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  1. I will be content if Stevenson and Yvan's only contribution tonight is issuing throat punches to Fran, his stupid looking kid, Garza and JBlow. And please whomever JBlow is shadowing, in what he pretends to call defense, take him to the rim every possession if need be. Iowa opponents have not exploited that moron near enough.
  2. This is great, but I'd given my left nut for this kind of performance on Thursday
  3. The Rutgers dude in the face mask is getting abused by whomever he's guarding
  4. Cmon seaofred, fix that title to make this the OFFICIAL game thread. I ain't moving
  5. This 1sr half performance is better than most games the last three years. Look like a team that has not been through a gauntlet of an NBA schedule on both ends of the floor. And obviously Latty Buckets is the new name to go with
  6. I mean Chritian Stanhardinger is still getting paid to play ball in the Philippines.
  7. Too much dumb to overcome. Figured the Teddy Buckets monster game would come in a blowout loss on a s#!t ton of shots, but he played a pretty productive/efficient game tonight.
  8. You see all these guys make some freakish athletic plays and you dream of the potential. Then their freakish mental tenacity takes over the other 95% of the game and reality tells you nevermind.
  9. Dumbest team ever. So many WTF moments a game. Fred's heart issues have to be creeping back with this team
  10. Is there a more mentally challenged team in America. I mean something is not right. Perhaps most of them have the ability to just turn the old thinker off during games
  11. The mind boggling strategy of sagging so far off a team that lives by the 3 is really working great.
  12. Delano is turning it over at an impressive rate. I mean NU QB's are even impressed
  13. I bet PSU knocks down more treys at a better percentage than the first go around. Always seems visiting teams come into Pinnacle and shoot like they own the place
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