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  1. The Dude

    R Burkhead

    NFL's Facebook page post these graphics a lot, but I don't know if I've ever seen one for a kicker before.
  2. New found respect for Miley Cyrus.
  3. The Dude

    M. McConaughey appears to now run the Texas Bball program.

    I imagine having lunch with Matthew McConaughey would be exactly like his scene in The Wolf of Wall Street.
  4. The Dude

    Going Gluten Free, need help

    Steak & taters.
  5. The Dude

    The Running Back Room

    Hopefully Washington is ready to take on a heavier workload this season.
  6. I have no opinion about this.
  7. The Dude

    Huskers in 2019....

    I'm not buying them at all. They won't hit 7 wins this season. Maybe 6, but also maybe not.
  8. The Dude

    2018 NFL Playoffs

    I think there's a better argument that he was maybe out of bounds on that catch where the cop/security guard kicked him. I didn't really see any push off on the Hail Mary.
  9. The Dude

    Which Schools are "Blue Blood" Programs?

    I thought the top 8 for sure with Peen State and maybe Florida/FSU on the borderline. Maybe not very surprising that's sort of the consensus, but for some reason I was surprised. The Florida schools seem to water each other down.
  10. The Dude

    How do you define retirement?

    The only type of party that isn't awkward is when you're getting s#!tfaced with your friends.
  11. The Dude

    The Libertarian Nook

    I'm mostly libertarian in my beliefs, but like any ideology it has it's shortcomings and nonsense, especially at the extreme end.
  12. I meant to post this thought yesterday morning but got sidetracked: that was a fun weekend of football.

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    2. The Dude

      The Dude

      The NFL playoffs are incredibly interesting this year.

    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      @Redux The Bama v Clemson game was awesome unless you needed Bama for a pickem pool. ;) FIFY

    4. Redux


      Well luckily it looks like the 4 people vying for the top spot all must have had Bama, may end up with it anyways or at least 2nd.

  13. What a cruel universe where kickers can determine the outcome of football games.

  14. Happy wild card weekend.