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  1. PaulCrewe

    OT Teddy Prochazka

    With Nash and Turner in his ear all night
  2. PaulCrewe

    Offensive Play

    Will say the biggest thing is the line for the most part have been competent in their pass pro. There have been times when Adrian has had all day to throw(think 1st half Colorado). They struggle with stunts time to time but have been decent these first 3 games. Now their run blocking of yet........ lots of whiffs and straight up getting owned at the LOS
  3. PaulCrewe

    Post-NIU Injury Report

    He also said he hopes the kickers will be a full go soon as well, take that as hope Pickering is close to returning
  4. PaulCrewe

    What did we Learn? (The NIU Huskies Edition)

    As crappy as they blocked, the OLine had NO false starts and DIDN’T get caught holding tonight
  5. It won’t happen, but it should be a legit open competition on the entire(guessing Jameis is a fairly significant injury) OLine this week. Mix and match groups all week. No reasoning for the same main guys getting all the top reps this week
  6. Now I would not be surprised to see Mac
  7. We could only dream. Would love to see those guys mixed in earlier
  8. Even more hilarious when considering the entire second OLine is in and handled the calls
  9. Benhart sighting. He and Rairdon pushed that end into the end zone right ahead of Noah
  10. Easy to say that until fans see Logan Smoothers
  11. Hate it comes because of an injury but this could be a bit of a blessing in a way mixing up the OLine. Still would love to see a guard oh f#&% never mind it is what has been their BEST olineman thats hurt
  12. Not before Vedral who this staff has said IS the backup. He needs reps just as bad and he’d get the nod if Adrian would happen to get hurt, and with this line play.......