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  1. 2 minutes ago, Guy Chamberlin said:


    It's entirely possible Kamala has been doing stuff like this and it just didn't crack the news cycle. 


    I don't remember a damn thing Mike Pence did for that matter. 

    Joe Biden, d!(k Cheney, and Al Gore were out front VPs with their own initiatives and profiles, and were considered inner circle advisors. 

    Mike Pence did not have enough RAM to go out and do stuff.  That guy is clearly not a human.  I saw better acting by the Mannequin  in the movie Mannequin, staring Andrew McCarthy.  

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  2. 14 minutes ago, Guy Chamberlin said:


    It's been a weird vice-presidency from Day One. Many if not most people thing Kamala's been misused or just unused. If she was just chosen for optics, ignoring that she was not even charismatic enough to make it to the primary, that's on the Dems and Biden and might explain why her role and visibility were so limited.


    But what got Kamala to the table was her on-camera performances grilling Republicans, where her experience as a high-profile prosecutor came through. She's not a novice at this, and playing to her prosecutor side could work. 

    I agree and like I said, what the D party has done to/with her since she has been VP is criminal.


    First black female VP and they hide her?  She should have already visited 1,000 HS's in America, talking to girls, taking questions from them, getting them to go register to vote.  She should have had a weekly Podcast with college girls from different colleges around the country, talking about ideas and policy.  


    A student at my school wrote her a letter and Harris wrote back, it was actually hand written from the VP.  The student framed it and was in awe.


    The D's totally wasted her for no reason.

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  3. 2 minutes ago, TGHusker said:

    Bar high or low - what is amazing with this press is that there appears to be no bar for Trump.  As @knapplc 's thread asks " why isn't the GOP breaking glass' to find a replacement for the felon??   Perhaps it is shear panic by the media - they don't see how slow Joe beats lying trump so therefore the push to dump Joe.  That tactic may very well backfire due to time constraints.  There are many, many good potential candidates who could beat Trump but raising the funds and name recognition at this short date makes it very difficult to run a campaign.  The Ill Govenor, Pritzker could probably self-finance but the name recognition would not be there.   Perhaps after this settles down and after the GOP convention, the media will turn their collective attention to the danger a trump presidency will bring to all of us (even those in his cult).  


    Joe had 2 major gaffes yesterday but overall, he looked much better than he did on debate night. Biden has been known for gaffes during his full political career - even while in excellent health.  Those gaffes weren't out of the ordinary for him.  When the pressure is on it is easier to say something wrong.   I once had a terrible blunder in the classroom.  I was teaching a Global Business class (as an adjunct) at a local U and I meant to say 'organism'.  What came out was........."orgasm"  :facepalm:   We laughed it off but boy that was embarrassing.  Sometimes you never know where an ADHD mind goes and what 'pops' out of it.  I think Joe has had the same issue.  

    I had a student say "Diet c$%k" once...instead of Diet Coke



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  4. 28 minutes ago, BigRedBuster said:

    What in the hell were you watching?  Yes, he’s old. But it was a very good showing for him.  

    I agree!


    Someone mentioned that the bar is set very high for JB, but that is not the case, the bar is low, which is good and really for the most part he did a decent job yesterday.   The whispering into the mic was weird but whatever.  Seems like an old speech team tactic. 


    The most important part was he left no doubt that he is running.  

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  5. 6 minutes ago, JJ Husker said:


    Many years ago I played regularly with a guy that was a pro golfer for a time. I would get upset whenever I made a bad shot, missed an easy putt etc. He told me, JJ don’t get upset and don’t expect to get any better unless you are willing to hit the driving range a few days a week, practice chipping and putting a few times a week and play a few rounds per week. Only playing once, maybe twice, per week isn’t enough to change your game.


    I actually listened and that was when I quit throwing clubs and getting frustrated. That was almost 40 years ago.

    It is great advice!

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  6. 6 minutes ago, Dr. Strangelove said:

    If you watched her during the 2020 primary, they've kept her hidden because she's not particularly charismatic, isn't a great politician, and has political baggage. Unfortunately, being a woman also means in a general election she may do worse than expected all else being equal.


    But she isn't Donald Trump, who is the least likable and most hated politician in American history. Nothing unites the coalition on the American Left then being against Donald Trump. It also helps that she can inherit the fundraising money thus far. 

    You don't get better at being in front of a camera without being in front of a camera.  They messed up.


    I mean, this isn't golf, where you can practice and play for 30 years and never get any f#&%ing better at all, not even a little bit, yet you still keep playing, you keep thinking that you will magically get better at golf.  

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  7. 41 minutes ago, Mavric said:


    And we had a ton of good kickers over the years despite the wind.


    So good players do better than not-as-good players.  Weird.

    So I grew up a Chi Bears fan and pretty much every home playoff game it was the same 


    "Oh those sissy 49ers have to come to Chicago and play in the COLD, they have no chance to win"


    Guess what, the 49ers won!


    It just really is not the impact that fans think it will be.


    I have never looked it up but I would BET that the biggest impact on a game is start time and not as in a night game...but a good team...going on the road to play at 11am vs a crappy team with no fans in the stands, no build up not hype.  You end up with the good team starting slow because it feels like a scrimmage and next think you know...you have a close game at half.

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