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  1. If he was a cultist, Trump would probably pardon him.
  2. Weird how this keeps happening.
  3. You must be referring to Susan McDougal, who already completed her sentence when pardoned, served the maximum possible 18 months, including eight in solitary confinement. You would attempt that false equivalency, very much on-brand. When did you drink the punch? Why do you blindly and unethically try to rationalize everything Trump does? Is it the corruption, racism, misogyny, ineptitude, all of the above? It is deplorable; history will not look kindly upon the cultists.
  4. Do the rats start jumping or go down with the ship?
  5. I’d be happy to summarize it for you, do you prefer crayon or paint by numbers?
  6. Oh this Facebook garbage again. It shows that person (a) has not looked at the underlying crimes pardoned and nuance before sharing this drivel or (b) knows exactly what those pardons were for, doesn't care, and shares to mislead. I think we all know where @Notre Dame Joefalls at this point.
  7. Think about those Trump has wished well: Stone, Flynn, Manafort, Cohen (before he flipped), Maxwell... Now think about those Trump has taken out full-pages ads for executing and chanted for locking up: Central Park 5 and HRC. He and his cultists are truly deplorable.
  8. Can’t wait for @Notre Dame Joe’s mental gymnastics rationalizing wishing well a serial child molester. Actually, please spare us; that’s disgusting.
  9. “I wish her well.” WT actual F!?!
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