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  1. Has Shaq publicly apologized to Jokic for that god awful interview yet?
  2. Remember those Nerf bow and arrows? I threw an absolute tantrum when my parents didn't get me one at Walmart when I was like 10. I still cringe thinking about it. They ended up getting me one later. It was alright.
  3. I forget who posted it, but I read maybe my favorite joke ever on this message board. "I like my coffee like I like my ladies; hot and all over my crotch when I'm driving".
  4. The Dude

    NFL 2024

    Any bets on when tackling is fully outlawed?
  5. Whoop the s#!t out of Texas A&M.
  6. The Board of Regents look like a bunch of nerds.
  7. Rhule to A&M would be a perfect fit. Rhule loves money and coaching football in Texas. The timing is all wrong though.
  8. Wonder if he'll be welcomed to UNK went he gets s#!tcanned by A&M. You have to think he wants to complete the hat trick of screwing over Nebraska Universities.
  9. Out of all the theories so far, this one requires the fewest assumptions.
  10. Which begs the question, what does a University president actually do?
  11. Well-deserved. Early in the season it was looking like this might be Hoiberg's final season with the Huskers. Quite an amazing turnaround.
  12. I'm going to hold off on overreacting until it's official.
  13. Nash's dad could definitely beat up your dad.
  14. Yeah the same thought occurred to me, "can't believe we lost to these guys".
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