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  1. So can the offense come in and get a solid drive.
  2. Balckshirts are back and the Scoring Explosion
  3. So Harburg is playing well enough to take the job? OK! He won three games defense saved his a$$ last week.
  4. Close to demoralizing the defense here. Seen this before.
  5. So does Ruhle only pull a QB due to injury we know it's not performance
  6. I'm fine with seeing Sims. Change of pace and more talent. He can't fix the rest of the screw ups
  7. I was thinking the same thing amazing what happens when you don't give away points and just lean on a team for 60 minutes.
  8. Barely 60 yards offense for NIU. Time for the huskers to step up!
  9. I agree it's almost too quiet. I assume it's someone currently coaching who is staying for a bowl game.
  10. Seems like someone is about to be off the table as a candidate due to a legal issue.
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