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  1. This that was the most Tanner had even looked at an opponent this year. Something got him yapping good
  2. Pretty sure before tonight reffing the GPAC semifinals was the biggest thing on this crews resumes
  3. Finally here in March we finally got to see a weak side player flash into the lane against a zone defense. And holy s#!t it works
  4. Play Costello Timmy. Seriously the stroke from 3 looks so much better than the Ice Brick Thor chucks towards the rim
  5. I’d only want Miles to go out with one last offensive turd performance
  6. PaulCrewe

    MLB 2019 Season

    f#&%ing blister
  7. PaulCrewe

    2019 NCAA Tournament Contest

    #1 Gonzaga #2-4 Tennessee and Houston #5-8 Iowa State and Buffalo #9-12 Oregon and New Mexico State #13-16 UC Irvine Northeastern
  8. PaulCrewe


    Spence did whatever he wanted. The size and reach made Mikey Garcia look like amateur. Figured Garcia’s heart and experience could get him through 12 though. But as I said earlier it was a unanimous decision for Spence. Two judges 120-108 and the other scored it 120-107. Not a round for Garcia. The second round was the only round that Mikey looked like himself. The telling stat of the route 345-75 punches landed. And sadly after the fight it went straight to challenging Pacquiao. Spence should go pummel Thurmond or Porter(would be the best fight for him) get their belts and then push the Crawford fight to unify and then move up in weight. However IF all that somehow happened we wouldn’t see Spence vs Bud until at least 2021. Thurmond ain’t gonna want a big fight for a while still coming off the injury. Porter is the best fight for Spence in the next year. Meanwhile Bud will fight whomever and continue to get slighted due to his contract
  9. PaulCrewe


    Bumping the thread for the big one tonight down in Jerry World Spence and Garcia. Man, what an interesting fight. Garcia jumping up two divisions and is a unified unbeaten boss. Spence mowing anything down in front of him, with a frame that could easily move up two divisions from welterweight, also an unbeaten boss. Garcia is such a great experienced fighter but don’t know how he’ll hold up against Spence’s size and power. If it goes the distance I got Spence in a unanimous. Interesting side bar. Both guys say if they win, they want Pacqio. Is Manny actually still that big of a feather to put in your cap nowadays? Bud wants manny too, but seems to be realizing there are bigger fish to call out
  10. PaulCrewe

    Replacements for Miles

    Has an opinion actually been shared by Hayseed on Miles???? Asking for a friend who thinks he’s only deflected when asked
  11. PaulCrewe

    OT Turner Corcoran

    You do realize he’s been to Norman about as much as NU right????? Far bigger competition than the two listed in the poll
  12. PaulCrewe

    Replacements for Miles

    Thank f#&%ing you Oregon Seriously why were people wanting this other than he’s from Nebraska and he coached at Creighton?????
  13. PaulCrewe

    OT Turner Corcoran

    Boomer really needs to be added to the poll