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  1. I was kinda off topic, I just saw this and went WTF, crazy. But, yes, I am totally with you, getting rolled by teams we have out recruited is hard to stomach.
  2. Isn't this just crazy. I'm not a doom and gloom kind of guy, and I understand that 3 stars can be developed, but how do you compete with this? Sorry, I know you were focusing on us not getting rolled, but I just wanted to talk to someone.
  3. Feels like 75% though doesn't it?
  4. He has less vision than Mills. He just tries to outrun everyone and he gets zero yards after contact. He had made some nice plays but he's not tough and can't be counted on A couple thoughts on this statement. 1. Mill's vision has improved, but most of the time he has very little room to run. s#!tTY BLOCKING 2. Washington has great vision and moves, but is getting hit in the backfield on about 75% of his touches. s#!tTY BLOCKING 3. Both Mills and Washington's play calling the last two games has been odd. It like we are flip flopping what plays we should be running for these two. I think we are trying to trick our opponents, but of course you really cant when - s#!tTY BLOCKING 4. Not being able to move the db's from creeping up to the line, because we cant stretch the field hurts the running game. and of course s#!tTY BLOCKING
  5. Either one sitting would be ridicules. Mo Barry- I guess, but who is taking his place? Do we have a linebacker that can take on a guard and tackle after they blow up our crappy DLine and still make a play. While he sometimes, OK, many times, over pursues, I haven't seen him play with no heart. Mo Washington- see above
  6. The same Robinson that has had his head almost taken off in the last three games and now is injured? Robinson is super quick which allows him to make moves in space, Washington is quick, but a different kind of athlete that needs slightly more space, but is a more of a home-run threat. The plays they have given to Washington and Mills are questionable. Washington and Robinson should both be out there making plays, they are super talented. I am going to say this one more time. OUR OFFENSIVE LINE IS FREEKN HORRIBLE! Honestly I cant believe I am having this discussion.
  7. Let me preface this by saying I don't like Frost. Thought he was too inexperienced with head coaching problems and didn't have a handle on football style in the Midwest. Thought he was more of a Turner Gill Mk II choice. That being said.. No freekn way you were watching Central Florida beat Auburn in the bowl game thinking. Frost, yep, no way he is ready for big time football. Lets wait five years and see if we can pull him from his 8 million dollar a year job from some SEC school.
  8. Finally, a solution to our crappy o-line, sitting down one of our most talented offensive players. This guy gets it.
  9. I wasn't trying to by that guy who acts like I see something nobody else noticed. My point was more on the difference between elite quickness and elite speed. Its cool that he is going to work on it, but his other intangibles are all just as important and one could argue more. oh, and stop yelling at me!
  10. Agree. Wandale is elite in his quickness and is fast, but not elite track speed. On the other side of the coin elite track speed does't always equal the same quickness Wandale has. If he ran a 4.2 nobody would have caught him on the second breakaway run he had against Northwestern. Before someone bashes me about Wandale, I love this guy. He is football player!
  11. So just to clarify, you were expecting me to translate this response from your original? ORIGINAL "Martinez would not have won the game if in. He is not a difference maker!" Interesting.... Ok, I'll bite. see below Martinez is not the same this year. Agree He has looked desire less or injured all season. Agree Something is amiss. Again, agree He’s just not the same guy we had last year. Agree, but he broke almost every freshman record for a QB. What we saw from a fan standpoint was something we have never seen at Nebraska, a passing and running phenom. Pretty much a different maker. I’ve seen many difference makers at NU over the last 50 years, he isn’t one this year. You got me there, I only have 40 years. Difference makers carry a team on their back. Possibly, but not when there offensive line is young, inexperienced and playing poorly. Additionally, the lose of a 1000 Yard Rusher and Receiver didn't help things. see Wan’Dal Love him
  12. Bro, did you watch any games last year? I love what Vedral did, and Martinez is struggling, but that statement is whack.
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