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  1. You the man ......... not many (including myself) can say that.
  2. I had the awesome "Scoring Explosion" poster on my wall forever. For all I know mom sill has it in a box.
  3. Interesting post, It looks like he is throwing some shade at Ohio State, maybe I'm reading this wrong but is sure looks like it. If so I like it.
  4. I would love to see MO back on the team. I figure this means his CA charges worked out and he got his crap together for the team. His biggest challenge may be the team expectations. The CA stuff may work it's self out.
  5. Thanks for the info. Hard choices but a good problem to have.
  6. Nice to see another play maker coming to Lincoln .......... GBR
  7. Wow That's a hot take from Sam ..........
  8. Cant wait to see him on the field, hopefully he can be disruptive in the middle and eat up blockers.
  9. Nice to get on more on the defense.
  10. Great talent, can't wait to see what he can do on the field.
  11. Well I hope he comes onboard, I dont know of he has any other offers but looks to be more than a preffered walkon so I figure we are competing with someone.
  12. Boom, nice guy to have with the big red.
  13. Sounds like he is back in play. Decommited from Tennessee. Late on my post by about 11 hours.
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