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  1. I’ve learned that I rarely care what anybody learned anymore.
  2. I would pay Fitzgerald 1 trillion dollars to coach Nebraska!
  3. How could I have fooled you, your so wise and of little outrage.
  4. Ok, I really wasn't that outraged, but fine, I am over talking about this
  5. Maybe not directly, but don’t you think it’s an evolution of it?
  6. Um ok, but what's your point here? Are you assuming my disliking of cancel culture only pertained to leftist ideologies? You know I made a harmless statement about cancel culture, then you came back with some condescending garble about what I should really think and do. What they hell do you care if I say I don't like cancel culture, seriously.
  7. Thanks for showing me the errors of my ways. Let me change my statement, this had nothing to do with cancel culture and cancel culture is freekn awesome. f#&% off white supremacist! Is this better Joy Behar?
  8. For the most part I am a caring and understanding person, but the cancel culture can go f#&% itself!
  9. I understand it, but hate it. I know it has been a rough ride, but watching him at another school is going to suck.
  10. I have a funny story to add to this. I moved out to Southern California in 2001, in 2015 I started practicing at the Murrieta Golf range and met Barry McDonald, he was Ricky Fowlers coach and a great man, he has since passed on. I took twenty or so lessons from Barry, he was all old school, no videos. If he wanted to show you something he would make you feel it with a drill or pull out Ben Hogans "Five Lessons", and show you a picture. While practicing, one of the old pro's that also taught at the range asked Barry while I was hitting, "Barry, how is "Name" hitting them"? Barry looked at him and said, "Name", just need's to learn to get out of his own way". I still cant by the way.
  11. Frost for me is very much like dating a super hot chick that keeps cheating on me, and here I sit hoping he gets another year. I just want it to work so f#&%ing bad......
  12. Nebraska has mastered the ability to continually get in its own way!
  13. How crazy is it seeing 6'4 and 6'3 fast receivers making plays! Throw in Betts and Martin, you could make the argument these guys have the potential to be the best receiver group ever. Additionally, Nixon looked super quick on his one catch.
  14. Funny you said Dan Alexander, he was a specimen. With that being said, I had season tickets back then, and remember watching him literally try to run over a defender that was already on the ground, then falling on the ground. If he would of had any lateral capabilities, he would have been in the NFL.
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