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  1. This is very true, and why it makes it harder to see. But everybody has to do what is best for them. Still sucks though
  2. How bad could his life had been at Nebraska? Such an odd decision, he would had benefited greatly from the Receivers coming in. Anyway, good luck to him.
  3. As the voice of reason here, not bad sir, not to bad.
  4. I hope JD stays, but I am becoming callused to any news, good or bad.
  5. You may be right, but I would argue with the size of Adrian I would have preferred they focused on speed, mobility and joint/ligament maintenance. I think Adrians sophomore year issues have been thoroughly discussed on Huskerboard, but nobody can argue he physically was not the same. I don't know if the extra weight had anything to do with it or not, but it looked like it to me.
  6. Yes, and yes! I loved the way Adrian looked and moved his freshman year. I would cringe when people would say, "wait until he gets into the weight room and builds some strength and size", why? When you are 6.3/220 and crazy athletic, you do not need to be 6.3/235.
  7. I'm fine with this, but his recruiting is a little suspect.
  8. Agree, actually let me add to that. I want more jacka$$ opinions on how Washington and Nebraska should part ways, and how JD is transferring. I am actually considering approaching Huskerboard to create a customization that fines me $10 every time I click on these two threads, because I seem to be not smart enough to not open them.
  9. Finally, a rational and thoughtful opinion on this situation. Thank you!
  10. I am just messing around, I totally want Slusher to sign.
  11. Slow your roll sir. Lets stay focused on a more realistic expectation of landing a 6'6 260 5* rush end that runs a 4.4 40.
  12. I'm cool with taking this guy, but it would be awesome if there was a 5* 6'6 260 speed rush end available.
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