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  1. My question is why would the SEC stop at Texas and Oklahoma why wouldn't they go after Clemson Florida State and other big-name schools
  2. Would any of you be opposed to Nebraska adding either Chris Petersen, or Dan Hawkins to the coaching staff as an analyst position I know Peterson has a pretty good gig right now but maybe we can get him on board. Keep in mind this is just off-season daydreaming no need to get your feathers ruffled up at the idea
  3. To me it's a huge roll the dice to add Kansas and Iowa State sure they're good now but what happens when Bill self retires and Matt Campbell moves on to a better job? Are they going to be able to keep pace in basketball and football the way they are now?
  4. Oklahoma, ND, Florida and/or Florida state to the B1G. Adds a lot of recruiting ground.
  5. It would be great if he parachuted into Memorial stadium playing the National anthem on a electric guitar in full blown La GEAR brand Husker wind breakers and tank top from the 90s Oakley's, kisses the nearest cheerleader flips off the crowd with his a$$ out and leaves.
  6. It would be great if they SEC took OU and Okie Lite. and left texass holding their Richard.
  7. In Lincoln they have $5 movies and it worth the ticket however concessions are still through the roof. Last time I went not on a Tuesday for ticket popcorn and pop $30 no thanks. After I got my popcorn and soda the clerk ask me if I needed anything else I said yeah my left arm back.
  8. Sam Keller. Callahan needed to keep Bo at D Cord. That could have worked.
  9. oops, I did not realize it was a RB thread. Yeah Judd Davies, Andy Janovich (sp) are good FBs too.
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