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  1. I used to think it was a rivalry but now I'm not sure Nebraska is competitive enough for it to be a rivalry.
  2. Stop sullying the good name of Tom Osborne by comparing him to Frost. This agression will not stand, man.
  3. I was holding out some hope the offensive line would show a bit of improvement. But it's going to be bad again, isn't it? It's really one of the position groups I though would flourish under Frost. Still hard to believe how bad it's gotten.
  4. The team culture under Frost has just been splendid, hasn't it? Imagine our record if we weren't cheating.
  5. Butter's butter. Stop pretending you can detect notes of whatever just because you were duped into buy the expensive butter.
  6. I never would have noticed if you wouldn't have pointed it out. Thanks for ruining my entire day.
  7. If we can get the ball through the goal posts and not turn it over as much we'll at least win 6-8 games. It's not like the offensive linemen were the only ones holding us back the last 4 years. That being said, I do agree with the consensus they're the biggest question mark going into the season. They'll probably be the weakest link in the chain. I disagree with the view that strengthening other parts of the chain won't make any difference at all.
  8. Could be, we'll see how many people write in defensive line. Personally I really like having Nelson and Mathis on the edges. Could end up being a strong point on the roster. The inside is more of a question mark. Drew and Wynn help alleviate my concerns there a bit. I'd at least give Wynn the credit of being an Alabama backup. Which is quite a bit different than your run-of-the-mill P5 backup.
  9. I think the defense is going to be better than people are saying. Presumably the kicking game has been resolved, but perhaps we shouldn't presume that. I feel good about the QB situation. My biggest concern is the offensive line. I still have questions there.
  10. He's gotta be making six figures here, right? If not he will be. It's not the same gamble it used to be thanks to that sweet, sweet NIL moneh. He's one guy who could be persuaded to stay imo.
  11. There was at least an attempt to improve this offseason.
  12. Kansas State's QB had only 4 picks last season. If Adrian can do that or at least have a similar TD/INT ratio it'll be the best season of his career by far.
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