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  1. i just found out the 2010 Kansas State game was on Bill Snyder's birthday.  Happy birthday, coach.



    1. knapplc


      Kansas State fans were singing happy birthday to him at the start of the game.


      Nebraska fans were singing happy birthday to him in the second half. :D

  2. I wonder if Warren's flaky handling of this season will put the entire conference in a hole on the recruiting side of things.  I just imagine coaches in other conferences are loving this easy ammo.  "You don't want to go to the Big Ten.  What if another flu bug comes through and you can't even play".

    1. TonyStalloni


      I'm quite sure the type of student athletes the Big Ten (fourteen) recruits wouldn't be persuaded by shallow and demeaning accusations from coaches from lesser conferences!  :sarcasm

    2. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Yes, it will be used against us in recruiting. What isn't used that way? And it has already caused players to choose greener pastures, so yeah to that one as well.

  3. RIP Billy Joe Shaver

    1. teachercd
    2. Xmas32


      I can't remember if someone posted up a RIP Jerry Jeff Walker so I'll add his name to the list too.  Fired up some London Homesick Blues yesterday.  Damn that's a good song.

    3. man eating mastodon

      man eating mastodon

      Billy Joe, John Prine ,Jerry Jeff and Justin Townes Earle all gone in a year. 2020 can straight f#&% off. Lots of time spent listening to these guys 

  4. I wasn't upset about that one so much (on the left) because in real time I thought I saw a hold too. So I felt potentially it was an honest mistake. Overall the officiating was atrocious and I'm always the guy who cringes about people whining about the refs. Not this time. It seemed intentional. Maybe worst I've seen since 2010 A&M.
  5. Frost being "satisfied" with a 2-score deficit going into halftime set the tone for the entire 2nd half. We were in it until Frost gave up. I just hope it doesn't set the tone for the rest of the season.
  6. In a sense, that game went how I expected. I figured it would be close throughout most of the first half and OSU would pull away late. But, it seemed like keeping it close early had more to do with Nebraska playing well than it did OSU playing poorly. So I'll take that as a positive and hope we build off of it. Still not seeing what the Chinander folks see in that guy. I think we're doomed to be mediocre at best until Frost hired a real DC.
  7. Oof that was a frustrating end to a good drive. At least we're still moving the ball and scoring points. Now if Chin wasn't completely useless...
  8. It's been over since Frost gave up on that last possession of the first half.
  9. Oh yes, it is absolutely idiotic game management and that's beyond question.
  10. No. Ohio State is too good to give them help with idiotic game management. With 1:10 on the clock and 2 timeouts there's zero excuses for not trying to score. The off chance of a turnover is not a good excuse.
  11. Not even trying to score before half??? Insanity.
  12. That was the first series I've caught. Nice drive. Offensive line is playing well.
  13. Frost seems to be giving McCaffrey an honest shot.  That, or he's a dirty liar.



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    2. Enhance


      @JJ Husker I agree with your take. Ultimately, I don't think Frost is full of crap, but I do think there's always a measure of coach speak associated with these kinds of things... trying to keep his guys focused by telling the media a certain thing or two.


      It's a win-win publicly if you're Frost. 

    3. Toe


      Coach speak, coach speak everywhere.

    4. admo


      Mostly coach speak, but I do think Frost is proud that both are competing and practicing at a high level.  How well QB1 plays under the lights will eventually speak for itself.  Play real well, keep it rolling.  Under perform often, make a change.  It's a great situation to have.  I like them both.

  14. Oh they absolutely would have. Trump did exactly what you should do if you're debating a dementia patient. Biden has enough trouble as it is keeping his train of though when speaking by himself, reading off a teleprompter.
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