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  1. Since he calls his defense "The Mob", are the blackshirts gonna have to play by "Mob Rhules"
  2. This is the offensive night to be expected against a more in your face defensive team. Crayton comes no where near the on and off ball pressure like tonight. Unfortunately so many teams in conference play this way. And Saturday, they'll see the best rim eraser in college to add an aggressive pressure defense. They had moments tonight, but Breidenbach deciding he needed to shoot twice down the floor leading to this big run was the end
  3. Game does not feel like an 9 point game. Keep scrapping
  4. Walker cannot attack the rim the same tonight. Jackson-Davis is a FAR better more athletic big. Stuffed him twice already
  5. Big back court problems now without Sam. Better pray for ridiculous outside shooting from Wilcher and Tominga and everyone else. Walker will end up in foul trouble so fast being at a B1G blue bloods home gym. So I'd lay the points
  6. Never said other schools couldn't there. But exactly how many other colleges make their living recruiting said athletes???? Utah and BYU being Mormon based schools give them a huge leg up in this aspect. The point being, in the discussion that was going on and my point being, was that their development success is helped by dealing with older/more mature athletes.
  7. At Ohio State and at Wisconsin to end last year were pretty impressive, but I think with this team and as I said before against one of Greg's supposed best teams....yes it is
  8. One of Greg's supposed best teams gets taken down at home by a squad, let's face it, was probably one of the least expected to finally win in Omaha. Love it Dog fight and continued to attack the rim in the second half for the most part. Let this vibe continue a couple of times in conference play please.a
  9. Free throws Atta boy Sam f#&% YEAH
  10. The good ol try to inbound vs a press that has been a Husker krytonite for ever Walker TAKES THE CHARGE
  11. The continued attack the rim approach is paying off in this rock fight that a lot of us fans have begged to see for a long time
  12. Again your in position, you make the call of NU ball. Confer with an out of position official, blocked by players, and come up with a jump ball call????? I am not huge on bagging on the officials in games, football or bball, but when continued ineptness is shown.....fair game
  13. Again it's the smallest contact vs getting hip checked and slapped by three guys hard contact being called GREAT FINISH SAM
  14. These officials just proved their clown level on that scrum and letting Greg prance 15 feet onto the floor ranting and raving
  15. Bridenbach is a joke on offense. Well defensively he is a joke as well.
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