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  1. 59 minutes ago, Moiraine said:

    So, do people think UM is gonna beat OSU, or do they think UM has a clearer path to win the division even if they lose to OSU?


    UM plays Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois

    OSU plays Wisconsin, Nebraska, Northwestern


    OSU’s schedule looks only slightly tougher (and maybe not tougher depending on which games are home or away).


    Outside of home and away the only real difference is Illinois vs Northwestern, with Nebraska and Iowa being roughly the same difficulty

  2. 12 hours ago, Hans Gruber said:

    I don't think they have the talent to finish in the top 10. At least not this year. Unless Adrian Martinez has a Cam Newton at Auburn type year.


    I think this year is the stepping stone to a loaded team in 2020. 


    I like this prediction - its like you have 20-20 vision

  3. 5 minutes ago, funhusker said:

    I agree it is used too much.  But I disagree that is used generally to chastise liberal thought; it's used to make a lazy argument against any political argument.  However, I think the post in question was more of a parody of some internet outrage.


    Plus, I don't think @huKSer is a raging conservative, I might me wrong though...


    Moderate republican. Despise the alt right

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