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  1. QMany

    Trump and the Press

    WH was b-slapped in Court today, which often happens when you have no factual or legal leg to stand on.
  2. QMany

    Trump and the Press

    Have you watched Lemon/Maddow and actually thought that they are anywhere near the same vein as Hannity/Carlson/Dobs!?!
  3. QMany

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    Correct. When he could have been a two-year thorn in their side and actually stood against corruption, obstruction of justice, etc. A timeline of Jeff Flake's integrity... Donald Trump wins the Election. What does spineless Jeff Flake do? He votes with Donald Trump 84% of the time. Did he leverage judicial nominations for legislation? No. He toed the party line... until he was 7 weeks from irrelevance. Excuse me if I don't applaud this charade.
  4. QMany

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    He's now using judicial nominations as bargaining tool. He failed to do that for Gorsuch or Kavanaugh. It doesn't matter your political views. Let's not act like Mueller's investigation is just now, for the first time, at risk of Trump. He's feigning valor, trying to save face, when he's a lame duck and not needed in 7 weeks.
  5. QMany

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    In case you were wondering why he appointed Whitaker, just read those first seven words again.
  6. QMany

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    The spineless Jeff Flake trying to act like a hero now. Votes for Gorsuch to take Garland's seat. Votes for tax cuts for rich. Votes for Kavanaugh. Does nothing to impose Checks & Balances on Executive. Now, with 7 weeks before he is replaced and they don't even need his vote, he's finally using his leverage.
  7. QMany

    Trump-endorsed news sources

    Headline should read: WH admits to using doctored video and disseminating fake news, then lies about it.
  8. QMany

    The Angry Violent Left

    How’s that Kumbaya love approach going for you? Remember what I said about trying to debate the illogical, ignorant, and reprehensible.
  9. QMany

    Trump and the Press

    Why do some unethically act like the press has an obligation to cover Trump 50/50 positive/negative? He's a reprehensible person doing reprehensible things: Widespread tax fraud exposed Updates on campaign finance crimes Acosta saga Childish response to journalist WH publishing doctored video Revoking press credentials Heartless tweets re: California fires Accusing voter fraud without evidence (again) Appointing Acting AG obviously to protect him WW1 Anniversary Travels to France on taxpayer dime Doesn't partake in planned remembrance because of light rain Merkel and Macron do, because they're not soft Instead, tweets re: California fires Manufactured pre-election INVASION drama, abruptly disregarded after election Berated WH press April Ryan for legitimate question re: Whitaker During midterm campaigns, claims Democrats are party trying to do away with pre-existing condition coverage (idiot or ignorant?) (I'm sure I missed something...) Honestly, has Trump done anything good lately?
  10. QMany

    2018 mid-term

  11. Presidential Debate Strategy I was having a discussion with a friend yesterday about this; I think Democrats absolutely need someone who can handle their own in the debate. I'm not saying out-Trump Donald's WWF antics. But they need to be informed, blunt, and somewhat entertaining. By all accounts, HRC dominated Trump on policy, facts, and logic. But that isn't what people saw. The highlights were 10-second antics (mostly lies). You have to be able to combat that. For example, if law enforcement is the topic: "I support our boys in blue. He attacks our FBI for doing their job. Campaign Chair, CONVICTED 8X. National security advise, PLED GUILTY. Foreign policy adviser, PLED GUILTY. Campaign Aide, PLED GUILTY. His own attorney pled guilty and accused him of federal crimes. Trump doesn't support law enforcement, because he runs a criminal enterprise." Long eloquent speeches and policy wonk talk don't cut it in that arena. Unfortunately, we live in a reality TV era and people want to be entertained, not educated.