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  1. He's even already in NU's football offices
  2. That have been here for three years(redshirts and covid)
  3. Once in a blue moon Frost calls a good game with wrinkles and plays we have not seen. These rarities are the closest thing to a UCF offense most had hoped for. Unfortunately, he goes right back into his bland redundant dumb calls the next game and stays there the rest of the year
  4. Too bad Bookie still wasn't around to screw this up
  5. Sorry Scotty. Clock just hit midnight. Ball game
  6. NU's unspecial teams rubbing off on Boomer????
  7. Again. Where has Manning been since that catch on the first drive. Don't take that MOFO off the field. Don't care if he knows the play.
  8. #75, #51, and #70. Interior of the line playing to their normal stellar selves. That's why
  9. There is an oldie, but a classic. The TO coming off the sideline for the first play of a series
  10. It's how they've played all game. Riley adjusted, and Rattler is too good to have all day in the pocket to pick it apart.
  11. Can they get JoJo like another couple of years. So fun to watch and can only pray that other guys on the defense would match his level of play
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