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  1. Yeah, it would actually be a really bad look to announce now, whoever it is (unless it was Mickey). You're just saying, "we're done with this year" with that announcement. Which we probably are, but your AD would/should never just come out and announce that publicly.
  2. Nah, man. Just hire Leipold. Good enough to get Kansas bowl eligible...good enough to get us bowl eligible.
  3. Teams do it all the time. We’re way overdue. New facilities will help too.
  4. I dont think we know of a single interview. Not one. Which is why I always think it’s funny when people say this guy is out or that guys not coming. There is nothing to indicate who it will be at all.
  5. We can have Nike without having flashy uniforms and crazy combos. All blue bloods are Nike except us and ND. If we can even call ourselves that anymore.
  6. Good. Just making sure it will hold enough cash.
  7. No, we can not agree. The right coach does not need 4 years.
  8. This might be the best post in this entire thread. You get it. Lane Kiffen gets it. Succesful coaches today get it. Let's hope Treve gets it too.
  9. Hahaha seems to be the top 2 choices for sure. Assuming Urban isn’t couching again. But you’ll take mark liepold and you’ll like it /Nebraska
  10. Y’all still talking about Rhule? I thought that was yesterday. What’s today? I’m still holding out for the top two. If we have to settle for #3 I’m great with that
  11. fify We're getting a new head football coach. A bunch of internet people are entertained by debating our own thoughts about it. We have no say in the matter. What we think has zero impact on anything. Yet, here we still are. Get it?
  12. Shiiiiiiiiii…I won’t be thankful if it isn’t one of about 8 names. And Monken ain’t one of ‘em. Luckily, today’s flavor of the day name is though.
  13. You mean when damn near every recruit in the country has to google his name? That’s not good?
  14. Yeah, this is pretty damn solid given what he walked into. Those losses were to teams stacked with 4-5 star talent. He was probably playing with 1-2 star talent. He probably just didn't have the horses. Question is whether he would have eventually been able to get them.
  15. He didn't have highly ranked classes. Could be just not his style as he's more of a developmental guy. Or, could be he just didn't have enough time to get to the level where he could start bringing in top guys as he was forced his first years there to do more with less given the circumstances. Hard to tell. Could also explain the never beating a ranked team thing. Hadn't gotten to the point of getting the recruits needed to beat the ranked teams.
  16. This is spot on how it all went. NCAA allowed the current players to transfer without sitting out a year (before the portal was a thing), so the good ones did. Plus he did it all with the possibility of suspension looming. Try selling your way out of that with recruits. I still don't know how the hell he did it. Or why he even took the job in the first place. I'd accuse him of cheating, but he did it all with a bunch of overlooked diamond in the rough type recruits.
  17. WTF? Rhule helped clean that mess up. He wasn’t part of the problem. He’s squeaky clean from everything I’ve ever seen.
  18. What he did with Baylor given their situation was nothing short of a miracle. That said, his recruiting is a "find diamonds in the rough and develop them" type of approach from everything I've seen. His classes were largely pretty crappy from a ranking standpoint. But he got results with them. Or at least it seems. Might be perfect for Nebraska if we can't get a big time recruiter. The never beating a ranked team thing concerns me. He's also has never worked the portal or NIL which also concerns me. But, he would definitely be about as good as we can probably realistically hope for.
  19. If that were the case, what would be the upside to not announcing it by now? I can see zero upside to sitting on it. Am I missing something?
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