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  1. PaulCrewe


    You only would have seen him in one. He’s played in 3 already
  2. Some need to go read Kevin Dillman’s recruiting thread in 2015. Many folk believed he could be a huge deal besides NU. FSU, Clemson, UCLA had offered and Michigan was very high on him. Hurt his Achilles his junior year and not sure he was the same. The JV thing was due to him transferring from CA to Guyer TX and being declared ineligible. He could of transferred to a private high school and play, but stayed to learn from that high school staff and not mess with his living arrangements. Plus the thread has the Spring practice where they did the Harlem Shake video good times
  3. Aranda was before Wilcox. Aranda changed the defense to a 3-4 after coming to Madison from Utah State with Anderson. He was the only assistant coach Chryst kept because he wanted the 3-4. They went out and got Wilcox for a year to maintain the 3-4. Leonhard coached DBs that one year with Wilcox and has taken over(easy choice as he played at Wisky). They’ve successfully brought in/promoted coached to continually fit their personel/scheme
  4. A couple of years ago they did though if that counts for some posters I guess
  5. Hickman will see far more time as a stretch TE vs traditional TE here. He’s FAR more athletic vs any of the other TEs, and with limited options in a vertically challenged receiving Corp, you think he couldn’t be an asset??? And you’ve seen for years upperclassmen make the same mistakes on swing passes so that example doesn’t fly. And again none none of us know more than what our eyes see when it comes to anyone being physically ready. Let them get a real taste. Heck there are guys starting right now that still don’t appear to be physically ready
  6. Marginal effort?!?! Gee, I’d almost fit right in on the team then. I’m honored
  7. I brought up the mismanaged redshirt rule a couple of weeks ago so I agree with you on it. However, how are you going to know if any should be playing more when they aren’t presented an opportunity to show what they can do??? A staff should be able to get a really good idea in the first couple of games on a player who potentially can help year long in GAME(capitalized for the fact that every athlete is a practice All American)experience vs redshirting. Hannah, Ty Robinson, NPG, Benhart, And D Chase (And Rahmir, been touting that one all year)all probably could have played significantly considering injuries and current performance. But we’d probably never know because as you mentioned there have been severe head scratching uses of these guys 4 games(Hickman also getting one play, vs Purdue is another fine example) Let them get the learning curve out of the way now. A coach continuing to tout culture can put his stamp on it immediately by playing these guys. Would it have helped this year, maybe. But the biggest thing it could have done is strengthened what you have next year by increasing team experience(ie look at Minny and Illinois)
  8. On the contrary people can push the kool aid 100% about this game and it will make things magically better??? People can reflect their opinions however they want, based on performance this year especially coming off the way last year ended, it arguably deserves to be crappy. And based off of watching Wisconsin and knowing what NUs defense is fully capable of, I say there is a 2.84% chance of winning not 0
  9. Minny and Illinois are really hating the idea of rebuilding a culture by throwing their young pups to the wolves the last two years. So have plenty of other teams.
  10. I remember when NU consistently won 9 games
  11. Just curious on who, we as fans on a message board, are supposed to be helping
  12. Somehow some way it’s Riley and his players doing
  13. I’d be willing to put anyone in that shows any kind of a pulse, excitement, flies around to the ball, gets in their teammate’s face after any good/bad play. All at the same time hoping said starter takes it as a challenge to step up his game while proving to the team that NO ONE is exempt from standards of effort and play set by said staff. But that’s just me and obviously not this staffs MO. Supposedly the players should do it to “adjust culture”
  14. I’ve deeply invested into the last couple of pages awaiting an answer to a question that has been asked like 10 times and there has been like 10 noncommittal, wording flip flopping replies that still make no sense. Well done
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