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  1. Robbie Hommel and his no Davis excuse(I do hope it's nothing major as he is a good watch) holds no water. No Bryce for this team is a far more difficult situation to overcome. Unfortunately the effort and team a lot of people thought they'd see didn't show up until it was far too late. But it has been an enjoyable watch of late. Finally Barry A didn't want the world to see the end of this epic as he probably yanked the B1G feed
  2. Fred, just man up and call out the officiating after the game. Take the fine and happily pay it. It'd be the best use of your salary this year.
  3. Things that are deemed fouls seem to differ on each end of the floor
  4. Turnovers from a group that seldom plays minutes together. Can't put Iowa on the line either. They shoot damn near 90% from there(must be nice, and is actually very impressive).
  5. Huge play so far from Markowski which will be so needed with the two best players not playing
  6. 6-6 from the floor with 4 treys. Yeah I agree
  7. Verge needs to be riding the pine more. He single handily led to this nail in the coffin run by Illinois with his turnovers and crap shots. Webster has been so under used this year, since Trey went down
  8. Hildebrand official to Long Beach State
  9. Strong smoke starting about Hildebrand going back to his alma mater(Long Beach State) as HC.
  10. Once again, you'd never would guess Michigan is the team shooting for the first time in PInnacle
  11. Tis true, but De la Salle has second teamers that would probably be low 4 stars if they played here in Nebraska
  12. Would be super sweet to continue to build in roads into that high school.
  13. But that hole never had reached the current depths of hell Scott is plodding towards. Say what you want about the previous coaches, hell I have, but they at least accomplished so much more
  14. In no way does this team set any benchmarks in great team defense, but Lat has to have no peer in being the worst
  15. Up 16-13 at the under 8 TO. Crap offense lineup for most of this IU run
  16. Which can/will be said about any hire they get honestly. It's only the position Frost has put the program in currently
  17. Up 10 at the under 12 TO. Indiana cold and turning it over early. NU not shooting great, but good hustle after 5 OTs and an early start time
  18. Frost's accountability theory must have spread to Fred as Lat gets the start
  19. In today's world there really is no more 1 time waiver
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