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  1. Cool, I will spare you the comparison as soon as you stop acting like you know the facts of what has happened and thus know whats best for him and the university. I am going to go out on a limb and say Frost probably knows what he is doing, but I could be wrong, maybe you do.
  2. f#&% yes. Sorry, but doesnt everyone want to say that?
  3. I'm glad your not my father. Son, you made some mistakes, I could keep loving you and working with you and see if we could fix this, but our family is so perfect you know, after further thought, go live with another family. See ya
  4. I know you are joking, kinda. But honestly, there are a lot of great posters here. I am always happy to get on this board and read some interesting or funny takes on just about everything. These hard stances on gray issues just pisses me off for some reason.
  5. Remember when I asked the MODS to create a feature that would automatically block me from reading some of these threads? This one would fall into that category. Why do some of you continually prosecute without trail? I may be wrong here, but I feel you are the same people that say these things. 1. This looks bad on the University 2. Frost sucks, we should have never hired him. We should of hired Nick Saban, he totally would have came here. 3. We are Nebraska, winning by 40 should always happen 4. Back in the 90's, blah blah
  6. What does it say, specifically? This staff pulled some s#!t out last year, maybe this isn't really an issue.
  7. Looks a lot like his brother and maybe even a little more polished coming out of high school. Loved me some Luke, to bad he had to fight injuries at Nebraska, but his future sure looks bright now.
  8. What is he missing not to get a scholarship now, or is it a case he is a Nebraska kid and we can find another creative way to get him on the team?
  9. T Farley was about 6'1 205. Probably the two most talented and instinctive linebackers I have ever seen play at Nebraska.
  10. I guess anything wouldn't surprise me at this point, but I don't see why he would leave his team. That's three years of building loyalty and friendships. You make good points, it just doesn't feel right.
  11. I hate that I posted that. Am I the only one who feels like they loosing their mind with all the whining and bitching? I love JD, and I think he has a great chance in the NFL. There is no freeking way he is leaving Nebraska.
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