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  1. Is there a decent art museum in Lincoln?

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    2. The Dude

      The Dude

      @JJ Husker it's all relative.   I don't expect world class. 

    3. GSG


      Doesn't Lincoln have a telephone museum?

    4. knapplc


      The Burkholder Project at 7th & P is worth visiting. 

  2. Yeah, yeah. We hear this crap every time a good player leaves. Hasn't exactly worked out well. If we want a good team at some point we're just going to have to keep some good players around a while.
  3. Not sure I have any faith left in Frost. I don't know if there's any room left for this thing to unravel any further.
  4. Apparently Jordan Burroughs is/was on Joe Rogan.  I don't know how it works with Spotify.

    1. MLB 51
    2. Xmas32


      This will be terrific exposure for JB, wrestling, everything!

  5. The problem for me is the "improvement" coincided with playing really bad offenses the last 4 games, and it feels like I've seen that movie before. I'd like to see how Chinander's "improved" defense does against an offense with a pulse before anointing him. He does have a long track record of being incompetent, afterall.
  6. Based on their performance against the 104th best offense in the nation?
  7. I completely forgot Nebraska was playing last night. When I found out I missed it I wasn't even disappointed. That's new.
  8. Because double standards. The question isn't whether or not the majority of Husker fans would be satisfied if Frost had the same success as Fitzgerald. The question would be how many statues would we erect?
  9. We probably don't have the talent to compete for a national title or anything like that. We have far too much talent to excuse a 2-win season.
  10. We actually appear to have a fair amount of individual talent on the defensive side of the ball. It's just going to waste because Chinander is incompetent. Or maybe it's just talent relative to garbage teams like Minnesota.
  11. I don't want Frost to get canned. Not after this season, anyway. I want him to figure it out. Give him another year. If the ship isn't noticeably turning in the right direction by midseason next year it will be abundantly obvious to virtually everyone it's time to make a change.
  12. No, but it has been nice seeing him utilized a bit more the last couple games. I was wondering where he was all season.
  13. Blowouts are down! We're getting better at losing. Maybe that's part of the process.
  14. If being ranked 84th in defense is good enough for you maybe you need to stop having opinions
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