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  1. PaulCrewe

    Terence Crawford

    Best thing that occurred last night was after the fight Bud didn’t mention the two names people stupidly had been throwing out recently for him to fight. No mention of Manny or Floyd. Floyd isn’t a moron and going to come out of his undefeated retirement to face(well attempt to dance around) a guy in his prime that would beat him. Manny is still fighting, but that fight does jack for Bud except probably fatten his bank account. Calling for Spence is what boxing wanted to hear. Abrum calling for fans to boycott watching any PBC fights until it happens wasn’t probably the best move to smooth over current relations with him and PBC promoters but needed to be said. Spence and maybe Shawn Porter/Danny Garcia are the only challenges good fights for Crawford in this class. He’d destroy Nate Thurmond(who has a belt) but Nate is coming back from a very long injury layoff and wants nothing to do with the big dogs(Bud, Spence, Porter) for a long while. Cant wait for Bud’s next sparring session that probably happens end of September/October
  2. PaulCrewe

    Terence Crawford

    Crawford has outclassed Khan after figuring him out early in the first round. Khan’s corner was looking to quit after the 3rd round. Crawford did hit him square in the nuts though. But almost seems like that was the excuse Khan’s corner was looking for to stop the fight
  3. Crawford by 6th round TKO.  Punched Khan in the junk and Khan’s corner threw in the towel

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    2. PaulCrewe


      Of course he/his corner was looking for an out.  It started in the third round.  Khan is getting five mill for this joke and looking forward to a bout with Kell Brook back home in England to settle who is their greatest failure.  

    3. The Dude

      The Dude

      Khan can no longer claim he's never been outboxed, that's for sure.

    4. man eating mastodon

      man eating mastodon

      his nuts are that far up his leg?

  4. PaulCrewe

    OT Turner Corcoran [Nebraska Commit]

    Gave Frost the news at the Watering Hole Friday night as Scott was leaving for an event. Held was kept out of the loop until just before the game.
  5. PaulCrewe

    Inside Backer Depth

    You mean some people actually read that thread???? However, this brings a really interesting depth issue now. You’re looking at three scholly inside guys heading into fall. Honas hasn’t practiced this Spring either. Lot of reps for who the heck is that on Saturday
  6. PaulCrewe

    Inside Backer Depth

    Really surprised it hasn’t been posted yet. Local Freshman looking at good chance of playing a lot goes down with shoulder injury. Long time line recovery wise. Yes it is Henrich Hannah! Hannah! Hannah!
  7. PaulCrewe

    LB Nick Henrich [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    Ruh Roo Raggy Shoulder.
  8. PaulCrewe

    2019 NCAA Tournament Contest

    Worst I’ve ever done in this thing. I do understand everyone has the chance to pick one of the teams, but we may need to look into tweeting something involving the play in teams
  9. PaulCrewe

    Hoiberg Assistants

    Correct. Was gonna be Scout/prep, not one of the three assistants. Also wouldn’t recruit. Kinda like what Miles did to Chin when hired.
  10. PaulCrewe

    Thomas Allen transferring?

    From what I heard even Hunter wouldn’t have mattered
  11. PaulCrewe

    WR Zavier Betts [Nebraska Commit]

    Still a good chunk to make up on the academic side but taking his commitment means the staff feels very good on his progress. And again for those that continue to ask, academics have slowed bigger schools from offering. Should he make it here, Betts>Watts
  12. PaulCrewe

    Thomas Allen transferring?

    Again this decision was probably made before the year ended and was gonna happen regardless of who was going to be the coach next year. And adds up to some grumblings I heard throughout the year. Also Green isn’t that sure of a thing still. There is a school out west that could very much be in play. And he absolutely chose NU for Miles
  13. PaulCrewe

    Thomas Allen transferring?

    This is the biggest reason. Said in another thread even if Fred was hired I’d see Allen heading back to the east coast. Sucks because he was the best pure, natural shooter coming back. He, like Roby took a backseat too often to the Palmer/Watson brick-a-thon. Also a very good defender. But these kids have to do what they feel is best for them, and I think the distance was a factor far more than who the coach is with Tom.