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  1. First, if you think Nebraska fans had high standards and semi sense of entitlement(which there are plenty of) have you really met said Longhorn fan or been to Austin??? 10 wins is an "alright" season in their eyes. Second, he walked into a s#!tshow on par with what Riley did to the program. Herman had to flip kids mindsets and did a big roster rework. Sound familiar, I mean that was a four year excuse for many Frost apologists. Herman went 7-6, 10-4, 8-5, and was canned for going 7-3. Won every bowl game those seasons, and got to the Big 12 title game. Didn't throw out excuses nonstop his first couple of years, like someone here.
  2. There is so much truth to this. He has always been complimentary of the program/fan base/facilities. His ego would love bringing a "sleeping former football giant" back to it's former glory. Again as a realist I know the powers to be probably will not go for him, but it is absolutely asinine to not reach out or believe he wouldn't consider it.
  3. Husker hangover for Helton's squad. Lose to UAB 35-21
  4. Oh, you get an opinion. In fact I enjoy your opinions. Well thought out and.............I'm sorry, I can't. But I do enjoy them
  5. So Klieman can be crossed off the wish list for some for losing to Tulane at home right????
  6. Still waiting for how Urban would not get NU to relevance theory from ya. It was a good analysis. I mean Urban should get no credit for Utah though. Going 22-2 in his only two years and recommending the promotion of WIttingham.
  7. We'll just ignore your first sentences as your words you typed out about your benchmark and then mocking those that have the same aspirations for the program are somehow misinterpreted. Whatever I mean if you watched the game at all when Urb was in the booth, or even pregame, he made numerous references of those things you just listed. Do you not think that's how he'd run a program again(I mean it's what he did every stop of his college career)??? Finally, you can go back in multiple threads, start with the first page of the game thread, and you'll see I've been in the camp that this program needs Meyer, but realize that it probably won't happen. And to let ya know, I am not the told you so type of guy. Imagine my own heartbreak of not being able to converse with you if that happened
  8. Yet your bench mark is the bolded, cause you said you expect more than 8 wins. Interesting.
  9. You also have probably the most competent AD making the hire than we have had since Byrne
  10. Again, did you just try to relate what Urb has accomplished as a college coach and Frost???????
  11. So were gonna go with a "learn on the job" first year head coach????? At least you picked someone with experience of knowing the conference(small kudos to you for that much) albeit a guy coaching at his beloved alma mater, probably more popular than the HC he works for among boosters and alum, and for a team that is in the same division. Sorry, but your bench mark ain't getting reached within that 5 year window with that hire.
  12. Sorry your slow and I'll try to draw you a picture to help you understand my response to your post. YOU JUST DESCRIBED SCOTT FROST 5 YEARS AGO. And please name a coach that could meet your benchmark. LIke within five years of being hired. I'll wait...................... Probably gonna have to be here a while, but I'll wait.................
  13. That new turf and the red lettering look very sharp and vibrant on TV
  14. The bolded kinda go hand in hand there chief. And for the most part you pretty much described a recent coaching failure five years ago.
  15. Sorry forgot what molten hot recruiting grounds he was in at Bowling Green and Utah As Scarlet beat me to it. Reply as I read, so props to him for the same point
  16. Pretty sure video evidence from Saturdays have proven that
  17. Translation: I've only had 5 days on the job and it would be impossible to undo all the crap coaching, discipline and accountability these losers have ingrained.
  18. Not talking about that. But off of your point, she's done Ohio twice and Utah, so yeah Florida is nice. But know what else is nice to women? $$$$ and NU coeds vs Florida coeds Want people who say there are better COLLEGE football coaches for Trev to hire to name said coaches.
  19. And could crap out 8 win seasons in his sleep. And the last scandal free NU head coach was?????????? I'm sure we'll be here a while until that is answered
  20. This is my point. I said it on the first page. THERE IS NO COACH OUT THERE BETTER, except the guy who was a huge NFL failure/quitter for the Dolphins
  21. A winning culture, a COMPETENT REAL COACHING STAFF, and RECRUITS I mean I guess that really isn't that much
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