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  1. Christina Mauser a private school b-ball coach also aboard per her husband Matt Mauser singer for the band the Tijuana Dogs
  2. His 13 year old daughter GiGi is being confirmed by sources as being on board. On their way to/from practice at Kobe’s Mamba Academy
  3. Give Cav a break it was All You Can Eat Riblets at Golden Corral
  4. Would finally be able to execute a screen pass for positive yards again
  5. Not a volcano, it must be this mysterious dredge thingy
  6. Crewe This is needed as a place for the stellar “inside info” that has been flung at the walls of many forums lately
  7. And now we’ll never know
  8. Probably cause it’s been a couple years since the board last had true, reliable posters that shared info.
  9. LSU gonna have to show some kind of running game between the tackles against this 3-1-7 Defense Clemson is running.  

  10. Almost a slight disappointment after a good half. Chances to really open it up especially early. You knew Fran would get a T at some point if he didn’t like how the game was being called, surprised he used it early. Garza getting going thereat the end of the half is exactly what you’ll see to start the second, so have to defend him without cheap fouls. Make the FTs and fight like hell on the glass and it could be a good night
  11. Even short handed, I think all those poor souls on Iowa’s roster finally can say they finally won in Lincoln after tonight.
  12. Sounds like Iowa will have only 6-8 scholarship players available tonight because of injury and sickness. They are sort of freaking out on their Rivals board. At least I won’t have to watch Bohannon’s stupid mug all night.
  13. Herm Edwards says come on down. Seriously there is a lot to be desired upstairs with Mo. He gets that squared away and the potential for him is huge. However, I personally don’t see it happening. This is a class move to let him finish the semester, but he’d never would have seen the field again on my team after he quit on HIS team
  14. I’d put Vokolek numero uno on the TE depth chart right now
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