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  1. Kellyanne Conway, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, Stephanie Grisham, et al get paid to spin BS, lie, and rationalize Trump's despicable actions. Why do some feel compelled to do it for free!?!
  2. “Open ended optimism,” that’s a new way to try to defend and whitewash Trump’s lies. Congratulations on your creativity.
  3. Steph Curry is doing a livestream with Dr. Fauci today. I do think my generation (Millennials) is taking this seriously for the most part, but stuff like that will help educate. I've experienced much more ignorance with the older generations. My (diabetic) dad in KC is out and about. My Omaha law firm partners that make the decisions still downplay it as a hoax and have all our staff (including a 90 year old receptionist) in every day, while me and most of my vintage attorneys are working from home.
  4. Note, the ad using direct quote audio from Donald Trump himself
  5. @BigRedBuster, without getting into China's politics, public health, etc., I think every country will get to a point where we start lifting social restrictions. Yes, cases will go back up when you do so. But it is about no;t overwhelming the health care system. Banning restaurants and bars is only a mitigation technique to flatten the curve, not a permanent solution to starve the virus out to zero. Until we get a vaccine (12 months), I think it will be a balancing act of restrictions to make those ebbs and flows shallower.
  6. Also, how can 90% trust Trump AND 84% trust the CDC at the same time!?! Half of every presser is Dr. Fauci walking back Trump's lies.
  7. I'm also highly skeptical of these three and their alleged "life-threatening" concerns.
  8. I just read $99,000 and $198,000 respectively.
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