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  1. I was told the drop-off at Baylor was due to only having 45 scholarship players, which is fair enough, and isn't remotely similar to what he's dealing with here. Doing slightly better than the worst coach in school history isn't an unreasonable expectation.
  2. I don't agree that it would be ideal or signify that anything has been fixed. It should just be the minimum if the right hire was made. I would hope that being slightly better than Frost (and Fickel and Sanders for that matter) isn't too much to ask.
  3. If Rhule was the right hire we should be talking about how we're going to beat Colorado and Wisconsin on the way to a bowl game next year.
  4. I put it about 3 years as well. He knows how to bring in talent and he knows how to manage it.
  5. I don't think he’s going to make it on the new staff, you guys.
  6. Half squats instead of quarter squats?
  7. Never heard of him. Checked the Twitter. He thinks he plays for the Huskies.
  8. Fair enough. This is a fullback thread after all!
  9. He said interviewed before "correcting" himself. I think that means interviewed. I also think it's a good thing to interview a lot of candidates. I just doubt he had 13 guys he felt were better than Fickell.
  10. Trev slipped up and said he interviewed (talked to! talked to!) 13 coaches. I'd love to hear the reasoning if Fickell wasn't one of them. Maybe he lazily shrugged and thought, "he'll never leave Ohio".
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