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  1. I wouldn't say I am down Johnson, I was just voicing my opinion on what I saw from his limited playing time. I am always rooting for all our players to succeed, and Johnson may turn out be our next great back, and that would be awesome!
  2. Sorry, are you asking my opinion of how I thought Mills looked in the first four games, or are you asking me this because his issues where similar to how I described Johnson's?
  3. I am with Big Ern on his ranking as of this moment, I didn't see anything special with Johnson when he played last year. Now, he didn't play much, but when he did he didn't show great vision or quick lateral movement. I realize I am nitpicking on a freshman, but I like to see a more natural ability to move fluid latterly, hitting holes and always be moving forward. With that being said, I am totally with you on Thompkins, I so hope he is healthy.
  4. I'm pretty excited to see how Mills looks this year. I was hard on that guy early in the year, which probably wasn't justified, being our line was pretty bad and we didn't have a guy to take over for what Stanley Morgan brought. I was watching some highlights of his runs later in the year, and there was a lot to like. He started to show more patience and stayed vertical, which allowed longer runs. Early on it appeared that he wanted to run everyone over. If he can make a speed jump like Ozigbo was able to do, he could be very, very good.
  5. It does suck, and I still don't get it. Anyway, moving forward, I think Wandale is a more well rounded version of JD, I was pretty vocal last year that I felt he should have been returning punts instead of JD. I am probably most excited to see Omar and Betts. Who else do we have, sorry I cant research as I am heading a conference call while reading Huskerboard. Am I the only one who does this. #huskernewsissometimesmoreinportantthanmyjob
  6. Not to derail the post, but why did McCaffrey leave exactly?
  7. Pretty sure nobody on this board didn't already know this to be the case. I am consistently shocked how many people want to continually give a rats a$$ what anyone else thinks about Nebraska football at this point. We have the right coach, recruiting has been getting better and we should start to see the effects of these efforts soon, maybe this year, but most likely next.
  8. Forde = Tool! I don't know why anyone would read anything he has written, EVER.
  9. God no! I apologize, I should have never said anything.
  10. Just to clarify, you are worried that one of his ex-girlfriends is going to send him a video of her with two other dudes, then he is going to keep it on his phone again? Interesting... If he is with friends and getting help in Nebraska, why cant he stay and get help? He's probably not ever going to be on the team again, but if we can help him, then we should do it.
  11. I loved Ronald Thompkins tape. I was watching a video of him running drills in practice last year and saw some Lawrence Phillips movements. Lawrence had this amazing ability to do a combination of a juke and shuffle, then take off. I saw Ronald was making similar movements. I would say his base is more balanced and stronger than Washington's. I am still bummed Washington couldn't get his act together, such a talent.
  12. I honestly do not really care, I just thought it was a jab and brought it up for discussion. Freedom of speech and all, but she did kinda sound like an elitist whinny b!^@h.
  13. Well stated! I cant wait to start talking about football again.
  14. Fair enough. I get a little defensive when people generalize an ideology on an organization or group of people. Was this statement really necessary? "This is the Nebraska-ization of the Big Ten. Who would have thought that when Nebraska and Ohio State and a few of the league’s other squeakiest wheels started whining about missing out on football, the Big Ten presidents would buckle rather than stand up to them?" This doesn't fit the definition of pompous?
  15. I have never really gave Northwestern a thought, I just knew it was an excellent educational institution with a football coach I respect. I am slowly starting to despise some of these pompous jackasses.
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