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  1. Caught a little on cable. Patrick Dempsey is a real dreamboat.
  2. I've never been a germaphobe, but this is my life now.
  3. I guess one silver lining is we'll be able to identify and weed out a lot of unnecessary regulations.
  4. That makes some sense. They're probably less liable to brush off a major outbreak as "no big deal". Every article I've read the last few days has been about the concern of health experts with their already strained healthcare system.
  5. The last few days I've just been dreading what this is going to look like when it explodes in Africa. Now I know what @knapplc felt like when idiots like me wouldn't listen.
  6. I'm something of a Facebook Scholar myself.
  7. I loved when Ron Kellogg III threw that hail mary and as the camera focused in on his big majestic gut the announcer said, "he'll never have to pay for a cheeseburger in Lincoln ever again".
  8. I've even taken to washing my face 2-3 times a day. My wife is going to be pissed when she finds out I've used all her moisturizer. But my skin will be that of an angel's.
  9. Haha this popped into a recommended a little while ago. My face has been itchy as hell ever since.
  10. I think I got coronavirus just watching that.
  11. At this point I'm just assuming there won't be a season, that way I'll be pleasantly surprised if there is. If this new era of Husker athletics has tought us anything so far, it's tought us how to lower our expectations.
  12. How many squares of TP do you use per wipe?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. HUSKERherc


      I'm so flush (haha) with TP, I don't even count.

    3. BigRedN


      2 for me ... I'm now getting it done in 1!

    4. Enhance


      I just pull on the roll and eye ball it, but if I had to guess, it'd be somewhere between a 6-10 squares per wipe?

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