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  1. Copeland’s reaction/enthusiasm is priceless
  2. These refs are straight up going to make TV Teddy jealous
  3. Ok the foul on Borchardt is completely asinine
  4. Would like to see a little zone. Seton Hall isn’t lighting it up in any form of a jumper and it’s not like they are stopping guys from getting it into the paint off the dribble. Giving too much ground instead of stopping the drive
  5. Boy is Michigan putting a beating on Nova on the hardwood

  6. Obviously a much better test for the team, but I don’t think a lot of bigger questions are strongly answered tonight. NU wins by a number in the teens
  7. Grew up in Crawford CDog has got to be from Western NE(panhandle) as opposed to Western, NE(the town) Amazing what a comma can do
  8. It’s more of a know your neighbors/they know you for me. Growing up everyone in my small town(pop 1100) knew me and my friends and could/would help you out and look out for you/others. here, in Lincoln I know maybe three families in my neighborhood that know my boys and where they live. My boys go out playing and I’m checking on them every 15 minutes it seems
  9. Now I’m confused. CDog are you from Western, NE or Western NE(you know the panhandle)
  10. Been trying to figure this one out. Thinking your an an alum of either Gordon, Kimball, or Ainsworth. And that is from a guy who draws the line for western Nebraska as only the panhandle
  11. And the power of the beard
  12. Fitz all the way, GO CATS Of course now a days, Fleck is probably bringing an oar to the fight and Ferentz probably drags all his boys from the crowd
  13. i Love when a good donnybrook breaks out in a football game.  Stay classy Baylor and Condiment State

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    2. Red Five

      Red Five

      Taking a swing at a guy wearing a football helmet while a ref is separating you. generally a bad idea

    3. Red Five
    4. Waldo


      I liked the red throwing the penalty flag at the end