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  1. Yes it would have been into the wind. Any pop Warner team would have known there was no way they were kicking and something was up
  2. Yes that is how this all shook out. Peetz was to beQB/OC But again it’s going down the road of hiring guys with proven track record of suck and expecting things to change after, as certain fans cry out, give them time. A road and rally cry of the fan base for the last decade
  3. Well maybe that would stop the admin from handing out stupid extensions and long contracts
  4. Sure more fun than getting annihilated by teams with lesser talent the last decade
  5. I learned that I laugh even more at those who said a monkey could coach NU to 9 wins when Bo was here. but I generally just laugh more on Saturdays based on stupidity witnessed
  6. Learned once again a coach in his first year has big time questionable choices/strategy in his first game and those “issues” continued throughout the year unfixed. And yet here we are again arguing with each other that time is needed and not accountability to be held
  7. Amen. Damn near fireable to admit thinking a fake FG from midfield in the fourth quarter was a sound coaching decision
  8. Yeah that was HoosierHusker. Two posts to die on the hero sword
  9. Apparently the line up for 60 yard FG was a supposed fake FG call. WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU BELIEVE THAT WOULD BE SUCCESSFUL IN ANY WORLD.
  10. Check them both for concussions
  11. The two in the middle of the DLine will get gigs in the league
  12. I’m sorry none of these “seniors” should come back. Get the hell out of dodge. NFL or college
  13. Perfect ending to a s#!t show head scratching year
  14. Take it to OT for the love of Wali Mohammed
  15. Walk off and the douche will blow kisses
  16. What a disaster for a conference known for its stellar officiating
  17. If first down is a bad/negative play, play for OT
  18. This movie sucks and I always watch it when it’s on
  19. Think it was colder and a little breezier in the title game last year when he was money kicking
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