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  1. I so agree with you on this, excluding Martinez's freshman year. It appeared he was going to be the rare QB who can do both well, and then of course his sophomore year happened.
  2. I wish your son the best of luck, but I don't understand what your statement has to do with what I wrote.
  3. Am I the only one that just doesn't give a s#!t anymore on what a 4 start demands are and if we get them or not? I mean I want him to come to NU, but I am just so jaded on what we seem to have to do/promise to get some of these guys. Its easy for Alabama and Clemson types to navigate these water, because they have 50 plus four stars sitting there competing. Ok, I am done b!^@hing now.
  4. Yes, but those yards were not showcasing his NFL skills properly.
  5. Allen should be on the field 85% of time, I think he is a NFL talent. How many times was he on a route with a 5.10 db covering him?
  6. Let me add to that O is "give me the damn ball", but only to showcase how my skill will translate to the NFL and dont let me get hit to many times.
  7. Love this! I enjoyed watching this guy play, I know he made some mistakes this year, but he is a great player. I remember those hits against OSU, he should have never been called for targeting in that game btw.
  8. I remember how excited I was two years ago watching Martinez, Washington, JD and Wand ale and thinking wait until these guys get another year of development. Sometimes being a Nebraska fan sucks!
  9. I understand what you are trying to say and Betts has tremendous up side, but Wandale was/is a special talent. He would have benefited greatly with more talent around him and consist QB play. While OSU and Alabama’s wr talent is elite, they have many great players at that position, we do not.
  10. Thanks. So crazy, he gets more touches here than he will get by transferring to a top team. I haven’t read any of this thread, I am assuming there are other variables, Covid, family, etc.
  11. My specific question, is what is our confidence that this is really going to happen?
  12. Your freekn s#!tting me, this is really going to happen? Are we sure on this, or are we just guessing and nobody really knows?
  13. I was hoping this thread was about some of the posters leaving.
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