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  1. Doesn’t “no love lost” imply a bad relationship when used correctly?
  2. The cult of Aggy has very good bag men.
  3. How would you say Nebraska did this season compared to your expectations?
  4. I'm struggling to figure out what, exactly, he did wrong here as well. I guess there's some people who hate any kind of due process.
  5. Ive watched that game more than any other for exactly this reason.
  6. Fair enough. My apologies if I sounded rude.
  7. What does that have to do with my empathy?
  8. At times, definitely. When the defense gives you the ball with a short field, in Frost's style, the offense has to score. He isn't playing Beamer ball out there unless circumstances dictate.
  9. No judgement here on anyone. I think we just have to wait and see what happens in the next two weeks. This has been an interesting recruiting cycle. Good luck Jamoi.
  10. Let's hope it stays that way after Husker fans show up in droves to vote for Mr. Football. Looks like everyone is doing their job. He's at 60% of the vote at the moment. Now this is some foreign election interference I can get behind.
  11. Now you're trying just a little too hard, user RowTheBoat.
  12. Almost done and over 5k. Sometimes it's so hard to hate some of you. Way to go Husker Nation.
  13. Kenny is back on now. They are making decent progress towards their $3,000 goal.
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