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  1. Did anyone see Jamal Murray's ridiculous layup against Lebron last night?

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    2. knapplc


      That looked tougher than Jordan's "spectacular move" layup.

    3. dubsker


      @BigRedBuster I agree.  Don't get me wrong, some of these dunks require quite a bit of strength and athletic ability to pull off, but there was so much finesse and body control on that layup.  I was shouting at my tv.  Bonus points because it started out as a a tomahawk and was converted into a layup in midair.

      @knapplc I've read that sentiment more than once.  It was one for the ages for sure.

    4. Toe
  2. I can live with Kade's 40 time and bench press being so much better than mine. His handwriting though, that's just not f#&%ing fair.
  3. I have nothing to lose by believing this. I’m in.
  4. It was a joke nerds. (It's ok I am a huge nerd also).
  5. I'm pretty sure this has happened to more than a few of us, but I am more concerned that I have no idea who any of these players are. It looks like this happened before the season was reinstated.
  6. Thanks everyone! I am interested in more than just the Huskers, so that sounds pretty good to me. I read an article once on a trial that was pretty good.
  7. Is subscribing to the Athletic worth it? I’m considering.
  8. No Black Friday game against the savages? I'm outraged.
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