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  1. The seatbacks in the cheap seats on the East side are brilliant. I was skeptical when I first saw them, but it made a big difference. Stadium seats would be ideal. Nah, those recliners like at the movie theaters.
  2. That was the show that made me break down and sign up for Netflix streaming back in the day. I loved it from the first episode. I know a few people who couldn't really get into it though. There's no accounting for taste.
  3. To be fair it probably has more to do with reducing the capacity to keep the sellout streak on life support.
  4. What should you do when someone has a gun and is telling you to get off their property? a.) Stay on their property. b.) Dare them to "do it" with a threatening posture. c.) Try to disarm them like you're in a Steven Seagal movie. d.) All of the above
  5. Did you just reply to yourself? Real meeting of the mind.
  6. I'd guess your guess is probably wrong. I doubt it's higher than 15%. Again, not that it's more important than actual ability. It's football, not bodybuilding.
  7. It's not the first time I woke up the whole house in the middle of the night by howling in laughter, but it's the most recent time. Poor Adrian. He's a good man.
  8. I dunno, he's pretty cut. At some point it would become a detriment more than anything. I think he's about right where he needs to be. Especially if he's in good enough shape for 7 yards a carry. Let the other backs worry about getting into that kind of shape, and until then give Yant the ball more without all the lame excuses.
  9. Yet he was the only runningback anywhere close to 7 yards a carry. I think ability is more important than what the scale says. And when you're a 250 lb man 10-15 lbs is negligible. That dude could take a healthy dump and lose 10 lbs.
  10. So funny to me, dorks on the internet who probably get winded picking up something they dropped accusing a guy who looks like that of being out of shape.
  11. Trev taking away his offensive coordinator duties is a pretty big clue. You act as if he had any choice in the matter.
  12. Jojo was a nice player, but let's not get carried away here. If he had like 70 or 80 more tackles this year it would be a fair comparison.
  13. He sold Frost on his ability to bring in 'croots who can do the splits.
  14. Basically. Having a CEO head coach is fine as long as he's a monster recruiter. Since Frost isn't that I don't really see the point of dragging him along. Joseph is a much better fit in that role imo.
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