, Mississippi where they barely have indoor plumbing. He's on record as wanting to coach at a higher level. Nebraska is one of a handful of blue blood football program and highly likely to be the only one with a head coaching opening this year. We don't have any less than ideal resources or any higher expectations than any other blue blood program. Guys like Urban and Deion understand and thrive in that kind of environment.
  3. And you, sir, are part of the problem. Summed it up perfectly.
  4. You need to research Deion a little closer. He's much more than a "win the press conference type of hire." He's pulling in 4 and 5 star recruits to Jackson State. That place is a third world hellhole. He's working the hell out of the NIL deal there and, by all accounts, he's assembled an amazing staff. He's been a legit candidate at a few P5 schools and reportedly interviewed extremely well. He was named SWAC Coach of the Year last year. Plus, oh by the way, he has Jackson State winning for the first time in forever. That said, you're right that it's probably not happening. Old, stiff, white, set-in-our-ways fans can't handle a dude at the podium in a backward visor with a giant "PRIME" necklace on. Recruits would love it and flock from all over to play for him, but it would make fans and admin squirmy. So, I guess that makes him kind of the opposite of a "win the press conference type of hire." So, maybe there's a chance.
  5. Your post is an even bigger joke than the original post...which is saying something. A) Deion could kill it here and is exactly what Nebraska needs. He's much more than just a celebrity. He's punching way above his weight at Jackson State. B) "Urban will have jobs that are better fits for him?" Name one.
  6. Should have ended the list around 12-14. Probably more like 10. Some of those from 15-25 are a joke. aTm?
  7. Funny I was just talking about this with someone. To put the shoe on the other foot, so to speak, if I'm Urban Meyer, NU is by far my best option and it's not really even close. Maybe I'm just being a homer, but none of the rest of that list does anything for me. There's not a blue blood in the bunch. Auburn? He wouldn't even have the best program in the state, let alone the SEC. Same with UCLA. ND isn't bailing on Freeman after just one year. aTm isn't bailing on Fisher yet, they'd have to pay him a gazillion dollars and his best players are all freshmen. Wisconsin and Arizona State? Meh.
  8. Wait, are you using those 3 as a reason for an up-and-comer position coach/G5 head coach? Or against? I can't even follow your argument anymore.
  9. Okay, now do all the position coaches and G5 coaches that teams have missed on. I'll hang up and listen.
  10. Yeah, I mean, who among us hasn't wanted to kick a kicker from time-to-time? Or at least a punter. Most of us just aren't ever in a position to act on that perfectly normal impulse.
  11. No it doesn't. The list is extremely short compared to all the if/maybes that don't hit. And PJ Fleck? You serious? Exhibit A of how short that list really is if you're having to include PJ Fleck to make your point. Not one of those guys has even close to Urban's resume. If Urban wasn't an option, then you can start talking about the best of the if/maybes, because that's all we'd have to chose from. But Urban's an outlier by a long stretch so none of your arguments apply to him at all.
  12. Your definition of "swing for the fences" and mine are two completely different things. Only one name on that list is "swing for the fences." The rest are prospects at best. We don't need another prospect. How are Aranda, Kiffin, Rhule (and even Taylor) any different from Callahan/Riley/Frost?
  13. Does anyone know the official timeline on when Urban can actually be hired? When he was at tOSU, there was an overlap with him being there and the "interim" staff still being there. I remember it seeming odd, but within NCAA rules, they were essentially able to hire Urban and let him get in place and start assembling his staff and recruiting while the old (interim) staff was able to finish out the rest of the season, which was just the bowl game. Their regular season ended on November 26, Urban announcement was on November 28, Fickell and the rest of the staff stayed on through the Gator Bowl on Jan 2, Fickell was retained but most of the rest of the staff was fired shortly after. Doubtful we'll have a bowl game so that part probably doesn't apply to us (ducks for cover), but do we have to wait until the end of the regular season? I keep hearing Urban can be hired now. Is that really true? Maybe a deal can be made now, but I'm guessing we have to wait until at least November 26 to announce or before he can do any official work for us? It doesn't really matter, I'm just curious from an announcement standpoint. Even if he can't officially start until 11/26, there is a ton of groundwork he can do behind the scenes in the way of evaluating and identifying assistants and recruits between now and then. Hell, maybe the deal is already done and he's already working behind the scenes
  14. Apparently said it on the Dan Patrick Show... https://huskercorner.com/2022/09/20/nebraska-football-tim-tebow-urban-meyer/
  15. I'd love if all of football would have contracts geared more toward performance incentives. But, what in God's name would make you think Nebraska is in any kind of position of power here? We've got by far the weak hand when it comes to the pursuit of Urban, so we're in no position to try to reinvent the wheel when it comes to contract negotiations, with Urban or pretty much anybody. Not to mention, to try to change the entire culture of football contracts. Great idea, but it will never happen.
  16. Yeah, let's just ignore what Fickell has accomplished in the 10 years since then. And no, Ohio State wasn't a Ferrari that year. They were a s#!t-show. Not as bad a s#!t show as Nebraska right now, but it was a mess that Fickell was asked keep on the rails for that one lame duck season. There's a reason Urban kept him on after that and it wasn't because he sucked.
  17. That's a lot of "all buts" and "exception ofs". Now do Frost.
  18. I don't know about $8M - $10M reasons. He's making $3.4M a year now and there's no way we're paying him between $11.4M and $13.4M, but I see your point. Not sure why anyone would assume he's not an option (unless I've missed something like him saying he's never leaving Cincinnati or something). He's pretty easily in my top 3. He's been to the CFP and has tons of ties to the B1G area. He's got a much better resume than Campbell or Leipold or any of the other up-and-comers that I've seen mentioned.
  19. Some of y'all don't seem to grasp the concept of "odds of being successful" and just want to cherry-pick data points for whatever fits your argument. When you just look at pure "odds of being successful" based on total body of work, as far as realistic (maybe semi-realistic) candidates, it's Urban and everyone else is a distant second. If you can't see that, I don't know what to tell you because it's not even close. I don't care if you want to cherry-pick, "but he's 58" or "but Florida and Ohio St aren't the same as Nebraska" or whatever. He's got the best "odds of being successful" by a long shot. Does that mean he's a sure thing? No, there's no such thing. Hell, we could hire Saban and he may fizzle out because Nebraska just wasn't the right fit or he's gotten old and complacent or whatever. But the odds are best with Urban and that shouldn't even be up for debate. That's not to say someone else can't be successful, but the odds go way down. Could an up-and-comer like Matt Campbell or Lance Leipold be the next Saban and Iowa State/KU is their Sparty? Sure. But for the few of those that hit, there are a ton more who never even come close. They could work, they just have a lot lower odds of working than Urban. A LOT lower. Of the names I've seen thrown around, plus or minus a pro or con here or there, pretty much everyone after Urban has about the same odds of being successful. I've seen a lot of arguments for and against all of them and it really comes down to all of them being a total crap shoot. And I just can't get excited about (m)any of them because the result will most likely just be rinse and repeat of more of what we've been going through. None of them has a differentiating quality that move the needle much at all. Which is probably why I'm all in on Deion Sanders after Urban. At least he's got some differentiating qualities that would excite me. He may be a bigger risk than the rest of the prospects (not by much) but he's also got a lot more upside if he does work. At least our recruiting would instantly skyrocket (can't honestly say that for any of the others). And even if we miss on him, which we're likely to do with any of them, at least he'd be entertaining as hell along the way and have Nebraska instantly in the spotlight once again. Something we haven't had in forever.
  20. He's my #2 choice behind Urban. He's exactly what Nebraska needs. Dude is racking up 3 and 4 star recruits and even got a 5 star #1 cornerback in the country to come play for him. At Jackson effing State. And, although they're largely from around the southeast area, there are a lot of guys on the roster from all over the country. He can definitely recruit nationally.
  21. I'd go with Dabo Swinney over Sean Payton. More proven in the college game. I mean, while we're being completely unrealistic.
  22. No he hasn’t. He has legitimately interviewed for a handful of P5 jobs, including TCU and Arkansas. He has publicly stated that he wants to coach at the P5 level.
  23. Then you need to do your homework more. He did a phenomenal job turning Baylor around in the wake of the whole Art Briles rape debacle. And did it with all the things you listed that you think we need. Yeah And I put very little stock in his NFL performance. Saban and Urban failed in the NFL too.
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