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  1. Yesterday, the prosecutor said, ""My job in the end is to prove he violated a criminal statute. And there is other evidence that does not support a criminal charge." Today, the same prosecutor charged third-degree murder. It looks something woke up somebody.
  2. Without intent!?! Same charge as selling bad drugs!?! Maybe they're being conservative knowing juries are notorious for giving cops free reign to kill African Americans.
  3. Do his fellow Klansman actually believe this backpedaling BS?
  4. That's one hill to die on, I guess.
  5. I feel much the same, @knapplc. We never had lockdowns here. Many workplaces, like mine, have continued operating the same. The only "eased restrictions" I have really noticed is restaurants going from take-out only to 50% occupancy. (I live between a DJ's Dugout and The Good Life; I would grab take-out occasionally but have avoided them since the changes). Schools aren't open; large gathering venues are still effectively closed, or at least severely limited, with capacity and social-distancing restrictions. And they shouldn't paint in statewide strokes; hard-hit areas like Dakota and Hall County are still in Phase 1 without eased restrictions. (I think this is the correct strategy going forward, opening and closing smaller areas as hot spots emerge, but it requires adequate testing and transparency).
  6. I imagine some of it has to do with not being heard through the alternatives. An electoral majority of this country elected an open racist. John Roberts' Court denied discrimination and gutted the Voting Rights Act. Colin Kaepernick silently protests this exact thing and he is ran out of the the NFL and a punching bag for Fox News, POTUS, et al that relish in his plight. I don't understand throwing $1.7M worth of perfectly good tea into a harbor, but it proved effective.
  7. Read: "when the looting starts, the shooting starts." Thanks for jumping in the thread, Donald. Any thoughts on systemic racism, campaigning on police brutality to the the applause of uniformed officers, torturing and murdering unarmed black men, not arresting murderers, arresting the press reporting, etc.? Or is it just the looting?
  8. EDIT: Addition because the White House official account is now tweeting this.
  9. Never forget, Trump campaigned in front of a crowd of uniformed officers, encouraged police to rough up suspects when taking them into custody, “please don’t be too nice,” and they erupted in laughter and applause.
  10. Thanks, @schriznoeder, I just came to post this. It is a perfect encapsulation of how Trump operates, looking out for himself only, and is 100% true.
  11. For the people in back, Donald Trump is a sociopath enabled by deplorables.
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