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  1. PaulCrewe

    S Noa Pola-Gates [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    Some schools may have let the cat out of the bag a little early
  2. I’m talking the trip to end the year for a quality win. @ MU And @ MSU
  3. Like the chances against Michigan much better vs full strength Sparty at home
  4. He will be back by then. It does not take long to get back in shape for these kids
  5. He gets going and his confidence grows and he plays better, see Iowa game. Other bigger picture thing is making award work far more on defense and high chances of picking up fouls on a guy that only helps you when he’s on the bench. definitely agree on the Allen part though
  6. This was their best chance. The monster that is MSU will only be better with Langford back and playing at home at the end of the year
  7. Miles could have easily stressed getting Roby the ball and clearing out for him to take Ward off the dribble. Especially seeing Palmer continue to struggle. Again exploit advantages you have.
  8. This team is just lacking ball smarts. Continuing to shoot the 3, mostly contested, instead of going to the rim with MSU in foul trouble with a long ways to play is maddening. But it ‘tis Nebrasketball and we all know the definition of insanity
  9. The bunk first foul on Roby kills NU until at least the 10 minute mark unless MSU starts pulling away
  10. At least Roby’s “phantom foul” for the half game with 5 to go and was his first. Absolute crap call on him
  11. I thinking this needs to be a shootout to win Pencil in Ward for 20/15. Izzo is smart enough to stress getting their posts the ball for the obvious shortcomings NU faces. Indiana went away from going to Morgan last night for long stretches and their coach wasn’t thrilled about it. Transition defense has been downright putrid recently. Think Iowa game. Failure to stop the ball and getting back on defense led to many easy baskets or unnecessary fouls. And MSU is a great transition team. Rebounding...... do we even need to address this. Last night NU was awesome on the glass, but this is an entirely different animal coming into PBA. And I honestly think NU May be better off without JPJ going for 25+. Last night was his first REAL all around game. He hit the glass, got others the ball at the right time and was one of his better defensive efforts. He has hurt this team when he gets jumper happy instead of looking to attack. Even MSU being short handed, I think it takes a 83-75ish type game to win. Ugly and low scoring definitely favors Sparty.
  12. I’ll give Timmy some credit tonight. He saw the zone was effective and knew he had to try to protect his guys with foul trouble and he actually stuck with it. As opposed to other times where he curiously abandoned it in the same scenario. Defense won this one. And did it against a very good/efficient offensive team. will enjoy it, but know Thursday will be a much different monster coming into PBA
  13. He’s not in there to run an offense through him. He knows it, Miles knows it, his teammates know it, everyone on this board sans one person knows it. he knows his role and does it VERY well. He’s there to eat minutes by setting very solid wide screens for the guys who need to get to the rim, rebound and body up opponent hits. Any scoring is a bonus and even Tanner knows that. Everyone knew that BEFORE the year Again he played HUGE tonight. Moreso considering he could easily had bitched out because of the tooth issue
  14. Preface, it has been bad both ways..BUT This officiating crew has been baffling. Never seen so many drives where a guy gets hit from multiple players get no called and then the smallest of touches gets the whistle. Let the posts beat on each other on one side of the floor and then a touch call after the ball is reversed to the other side. I’m all for letting guys play, but this game has been interesting to say the least
  15. Sorry but Tanner has not been a problem this game. He knows his role(setting screens) on the offense. Even got a bonus with him scoring. Big problem during the dry spell was no one looked to go at the rim and everyone thought they were Steph Curry jacking up some bad 3s(meaning contested and early in the shot clock)