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  1. Is there a time frame on when we find out if they are coming here or not?
  2. Absolutely, the big 12 is a much weaker conference than the B1G, I wonder what Nebraska's record would be if we had 17 5 stars and 158 4 stars.
  3. So, our coach is a bad a$$, big deal! I feel worse for Saban when Nebraska beats them in the national championship game without Frost.
  4. Nebraska gets a bowling ball prediction? I hope it doesn't end in the gutter.
  5. Oh really that is interesting, what are some of the things they cut back on do you know?
  6. Anyone else hearing that Ty Robinson might be the next one gone to the portal?
  7. Wow I was expecting much closer to 200M but 10 million over projected price isn't that bad.
  8. You think? I could see that the Oline is better or improved with better play calling.
  9. Dylan's mom: Dylan? Dylan: ya mom ? Dylan's Mom: Phone call; he says his name is Warren. I think he sings Margaritaville.
  10. Absolutely. I have Stockholm syndrome when it comes to Nebraska football these last couple of years. I am expecting much better quarterback play though and I think that has to account for at least five or six more wins. I don't want to put it all on Adrian but man could he find some ways to really help us lose the game at times. That Michigan game where all he had to do was run left and he chose to run right in the middle is pretty inexcusable when it comes to a senior quarterback in a big game like that or any game really. That part is in the past it's done and over with I'm looking forward to the future I think Casey Thompson's going to win us a lot of football games
  11. Man we really gotta start winnings some football games.
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