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  1. Henry has probably endured too much s#!t from his peers for coming to Nebraska for him to back out or quit now. Fun fact, my dog is from Mt. Pleasant. If you folks tell anyone I'll kill you!
  2. I think we are overcomplicating this. I don't buy it. The person who takes the ball from the center needs to throw the round egg thingy to the guy downfield. He shouldn't throw it to the other team. He shouldn't throw it at the ground or over the other guy's head. If he doesn't properly throw the hand egg to the guy down the field, the other team puts a lot of guys next to where the hand egg starts. This makes running the ball hard. This has been what is going wrong since Ganz left. That and people shouldn't move forward before the guy who starts wi
  3. What? AD isn't staying in LA? And Harden on the Nets would be awesome.
  4. Did anyone see Jamal Murray's ridiculous layup against Lebron last night?

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    2. knapplc


      That looked tougher than Jordan's "spectacular move" layup.

    3. dubsker


      @BigRedBuster I agree.  Don't get me wrong, some of these dunks require quite a bit of strength and athletic ability to pull off, but there was so much finesse and body control on that layup.  I was shouting at my tv.  Bonus points because it started out as a a tomahawk and was converted into a layup in midair.

      @knapplc I've read that sentiment more than once.  It was one for the ages for sure.

    4. Toe
  5. I can live with Kade's 40 time and bench press being so much better than mine. His handwriting though, that's just not f#&%ing fair.
  6. I have nothing to lose by believing this. I’m in.
  7. It was a joke nerds. (It's ok I am a huge nerd also).
  8. I'm pretty sure this has happened to more than a few of us, but I am more concerned that I have no idea who any of these players are. It looks like this happened before the season was reinstated.
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