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  1. one thing that i noticed was that carnes went through all of his options on some of his dropbacks. Taylor looked at the same reciever and then threw a bad ball
  2. Maybe he is trying to fool the other teams spies. we will see when the season starts
  3. since everything was so basic you would think taylor would have looked a whole lot better than he did. instead he looked horrible. cant hit a reciever for anything
  4. on the front it said lincoln fing nebraska and on the back it said if you dont bleed husker red take your bi*** a** home. it looked like a homeless guy selling them by where we were tailgating
  5. i agree that we were horrendous tonight and i think that in the next 2 weeks we will be ready for ksu and we will takeit out on them. they wont come within 21 pts. of us
  6. in my opinion ksu doesnt stand a chance even if old man synder is their coach
  7. i think we really over looked sdsu and that bo we have our team well prepared for ksu.
  8. after watching this game does anybody else think that we will absolutly destroy k-state
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