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  1. I am going to oversimplify. Sign him, if he competes and wins the job then he plays, if he doesn't maybe he uses this opportunity to start his coaching journey and is asked to tutor and assist the other QB's. I really like the potential of our QB's, but nobody is showing us anything special at the moment. How long do you worry about hurting feelings and transfers?
  2. I don't think you were trolling, but I will ask why the hell are you watching a post presser on a Friday afternoon. A normal person would be slamming beers or watching another game.
  3. Seriously, what the hell is Omar’s injury? I tend to believe it’s an injury, because if it was something else they wouldn’t keep saying it, I think.
  4. Ok fine, but that was two (feels like 100) years ago.
  5. Im fine with Adrian, but for god sake he please hit a receiver on one freekn fly route! Just once, so we can believe its possible.
  6. One of our biggest recruiting losses ever, was Matt Farniok choosing Nebraska over Iowa.
  7. super glad I clicked on this
  8. I will see you guys on maybe Wednesday. For my mental health I am shutting down my contributions for the next few days. Take care.
  9. This suckS, because this is kinda game a healthy Mills could have a 100-150 yard type game.
  10. Pretty impressive! What are our thoughts on where he would go in the draft? Better yet, he really needs one more year at Nebraska to hone his skill, of course he doesn't.
  11. I mean eventually we have to become not so predictable, and try to stretch the field. We are not pounding anybody into submission with Wand ale Robinson in a single back setting.
  12. Am I the only one whom will actually break down and cry if we throw a 20-40 yard pass completion to a receiver on a go/fly route?
  13. Watching our defensive line & linebackers get leverage and be able to push them back is so encouraging. If I/we had to continue to watch us play pattycake with their offensive line for another year, I was going to loose my s#!t. And yes, I do understand that there are plays where the assignment is to hold position, but even that looks better this year. Additionally, and I cant say this enough, they just physically look better! I would say the training/nutrition plan is starting to pay off.
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