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  1. AMEN!!!!!!!!! We have an overwhelming amount of people like myself that are very happy with the job that Pelini is doing on and off the field, BUT we have several clowns out there that thinks he is a bully or gets too excited. Well its one thing not that he is mean or wants to embarass people but he is passionate about winning and passionate about Nebraska football which is what we all wanted in a head coach after BILL got shown the boot. People lets be happy that with Pelini at the helm we have a chance to compete week in and week out, so lets quit the crying he is doing a remarkable job.
  2. Pelini is a guy who wants us to be fundamentally sound and not beat ourselves and thats what makes him angry, stupid mistakes. He does not do it to make our assistants look foolish or anything like that and quite frankly this is a stupid thread and he is an intense guy and this is just rediculous. He has turned around our football team in two years and you still find something to nit pick about. We won try to enjoy that and not cry around
  3. listed as 'soft verbal' now on rivals..... i am suprised... i thought all this was over and that the whole curtis carter pep talk thing really signified that this kid was stoked on nebraska and ready to get busy.... now in the end i am not so sure... my gut is he is leaving and i think the coaches need to be proactive about it he has been listed as a soft verbal for awhile now on rivals
  4. It was on sportscenter just now, do not believe that there is a video link on espn yet. It was discussed under the topic Heisman Frontrunner. It was a good segment. Yes it was, Kiper was getting a little fired up I liked it.
  5. It was on sportscenter just now, do not believe that there is a video link on espn yet. It was discussed under the topic Heisman Frontrunner.
  6. They were asked who the heisman frontrunner is in their opinion and McShay made the case for Alabama's running back and Mel Kiper states that he believes that Suh should be in the discussion and makes the point that just because Nebraska is not in the National Title race and he is not an offensive skill player that his talent should not be over looked and Suh should be considered for the award.
  8. No, I believe it is .08. Maybe he doesn't own the car? So wait, anybody who is familiar with drinking laws, is he ok as far as the drinking aspect is concerned? .035 is below .08. He's gotta be good in that aspect. He will not receive a dui.. however still a possibility of a reckless driving citation. As far as suspensions go I would presume that this will fall to the unity council for violation of team rules.. the one I have heard is that they were not going to drink during the season.. (don't know if its true thats just a rule I have heard) however, it is loosely enforced unless someone ends up in trouble... An important distinction here is the difference between DUI and DWI . I believe you can get charged with Driving Under the Influence, even if you are under the legal limit. Driving While Intoxicated requires you to be over the legal limit. OK. You can not be charged with a DUI if in fact you are under the legal limit of .08. But you can be charged with a zero tolerance infraction which means the subject's BAC exceeds .02 but is under .08. Reason for the .02 is to allow for machine malfunction of other things such as mouth wash and what not
  9. I believe it's a Chrysler LeBaron. my bad my bad. i was just trying to quote "Employee Of the Month" and how stupid of me to confuse an 83 honda with such a classic as a LeBaron
  10. considering this is the first blemish on his resume yeah it will drop him out of the top 5 but there is no way that he falls out of the first round there are players that test positive for marijuana at the combine and they still get picked in the first round he will still be a first rounder but no longer will he be looked at as a golden boy
  11. dude his car looks like its a freakin 83 honda or some crap streak like that. i would of just waited and had suh buy me another car. just rediculous
  12. My cousin who goes to school in Lincoln says that he has heard all the same things we have alll discussed. He said they all heard about it early this morning. Not confirmed but things are not looking good.
  13. seriously take the rick roll off that is just annoying and immature.
  14. He confirmed to Scout that he'd visit USC and Nebraska after the season earlier this month. OTOH he also said he was visiting UCLA on November 7th so maybe his schedule has changed. That change would accommodate a visit for the OU game, right? Oh yes it would!!!
  15. So he took a visit to UCLA/Oregon game couldn't have been to impressed with the bruins, Oregon is also one of his schools of interest took an unofficial to Oregon STate enjoyed it but was not blown away and i know that he plans to visit Nebraska, does anyone have any information on when that may be?
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