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Found 5 results

  1. Question is straightforward. I'll start with mine: Michigan I despise everything about Michigan except for Denard Robinson (hard to root against him, he's humble with a million dollar smile). Perhaps it's the saying "We dislike most those who remind us of ourselves". And as much as I hate to say it, Michigan is a mirror image of us. College football blue-blood, top 5 overall in victories, heismans and NC's etc., the Rich Rodriguez and Bill Callahan situations are eerily similar (offensive wizards who were brought down by subpar Defenses), similar block M to our Block N logo (just a blue version) to name a few. But it goes deeper than that (1997 comes to mind). Their fans are arrogant. In my interactions with Michigan fans online and in-person I get the sense that they thumb their nose at our tradition and contributions to college football. It seems like every Michigan fan I spoke to in 2010 had no real excitement or concern about us joining in the big ten, basically revealing their thoughts that we would be a push-over in conference play. Virtually every Michigan fan thinks that they would (not could) have beat us in 2012 if Robinson/Gardner played qb against us, and that they would have scored a touchdown on that drive that Robinson got hurt. I really thought that OSU and Michigan would be Texas and OU respectively before we joined. However, I find it is the complete opposite. Every single OSU fan I talked to in 2010 was genuinely excited to have us in the conference, acknowledging room for multiple powerhouse programs. One of my buddies, who is a Michigan fan, after the Michigan 2011 game (after which they truly felt they were 'back') posted a facebook status: "I remember when a man named Bo Pelini said he had no interest in the Michigan job. No one in Michigan wanted you anyways and today we showed you why" and it really set me off. I feel like we will meet OSU in the CCG on a semi-consistent basis for years to come and that those games will be hard fought to contribute to a respectful rivalry a la OU towards the end (I realize NU and OU hated each others guts in the 60s-90s). But I think the right to represent the legends in the CCG will almost always be decided by NU and Michigan, and consistently having these stakes for our games will make our feelings towards the Maize and Blue get downright nasty like Texas. Refute some of my points if you feel differently
  2. So far after almost an entire half, Purdue leading 13-7 over Ohio State in Columbus. OSU only has 50 total yards rushing, and Braxton Miller has been held to 6 yards rushing on 5 carries and only 52 yards passing. Clearly, Purdue's defense decided to "execute" today, right Bo? Maybe Bo should be sending his assistants to Purdue University to learn how to stop a running qB?
  3. Hey there huskers. First let me congratulate you on breaking the Badger's Hearts. I'm sorry that your first game last year in Madison was horrible and that you had an bad time but most Badger fans can't handle winning.I was satisfied with the results. Moving on, let me say welcome to your first night game in Columbus. It figures to be quite the game with two of the big ten best going at it. Expect a hostile and loud crowd of passionate OSU fans but nothing compared to the hostility in Madison. I'm sure Ohio State fans will roll out the red carpet to you and your football team. That being said if you guys have any questions about Columbus, OSU football traditions, things to see and so forth let me know and I'll get back to you. I should be able to answer most of them seeing how I'm an alumnus. If your coming to the game, I highly recommend you go to Jeni's Ice cream which was rated #1 in the nation. Lastly, I run a blogger where I pretty much take sports predictions from fans of either teams and some non fans on team forums and ESPN to see who can guess the score. If its possible, state what you think the score of the game will be (you can homer out) and I'll take your predictions (i.e. Neb 35 OSU 23) from here and add them to my blogger. I use the data from the game and predictions to study sports betting among fans. After the game, I'll post the winners and how everyone did. Here is the link for the blogger I run http://buckeyelounge.blogspot.com/ . Lets hope for a good game with no injuries. Husker Power! Go Big Red Go Bucks
  4. Turns out, according to the BTN Stats Guy, that Taylor's 102 yards and Rex's 119 BIG yards were the first time the Buckeyes have allowed two 100-yard rushers in a game since 1988 in The Game vs. Michigan. Pretty cool.
  5. LINK Nebraska-OSU Game Re-Airs on BTN Tonight BTN will re-air Nebraska's 34-27 win against Ohio State at 8pm ET / 7pm CT tonight (Sunday). The game was voted as the Big Ten Game of the Week by BTN viewers. Every Sunday night, the network replays the weekend's best Big Ten game. Fans can vote each Saturday at www.btn.com/gameoftheweek. The Cornhuskers recovered from a 21-point deficit to record the biggest comeback in school history in their first Big Ten game at Memorial Stadium. Rex Burkhead rushed 26 times for 119 yards and a touchdown. Taylor Martinez ran for one touchdown and passed for two more.
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