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  1. It's the only thing he's great at, yes. And he is great at it. There's no taking that away from him. He's a huge percentage of the offense, indeed. That might, in part, explain our crappy offense.
  2. AM is still missing his receivers high. Still not going through his progressions to see WIDE OPEN receivers. Still fumbling virtually every game. Still making the bone-headed plays in critical situations to lose us games. Great scrambler, for sure. But he's always had that. That's not improvement. I'm pretty sure you're not watching the games at all if you think the offensive line is "much, much better". Go back and watch some Ozigbo highlights if you honestly think our blocking is better now than it was 4 years ago. Stop being dramatic with the "Frost took over the Kansas of the Big 10" revisionist history. One 4-8 season with the worst QB and worst defensive coordinator in school history doesn't make us Kansas. Having a losing record year after year, like Frost has done, makes us Kansas. If we were truly improved we'd have a winning record. At minimum we'd have a winning record against teams we out-recruit. As it sits this year we're 2-2 against teams we out-recruit. That's preposterous in year 4. I've never supported firing Frost, and I still don't think I support that, I want to see the season play out. I just have a low tolerance for bulls#!t.
  3. I thought I was being slick joining the golf team one year. I ran more in golf practice than I did in basketball practice.
  4. My 9-year-old loves Morrill Hall. And it's spittin' distance from the stadium. Not sure if it's open on game days with covid and all that, but you would need to order tickets beforehand.
  5. I was critical of Frost early on in his tenure for running clock to get to the next period when we had plenty of time to try to go get points on the board. Guess what he did last night? Precisely that. It was an idiotic strategy that didn't work out 4 years ago and it's still an idiot strategy that doesn't work out. If you think you see an improvement it's because the defense has improved. Credit to Chinander there, not so much Frost.
  6. I thought special teams coordinators were a huge waste of money and resourses because they don't do much in practice and take away from having like 2 linebacker coaches or something.
  7. To be fair, the defense kept us in the game. I hope they bully him ruthlessly every time he loses us a game.
  8. Frost needs 5 years so he can say he won as many games as Mike Riley.
  9. And Adrian still made the bad read and made the bad throw.l to literally lose the game for his team.
  10. He literally threw the game losing pick. Get out of here with this horses#!t.
  11. I can't believe Frost still thinks Martinez can win a game throwing the ball. He sucks a$$ and Frost sucks a$$ for encouraging him.
  12. For a minute I forgot Frost coaches this motherf#&%er.
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