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  1. QMany

    Trump and the Press

    Do you believe coverage of a repugnant, narcissistic, racist, liar should be a positive 50-50 negative?
  2. QMany

    The Republican Utopia

    See Trump is Racist.
  3. QMany

    The Courts under Trump - Mega Thread

    Speaking of lies... "On July 6, 2018, I had a sense of urgency to relay the information to the Senate and the President as soon as possible before a nominee was selected. I called my congressional representative and let her receptionist know that someone on the President’s shortlist had attacked me. I also sent a message to The Washington Post’s confidential tip line. I did not use my name, but I provided the names of Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge. I stated that Mr. Kavanaugh had assaulted me in the 1980s in Maryland." Christine Blasey Ford's opening statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Donald Trump nominated Kavanaugh on July 9, 2018.
  4. QMany

    Trump and the Press

    Does it directly affect his grifting and/or bigoted base?
  5. QMany

    Well hello there Justice Kavanaugh

    Corroborating evidence might be a calendar, produced by the accused, demonstrating he attended a party drinking with the exact people Ford alleged. Unfortunately, the partisan prosecutor barely scratched that surface.
  6. QMany

    Well hello there Justice Kavanaugh

    Acting like Collins, Flake, or any of these Trumpkins in here actually "gathered as much information as possible before coming to a conclusion" is disingenuous at best. That was a sham hearing (cross-examination) and investigation from the start.
  7. QMany

    The Courts under Trump - Mega Thread

    Just ask ... Brett Kavanaugh, he told us so during his handling of the Clinton investigation.
  8. QMany

    The Courts under Trump - Mega Thread

    You have repeatedly shown you don't know what testimony, evidence, Due Process, and many more legal terms mean. I graduated law school, where I was on Law Journal, and now practice as a trial attorney.
  9. QMany

    The Republican Utopia

    For those that would like to see the numbers/trends, not Fox News/Breitbart/SHS' talking points, there is a great U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics interactive chart in this NPR article: https://www.npr.org/2018/01/08/576552028/fact-check-trump-touts-low-unemployment-rates-for-african-americans-hispanics
  10. QMany

    The Republican Utopia

    I compliment Trump for not royally screwing up all of the progress since 2010.
  11. QMany

    The Courts under Trump - Mega Thread

    Again, it is clear you don't know what Due Process is or when it applies.