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  1. Not sure if serious. Crick was whipped all game, just as he has been this year. I said it a week ago that Crick has constantly been washed out of plays and his motor just hasn't been there all year. Today was no different. Very bad game from him. Not sure if serious. Crick was whipped all game, just as he has been this year. I said it a week ago that Crick has constantly been washed out of plays and his motor just hasn't been there all year. Today was no different. Very bad game from him. Crick has been our third best DLineman at times this year. I hope the poste
  2. I think he has been one of the weakest links on the OL so far. Not sure - don't think this is injury-related. I wonder if Jake Cotton will get a look at LG too, considering he isn't starting at RG (I think Long is still there). 100% agree. For whatever reason he just doesn't look as strong physically as he needs to be. He has just not been able to lock on to blocks.
  3. Lol What are you ten? Are we having a text conversation now? And someone made the comment that I didn't have an intelligent post. Expand on your three letters if you don't agree. Did you even go watch those plays? If you did then either you are a coach or player on the team and know exactly what the scheme and Crick were intended to do on those plays or you're blind.
  4. Crick is not a big concern for me either. However, can you imagine (to not give the Suh comparison) Grant Wistrom, Vaden Bosch, Peter, etc. without giving a balls to the wall on every play? Great performances bring on great expectations and I know he can do so much better than he has the first two games. That's why I'm so frustrated. I'm hoping he picks it up starting the Washington game. When he starts dominating everyone on here will see what I'm talking about.
  5. Ok let me specifically point out what plays I'm referring to: 1. 2:10 left in the 1st quarter-On this one he may have gotten held but he basically got thrown to the ground after just standing there. 2. 14:27 left in the 3rd quarter-Breaks through the line, however appears to be jogging then over-runs the play and appears to not even try to make the tackle-then gets thrown to the ground. This is the play I was talking about earlier when the commentator says "he over ran the play then just gets pushed to the ground". 3. 12:08 left in the 3rd quarter- jogs to the right then doesn'
  6. Go play a snap next to him and then give us an opinion on whether or not he is giving it his all. Yes bc that will really determine whether or not he's giving it his all. He did have about ten plays where he showed off how good he is. But he also had about 20 plays where I saw him almost literally just standing across from the guy who blocked him while the play was still going on. I'm not saying he would have made the play but at least bust your ass to attempt to. He didn't do that. I'm sorry to bust on our homegrown Husker but I saw these plays with my own eyes. If you can go bac
  7. What I'm talking about is his effort. I know one great attribute he has always had was his motor and want to. He has always played relentlessly and SO FAR this year he has not been his usual self when it comes to that. I'm not saying he's not supremely talented bc he obviously is. He's just not giving even close to the effort he has given in the past for whatever reason.
  8. Dude I'm not comparing him to Suh and never said anything about Suh. He's a PRE-SEASON All American bc he had a great season last year. That was last year. This is this year. No I actually didn't see him get double teamed all that often. At times, sure. Go back and watch the game again. And if you can honestly tell me that you think Crick is giving max effort on every play-I still won't agree with you-but oh well.
  9. I'm not comparing him to Suh at all. I don't expect him to be Suh or Glover or Peter or anyone else. What I do expect is that he plays as hard as he can on every play. If you watch the game again you will see him loafing around on a fair amount of the plays. It has nothing to do with rolling the pocket bc I obviously don't expect him to be able to get to the qb easily on those plays. It has to do with him getting blown off the ball on run plays. Or just playing patty-cake with the lineman not even trying to make it to the play. He needs to pick his effort up by about 50% at least.
  10. huskers1


    After watching the game last night it's extremely disappointing that his effort is well below par. I don't know what his deal is but there were several, several plays where he just gets pushed around like a freakin high schooler. Even one of the announcers made the comment to the tone of "and crick just got pushed to the ground". If he's just saving his body so he doesn't get hurt he can just get the hell out of here now. It pisses me off to see someone that should be dominating get manhandled at times. If he's not going to give it his all then give me Guy or Rome any day.
  11. so maybe some guys on here, EZ or Skers, can explain to me why thorell and blatchford are playing...really is that just a joke or just to say he plays nebraska guys? They are in no way good enough to even play at let alone start at a place like Ohio. Why are they playing for us? On two plays Blatchford was beat by at least 2-3 yards. I think Mitchell is going to be outstanding, why can't he be put in the nickel? What about Washington? No joke, having David or Compton would probably be better than having Blatchford on a a slot receiver. I know it was the first game but the o line lo
  12. I'm sorry if this has already been discussed but does anyone know what's going on with Cox? I have BTN in my package but it says Illinois is the game for the 2:30 slot. However, the 2:30 game for ESPN is TBA so is it possible that we are on ESPN? Also I noticed that Huskerpedia took off BTN as the program that is airing the game.
  13. Well obviously if he passes like that but those results were few and far between. I'm just wondering if that's from not being comfortable throwing the ball.
  14. Ok so I was watching highlights of the first few games from last year and Taylors throwing motion was quite a bit different. His delivery was more of a Tebow type. However, he was a hell of a lot more accurate and seemed to have more velocity on his passes. Then starting about the Washington game he appeared to migrate toward what his delivery looks like now which is incredibly awkward. Why the change? I know he was a good passer in high school and even the first 4 games or so last year he was pretty decent. Did Watson change his motion to what it is now? If so, why the hell did he chan
  15. Wow..in the words of Nick Bahe...ME LIKEY!
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