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  1. Sims goofed up on the one snap he was given. Nothing more needs to be seen. Rhule would (still) be crazy to go with Sims. Haarberg has earned the starting position fair and square. I don't think we'll beat Michigan no matter who starts at QB. With Haarberg there's at least a slight chance we won't get boatraced. I think our defense actually matches up well against Michigan's offense.
  2. Yeah it can be kind of tricky to get pressure against those air raid offenses sometimes. I bet we sack the Michigan QB at least once or twice even though they don't pass much and have a much better offensive line than LA Tech.
  3. We're going to need another I-back. We can say I-back again.
  4. I'll take 14 points awful over 45 points awful. There's no question the program is in much better hands than it ever was under Frost.
  5. I think I agree with every word. I was subjected to Kiss for basically the same reason. Aggressively bad music. I don't mind the gimmick though. Detroit Rock City was a fun movie. I haven't hear the old Def Leppard but I've heard the same opinion a hundred times so I believe it. Got The Time was always my favorite older Anthrax song. I mostly like the stuff they did with the Armored Saint singer.
  6. I love how pumped everyone gets about the one-armed drummer. It's cool he's a one-armed drummer and all, but he's not that good at it. Like, most decent drummers can play with one hand better than that. And they don't get near the practice.
  7. I always filed Def Leppard away with all the other crappy hair metal acts of the time.
  8. Haarberg should be the unambiguous starter since he earned it. That's not to say Sims couldn't earn it back, but don't you have to go with the guy who earned it?
  9. That's horrible news. Just when I was starting to feel a bit of optimism about the running game. This offense just cannot catch a break. I would withold judgment on Satterfield this season. It's going to be bad, and it's not all his fault. Emmett "Mr. Football" Johnson, come on down.
  10. Considering this time last year we were being beat by teams like Northwestern and freaking Georgia Southern and going life and death with North Dakota, it's insane people are taking a dominant victory over any team for granted. Let alone one that upset Boston College.
  11. Sims turnover problem has nothing to do with the level of competition. He quite literally cannot be trusted to take shotgun snaps. The guy is a complete liability. Sims was far from being the cemented starter after the Colorado game. He's even farther now.
  12. Depends on what's meant by talent. Doesn't matter if you have athletic talent for days if you don't have the skillset to manage a football game at a 7th grade level. Haarberg easily gives this football team the best chance to win, it shouldn't even be a difficult decision for Rhule. The good news is Sims can now focus on a few packages just for him instead of trying to command the entire offense, which is far beyond his ability level.
  13. How ya gonna give up a 2 point conversion in garbage time? There in found something to complain about.
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