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  1. This has absolutely nothing to do with any of the words that have been typed out
  2. I just hope that TO, Matt, Greene, Carter, the checkout guy on aisle 4 at HyVee, the equipment manager, the tenured PolySci Prof, ghost of Bob Devaney, Jason Peter, and everyone else some poster believes has major pull in Trev's decision has seen this
  3. Leonhard will NOT leave Wisky for NU or any other gig for that matter. The more I think about this, it's Bill O'Brien for me. What he did at PSU was more or less amazing, Could coach circles around the current QB guru we have here. Would bring a downhill more power running game. And the only way he'd become part of the Saban vs his assistants stat is if NU were to have "glory years" type seasons and actually be relevant.
  4. I love following your conversations with a guy that has no clue what he is talking about. I thought we went over this last year buddy.
  5. PaulCrewe agrees and approves this post
  6. Well considering one is a former NFL QB I think he may know a thing or two about the situation
  7. And this is the mantra that needs to go away. Christ again, fired guys with no ties to the program that had better records in the same time frame
  8. Fair points, but to your last paragraph, Trev probably didn't want to kill the football and wrestling programs at UNO but did for the university. Also why should he have to say he gave SF two years when there has been three years of datum already in the records books that show minimal improvement and little to no progress
  9. They are more scared of their inept OC than Frost
  10. As a good friend and former Huskerboard great would say WHAT?
  11. I wish I could laugh at this more than once. Scared. That is just too much for this day out of you. Scared
  12. He's a fan that has probably grown a little tired of the same s#!t for four years. He's entitled to an opinion. And what gives you the clout to call him out like that????? oh no a 1000 posts. whoopie
  13. Yeah but he also trusted Bausermann throwing the ball, so there is that negative
  14. He was the OC not HC. He'd be best known in these parts as the head coach of the NAIA dynasty that was SIoux Falls. 67-3 there with as many National Titles as losses. Was their OC when I played at Doane.
  15. He's not totally wrong there you know
  16. Well sorry to welcome you to the real world where kicks in the nuts are handed out daily and the big bad wolf wins more than the three little pigs. Sorry to spoil the ending for all our young readers out there
  17. Do you believe any of those errors on AM are directly affected by the s#!tshow that is the 5 guys that lineup in front of him. AM has warts no doubt, but those five guys and their coaching and development are probably a bigger issue IMO
  18. And against knapps approval I'm sure, I'd honestly throw Hugh Freeze out there. If you want to go the DC to HC route I'd look at Venerbles(doubt it) Aranda, or Lanning at Georgia(from KC so maybe misses the home land)
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