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  1. That is definitely a quick way to get yourself skinned alive my friend. Not a good joke, but you sure got people fired up over it.
  2. I guessed on another board this year 9-4 with the bowl game. As for next year and still thinking it's too early to tell, I think we should still be pretty similar even with a new QB taking the helm. I think Bo will bring these kids back and get them going quickly and will have a new QB ready by the time we roll into Blacksburg next season. Only time will tell of course, and it's fun to guess.
  3. This might be a little biased in the sense of me being a Corn Husker fan, but I believe we win by at least 30 points and we go over the 50 mark. NU 57 - KSU 14
  4. Thanks to whichever mod moved this, didn't see it prior. Sorry about that guys. Still WTF did he do?
  5. Here is the link that I read a few minutes ago. It doesn't say much but apparently Pelini has suspended him. http://www.omaha.com/index.php?u_page=3918...;u_sid=10396039
  6. FYI Stephens is committed to Stanford and Ankrah favors Penn State. Favoring is not committing, so I say get after Ankrah hard! Also, Stanford is Stanford, great education but football not so much. Nebraska, great football and damn good education. Big thing to watch here is that alot of rumors around about Harbaugh being next coach in Oakland(big mistake in my opinion, but Harbaugh says he LOVES Al Davis). So if Harbaugh leaves, I'd say that commitment isn't very solid. Only 2 people in the world love Al Davis now, one of them being Al Davis.
  7. Possibly a bad time to mention this considering....but I just picked up my new Smart Car last Saturday at Performance Auto over in LaVista....I commute around 120 miles a day and gas was killing me (it's down now...but, like the Huskers...just give it time). I've gotten close to 50 mpg so far this week. The centrifical clutch kind of sucks but other than that it seems to be okay (I'm still keeping the BIG truck for when winter comes though). This Smart Car is red...I've already sent in my request to have LILRED put on my plates. The only drawback is there isn't enough room inside to mount my gun rack in the back window...but I was able to get my Confederate flag bumper sticker on! you owe me a coffee and a laptop man, well played. You have me rolling here.
  8. Poor Cy, the Rodney Dangerfield of the intertubes. Don't worry bro, even some of us newcomers to the huskerboard site enjoy reading your weekly picks.
  9. "didn't mommy and daddy show you enough love" I could picture him quoting that for certain players early in the season.
  10. Bo is a kitten compared to the DI's I had during my stint at MCRDSD. I played soccer and have been yelled at worse than Bo has done. I also hate that these video's are used completely out of context, Moore deserved to have his ass chewed out. He's lucky that Bo won't suspend him for a few games himself.
  11. Gillyan has hands of stone. He had 2 recently that hit him in the hands then the chest, then face mask and onto the ground. Unless he can figure out how to catch a ball in a game time situation Ganz wont throw to him. I've at least seen Paul catch a ball so far this season, can't say as much for Gillyan. Mendoza could bring quite a different look if he burns a few secondaries. I think it's a good move and I believe he'll do us all proud.
  12. Sounds like a beast. As for myself, an LDS member, the schools religious affiliation really doesn't have anything to do with most of our decision. Heck, I went to Creighton myself.
  13. No sports books, but there is a bar in Las Vegas where we have the Las Vegas Nebraskans club. It is called Tocino's on Flamingo and Lindell. Awesome atmosphere, and a lot of fun every Huskers game. Get there early as it becomes standing room only 4 hours prior to kick off.
  14. Day is only getting better. Working a half day and then flying to San Diego, now this. Maybe i'll hit the lottery or something later on.
  15. I hope your sources are correct DCA, would be a good day for the Huskers.
  16. New to this board, but had to make mention, Cy you are one funny man.
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