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  1. I didn't know much about Rhule before this past weekend. Did loads of research. I had opined that Rhule would get fired within 3-4 years, and frankly, I was wrong. Rhule is a great coach, but an even better man. Matt Rhule was the right choice and I believe he will someday be mentioned alongside the names of Devaney and Osborne. Peace.
  2. Horrible hire. He will be fired before Year 4 ends. I will not post here again until Rhule is fired (probably within 36 months). #GBR!
  3. The last several games were MJ’s interview. Had he won a few more, I imagine he would have been given strong consideration. Reality is, he’s clearly not a fit for a B1G HC spot. Regarding your Rooney Rule reference, I don’t see what race has to do with any of this. Nebraska would absolutely hire a non-caucasian HC if that person was the RIGHT person for the job.
  4. If the AD KNOWS he’s not going to hire MJ, an interview would be a waste of everyone’s time.
  5. If he gets hired here, yes, I believe Rhule will end up somewhere between Frost and Riley record-wise.
  6. I'm definitely NOT "talking up" Campbell - simply saying he's a stronger college HC than Rhule. And to all you Rhule-lovers out there; if the announcement doesn't come tomorrow, then Rhule did NOT get the job.
  7. Iowa State has never, and will never, attract talent - doesn't matter who the coach is. Baylor has ballers every year by virtue of being in Texas. It's still a crap job which is absolutely not comparable to the B1G meat grinder. Campbell will end up somewhere great eventually, while Rhule's best days professionally speaking, are most likely behind him.
  8. I don't want Campbell here, but he'd be a better hire than Rhule.
  9. Bringing the focus back to Rhule - his resume is too WEAK for B1G football, full stop.
  10. Casey should definitely stay and play one more season, as he would not be drafted at this point in his collegiate career.
  11. So you're saying our program sucks so bad that we now want an NFL reject who happened to have moderate success at Temple and Baylor? Have some pride, man. We have not fallen so far as to settle for a coach like Rhule.
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