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  1. QMany

    Trump is Racist

    Relevant in January 2018 when I wrote it and demonstrably relevant today: We can stop beating around the bush. No more "that has racial undertones" or "he is enabling white supremacists." We need to just call Trump what he is, a racist. There is no twisting this anymore. You are either rational, logical, honest and can admit Trump is racist, or you are not.
  2. QMany

    Trump is Racist

    I wonder how Trump decides who to attack based on their nationality... Born in Bronx, NY, USA. Born in Detroit, MI, USA. Born in Chicago, IL, USA. Born in Somalia; secured US asylum from war at 10. Born in Slovenia; secured permanent residence modeling... Born in France. Born in United Kingdom. Born in Canada.
  3. "The interview was contentious at first, the sources added, but investigators ultimately found Steeleā€™s testimony credible and even surprising."
  4. QMany

    Trump-endorsed news sources

    Trump's pecuniary interests, not necessarily American interests, right?