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  1. 5 minutes ago, Undone said:




    First time on the Internet?


    I am 32 years old. I know what a thirst trap is. But I am trying to explain with some class and in a way that all walks of life and ages can understand. If my wife was posting her a$$ for everyone to see when I was gone working, yeah I'm having speaks with her and telling her to stop. 


    This isn't to victim blame. I am just explaining what I was told because this happened around the same time the incident took place. Mickey screwed up big time. 

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  2. Just now, TGHusker said:

    what did she post?  Regardless - he should have stepped away. 

    A suggestive picture of her backside in tight pants. And it was a photo concept where her backside was repurposed multiple times in the photo. Making it a collage of her backside in one photo. Highly suggestive. 

  3. 17 minutes ago, Vizsla1 said:

    Don't shoot the messenger but I can confirm there will be a presser, to name the next Husker coach, in the next 144 hours.


    My jobs today: help get us to 750 and to use my magnificent pee stream to remove all crap stains, on the side of the toilet, left by my family after Thanksgiving dinner, and I have ran out of pee.


    I wonder, as theorized, why I was hearing so much Urban talk downtown?  Was he the go-between for Fickell?   I wonder too, does is Trev sleeping well at nights or is he ridden with anxiety like half this board.




    It's the pissing off the crap stains for me. Also, 750.

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  4. 25 minutes ago, Stone Cold said:

    Do you think the pressure of this place was to much for him and thats when he stepped over the edge.


    I think pressure played a part. He was talked into coming because I think deep down he was afraid of this outcome. He knew he wasn't ready or prepared for it, but the opportunity only comes once. Then, you tie that in with his personality type. The money, fame, and responsibility magnified the worst in him. And then you hear the stories right. 


    He never had a solid plan for how Nebraska would improve. He had a horrible staff with him who were no good or could help.


    I will say something else and this is my hunch. When Trev got hired, he knew he was done, and if he didn't know right away, it became obvious to him before the season started. I think he sabotaged the program to get his large buyout. He forced Trev to do it before the clause. The onside was enough to fire him. Chinander was screwing up the defense to get fired and paid. I know that seems kind of nuts, but money speaks and I think they were done. Busch's quick turnaround told me it was an easier adjustment and Chinander knew it but why would he you know? Also, those two aren't cool anymore and thats crazy because Chinander was a groomsman in his wedding. 


    Mickey and Trev know there were and still are toxic coaches on the staff. Chinander had a b!^@h fit over Ashley Williams committing because he wasn't recruiting him. He wanted Cameron Lendhardt, and Scott ended up pulling Ashley's offer and giving Cameron the green light. This caused a wedge. 

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  5. 2 minutes ago, ActualCornHusker said:


    Campbell couldn't even get his team to a bowl in his 7th year or whatever he's in right now

    He can no longer attract talent there. NIL has affected everyone and it is going to kill off programs like ISU and the likes. It's happening to Northwestern if we are keeping it relevant to us.  

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  6. 3 minutes ago, Huskerfollower4life said:

    I dont know why you think that Campbell could bring the fan base together? He has lost value and nobody here except you would be excited for him to come. 

    I agree he wouldn't, but I think he makes Nebraska bowl eligible in year one. His ceiling isn't insane by any means, but I think he raises our floor significantly and would do in one year what Scott couldn't do in two.

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  7. 5 minutes ago, runningblind said:

    I think the local guys know about as much as I do. Nada. 


    My tea leaves indicate that they know now, and are getting the stories ready for the weekend. 


    In all seriousness, I am willing to bet some now know and many will be filled in for their upcoming columns. A major leak will most likely drop tomorrow on who it is. 

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