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  1. I'm fine with this, but his recruiting is a little suspect.
  2. Agree, actually let me add to that. I want more jacka$$ opinions on how Washington and Nebraska should part ways, and how JD is transferring. I am actually considering approaching Huskerboard to create a customization that fines me $10 every time I click on these two threads, because I seem to be not smart enough to not open them.
  3. Finally, a rational and thoughtful opinion on this situation. Thank you!
  4. I am just messing around, I totally want Slusher to sign.
  5. Slow your roll sir. Lets stay focused on a more realistic expectation of landing a 6'6 260 5* rush end that runs a 4.4 40.
  6. I'm cool with taking this guy, but it would be awesome if there was a 5* 6'6 260 speed rush end available.
  7. I really wish I would stop clicking on this thread.
  8. What the hell are we supposed to do tomorrow when this is all over? 4* for everyone!
  9. I want double digit four stars, or this years recruiting has been a complete failure!
  10. I feel bad for me watching this like an idiot
  11. I totally understand the need, the post was more aimed at making everyone feel better about the situation, and try not to get so caught up in the insanity. With that being said, he better f#&%ing sign!
  12. You guys are killing me. If he goes somewhere else, that blows, but we have a great class and 2-4 star linebackers that redshirted. Get a couple more 4 star receivers, a DE and maybe a surprise guy and let’s roll.
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