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  1. Just go to the bottom of the page and click on 'Report a Bug' to let them know they screwed up.
  2. http://www.sportsline.com/spin/story/10429476 Scroll down towards the bottom for Callahans comments
  3. We have to trust Osborne to do the right thing!
  4. Probably because the writer is from someplace like NEW York or LA, where things are 10 times faster and people don't slow down to realize what is truly good in life. I don't mind being describe as "simple". There is a alot of good that can be said for "simple", depends on what defination you want to use. I agree
  5. I know you really want to go to the game, but DON'T take a boy that young.
  6. I also question whether TO would dictate who the assistants are. I would think he'd give Bo the choice of who he wanted. I don't think TO would dictate to anyone. He might try to persuade someone!
  7. Good articles! I really think we at a turn around point in the program.
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