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  1. They’ve aired all three of NU’s recent nation title games like in the last month
  2. Ask Mike Tyson about people and their “plans”
  3. Presidents cancel a season in which pretty solid testing procedures are in place, but gladly will welcome how many students to their campuses, living in dorms, eating in the cafeteria, attending classes etc based on what an honors system
  4. Iowa high schools will play 5-7 regular season games and all teams will make the playoffs this fall.
  5. I’ll agree with this, with caveat of no way whatsoever he ends up here
  6. I’d start this guy over Bootle in a heartbeat
  7. It isn’t. But that probably would have been a fun meeting with Frost after putting him on blast on Twitter last month
  8. Both probably would have played this fall. Newsome more on ST but had been catching the coaches eyes. I think Nixon would have contributed a good amount. His versatility would’ve put him ahead of Fleming and Brown easily and honestly believe he’d be the biggest new WR contributor not named Manning
  9. Boy a twitter translating app would be glorious
  10. Newsome was non football and Nixon was hurt a couple weeks ago
  11. Hey I’m the only one who gets to rip on Decked. It’s like the father son bond he never had
  12. Keep that Miami Northwestern HS pipeline flowing please
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