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  1. At least we aren't stuck playing a turnover prone freshman QB
  2. Love the way Robinson takes on contact. He is the best player on the field.
  3. With Faith & Honor Held High
  4. Well the usual offense can't get it done defense did OKish
  5. Looks like a team that continues to be poorly coached
  6. Peanalties bad D and poor punting. Seems familiar
  7. Always good to have a new Husker to cheer for!!
  8. This seems promising, not sure how the injury has impacted him.https://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/recruiting/huskers-add-ol-transfer-ezra-miller-from-iowa/article_9b9939ca-a5e1-5ec1-b858-e5ce3c7a2908.amp.html
  9. Welcome, great addition to the Huskers!
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