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  1. I was thinking the same thing amazing what happens when you don't give away points and just lean on a team for 60 minutes.
  2. The gap between the 1 and 2 QB looks narrow
  3. Barely 60 yards offense for NIU. Time for the huskers to step up!
  4. Nice to see Grant turn that run into contact
  5. I agree it's almost too quiet. I assume it's someone currently coaching who is staying for a bowl game.
  6. Seems like someone is about to be off the table as a candidate due to a legal issue.
  7. I hate to be negative but it sounds like Jeff Saturday is coming. Court records so he is looking to add Big'Red as a middle name.
  8. Time to go outside to pickup dog s#!t. It will be better than this.
  9. Well this is a bad football team VS top ten team. Total whipping sad.
  10. Omg. Ok never underestimate how .... can f. things up.
  11. If I wanted to see crime being committed I'd flip over to Live PD.
  12. Do these defenders ever turn and look for the ball.
  13. From here on out the heat moves to Trev. He is the only person left to stand up against this culture of mediocrity.
  14. I Frost trying to help his friend Albert's have a easy decision to make
  15. Watching good well coached teams all day it is obvious that our worst coach in Husker history is maintaining that low standard.
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