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  1. QMany

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    I tend to agree. But to play Devil's Advocate here... how long do we allow Trump to destroy our institutions and place his henchmen in places of power without throwing up some huge red flags? He nominated an AG that wrote an unsolicited memo opposing Mueller's investigation. Knock on wood, if RGB dies soon, Trump will have personally appointed 3/9 of the Supreme Court. He seeks "loyalty pledges" from everyone. That is a firm grasp on the Justice Department and the highest Court in the land. Who is going to check his power, McConnell!?!
  2. QMany

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    SCO Statement is quite lawyerly and vague. It is important to remember we already knew Trump directed Cohen to lie:
  3. QMany

    A man you can bait with a Tweet

    Getting better...
  4. QMany

    Trump Foreign Policy

  5. QMany

    A man you can bait with a Tweet

    That being said, I think Democratic messaging should be clearer. Because a vast majority don't understand what is going on here, just more "both sides" BS. RT that MF 10,000,000 times. Embarrass Trump, and don't let McConnell hide/misinform.
  6. QMany

    A man you can bait with a Tweet

    Let's not forget the unanimous (read: bipartisan) CR that included border security. This is literally about Trump's pride over "wall." The votes are there, lap-dog McConnell just doesn't want to anger his master.
  7. QMany

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    And don't let anyone dismiss "polling data" as something rudimentary. This wouldn't just be simple TRUMP v. CLINTON percentages. It would include internal polling on divisive issues like African-Americans/BLM and NFL anthem-kneeling (which we know Russia did target with their election interference campaign). EDIT: Additionally: Just saw this, spot on. +1
  8. QMany

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    That's (more) collusion, folks.
  9. QMany

    Trump's America

    Without getting into the results of the Trump Tax Cut (you know, the one that was supposed to benefit workers and the stock market), there is more than just voting in Republican lock-step. There are also Congressional oversight duties that have been abdicated, or even worse, used to conceal/defend Trump. After two-years of confirming Trump's grossly unqualified nominations, Flake feigned leverage as a lame duck to protect Mueller. (We still don't have legislation protecting Mueller).
  10. QMany

    Trump's America

    I think it is important to read the rest of his thread: And Romney's words will ring hollow if he just enables Trump (i.e. Flake, Sasse, etc.).
  11. QMany

    S&P reached a record high in January

  12. This is all going to end with Trump & Giuliani arguing that peeing on hookers in Russia isn't illegal.