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  1. +1. The "Nebraska ties" stuff reeks too much of Meechigan's whole "michigan man" stuff and everyone outside of that program seems to agree that it holds them back
  2. http://www.garnetandblackattack.com/2014/12/2/7320169/bo-pelini-an-option-at-carolina
  3. not that this is totally relevant, but this is one of my favorite LSUfreek gifs. he's made some pretty funny ones of Bo and Taylor Martinez also.
  4. I don't buy anything he says. I've been dry-heaving ever since I saw this
  5. this makes me sick to my stomach. If Eichorst hires Bielema he's Steve Pedersen 2.0
  6. I'll just leave this here http://mweb.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/24733986/antrel-rolle-prince-amukamaras-resurgence-due-to-having-sex?v=1&vc=3
  7. Well it appears that I just have impeccable timing. I'm the village idiot of Huskerboard
  8. who's crime was stupider, Banderas or Moss? pretty tough to decide

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Saint Boseph

      Saint Boseph

      Either way, it's a weird exercise to compare exposing one's self and theft in broad daylight, this early in the morning. Football season can't get here soon enough

    3. QMany


      What time were the Moss occurrences? Was he drinking?

    4. ZRod


      How about either of Fonzie's?

  9. I know this isn't the most humorous of situations but I laughed pretty hard at that comment. It's very accurate though, summed it up nicely in just four words
  10. I had such high hopes for that kid. His HS film is one of the most impressive I've seen out of all the recruiting classes in the Bo Pelini era.
  11. Florida Atlantic Owls - Win McNeese State Cowboys - Win Fresno State Bulldogs - Win Miami Hurricanes - Win Michigan State Spartans - Loss Illinois Fighting Illini - Win Northwestern Wildcats - Win Rutgers Scarlet Knights - Win Purdue Boilermakers - Win Wisconsin Badgers - Win Minnesota Golden Gophers - Win Iowa Hawkeyes - Win These are my predictions assuming no injuries. Our 2-deep is decisively better in every matchup except for MSU. And even then it is extremely close. But the home field advantage likely swings it in their favor. Wisconsin is being overhyped , I'm predict
  12. I was shaking my head harder and harder as I scrolled down. Thankfully someone righted the ship. Somebody delete this thread before a fan of another team sees it. We're making that stupid "N on the helmet stands for knowledge" joke too easy for them
  13. I gotta emphasize this since I see and hear so many Nebraska fans talking about a rivalry with Wisconsin. Wisconsin fans do not care about us or having a rivalry. And I don't blame them, they've taken us to the woodshed 2 out of 3 times, and almost made it a third. Us declaring them a rival or clamoring for a rivalry with them reeks too much of Colorado declaring us rivals back in the day. A buddy of mine who is from Madison and a raging badgers fan has a major superiority complex when we talk football. He was pretty surprised that alot of us think UW-NU is or could be a rivalry. He basica
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