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  1. The Dude

    NFL 2019

  2. The Dolphins are not very good at playing football.

    1. ZRod


      I hear that Thomas Brady guys is a real slouch too. No other teams have even looked at him for a trade.

  3. The Dude

    What did we Learn? (The NIU Huskies Edition)

    The offense, starting with Martinez, needs to be more consistent. They've shown flashes of what they're capable of and the ceiling is high. You had all offseason to work out the kinks. It's time to grow up. The defense can hold their own when they play hard and they showed last night they can play hard for a full game. I'm resigned to the fact there's not much we can do about the kicking game until we get our kicker back. It was nice to see the 2nd team offense not only play, but actually drive and put it in the endzone. It was nice to see the 2nd team defense not only play, but keep the other team out of the endzone. Overall the game was a step in the right direction. I suspect we'll clobber Illinois. This team needs all the confidence it can get when Ohio State comes to town.
  4. Might as well go for 2.
  5. Looked like a TD to me.
  6. Speechless by that play call.
  7. Walk-in TD for #11 if he snagged that blocked punt. Weirdest special teams game ever.
  8. Martinez just looks sooo much slower with the added weight.
  9. 3rd & 10 - QB Draw that never works. Why??? !
  10. Just give NIU's punter the game ball already.
  11. Anyone else call out that QB Draw before the snap?