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  1. I guess having offers from 3 pac schools, 3 big 12 schools, and one big 10 school isn’t enough to pass the opinion purity test of some of the five star athlete parents on this board.
  2. Yep. Pretty hard to prove that s#!t, and what kind of person is going to rat someone out for taking care of his mom?
  3. I was told here by some people that didn't read the article that cheating is cheating and will stop when it's reported. We're still waiting and it was on national television. But I guess I'm just a flat earther for believing in incentive.
  4. Can you imagine if PJ Fleck went to LSU! REAUX THE BOAT
  5. You guys are confusing the message board. I think I just saw an ad for LSU gear.
  6. Thanks for posting this. I also wonder if there is any correlation between the tree killers putting up 37 and the entire back 7 going for picks on D. That might make for an interesting rewatch.
  7. That’s where I’m at. There is a difficult schedule and how can I count on people who haven’t played a down of football for Nebraska yet for wins? It’s not even spring ball.
  8. Would you vote for congressman Jones if you knew he beat his wife? Sir, those are push poll questions.
  9. All there options are pushy, Pass.
  10. This is more peak Nebraska than volleyball pregnancy hysteria.
  11. Can I be a Boleaveitinthepast?
  12. Made my day to be honest haha.
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