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  1. Just don't pretend they remotely justify the results of last season and this. Seems like a lot of people are doing that and it's outrageously ridiculous.
  2. It seems like people have actually convinced themselves that Frost hasn't underperformed at all his first 2 years.
  3. I'm engaged and willing to give Frost the benefit of the doubt for now. The offensive woes this year were totally unexpected but may well be an anomaly. Far beyond the end of my patience with Chinander. That thing isn't working and there isn't any good evidence it ever will.
  4. These 8 balls of cocaine should be illegal.

    1. JJ Husker
    2. funhusker


      If it is anywhere close to as good as Jalapeno Kettle Chips and Dotz, I'm in!!!!

    3. The Dude

      The Dude

      Probably more addictive than the kettle chips, but less addictive than the Dots.

  5. It would be a signature win and would greatly increase the likelihood of making a bowl game. As it stands Frost's signature win is a 5-point loss to Ohio State.
  6. I agree the offense deserves a lot of the blame this year, which they are certainly getting. That isn't a good defense of Chinander, though, in my opinion. When he not riding the coattails of a great offense, he's clearly exposed for what he is. Now, for Frost, I don't think there's much doubt he is capable of fielding a great offense, given his great track record. Slumps happen. Chinander doesn't have a great, or even good track record to inspire much confidence going forward.
  7. Against 3 teams we walk all over on the recruiting front. Yeesh. Pretty much everyone who payed attention to Frost at UCF knew we'd be in this position now if he brought Chinander along. Extremely frustrating because I do agree with the belief that we need some continuity in the coaching staff, but Chin was clearly never the answer. Quite the sticky wicket.
  8. Yep! Haha. Those two guys got massive amounts of s#!t on this board. Now they're basically former All-Americans.
  9. At least we were competitive against Purdue this year.
  10. I keep thinking back to week 1 when the TV announcers said Verduzco said he completely overhauled Martinez's passing mechanics in the offseason. If there was ever a QB coming out of high school that didn't need his mechanics tinkered with it was Martinez. I know we're supposed to love Verduzco because he's a wacky character, but he might be the reason Martinez is wildly inaccurate now.
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