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  1. Both probably would have played this fall. Newsome more on ST but had been catching the coaches eyes. I think Nixon would have contributed a good amount. His versatility would’ve put him ahead of Fleming and Brown easily and honestly believe he’d be the biggest new WR contributor not named Manning
  2. Boy a twitter translating app would be glorious
  3. Newsome was non football and Nixon was hurt a couple weeks ago
  4. Hey I’m the only one who gets to rip on Decked. It’s like the father son bond he never had
  5. Keep that Miami Northwestern HS pipeline flowing please
  6. Watching the 1993 Orange Bowl on NBCSports and William Floyd loses that ball a whole lot further from the goal line then I recall.  Oh and this is a great refresher on how you used to be able to play defense

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    2. PaulCrewe


      Bowden would have been crucified for not running the clock down before the kick had Byron not duck shanked it

    3. Mavric


      I've long said it's crazy how much the end of the Texas game mirrored the end of this game.  Score to go ahead.  Kickoff out of bounds.  Personal Foul penalty on our defense to help them out.  One second back on the clock.  FG at the end.


      We got a horse collar call against Texas but basically the same thing.

    4. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      I had forgotten how messed up the ending to that game was.


      It was a huge heartbreaker back in the day, that is for sure. But I enjoyed watching it again last night. That Charlie Ward commentary tho....woof. Could they have found anyone with less interest and nothing of value to add?

  7. I’m in the same “boat” as Decoy. Yes it hurts being he’s an in state kid, but honestly meh. Kids got combine numbers and what not, but on the field there is some to be desired. Also as has been mentioned on repeat, it’s early. If it was only Nebraska he chose the Gophs over, whatever, but OSU, PSU and many more big hitters.....hmm.... And also, as has been mentioned a Gator offer pretty much makes everything moot. Yes, I’d love for him to be a Husker, wouldn’t lose a wink of sleep if he isn’t though.
  8. Like I said he should do well at the likes of South Alabama
  9. He should have a good senior season at some mid major school
  10. Banks should of scored on the pick and roll with Vedral. His five allotted fouls would have been useful
  11. NO way what so ever would this change the outcome, but c’mon refs. Indiana doesn’t need help to cover against this motley crew. That sequence leading to across getting his 4th to the charge on Cheatham was god awful
  12. So Forrest Gump can come out clean after banging HIV positive Jennie, but can’t escape the Corona virus

    1. teachercd



      What a f#&%ing whore!

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