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  1. Very disappointing. To me the games they lost, it seemed like they did not want to fight to beat a team that was as good or better then them. Pretty upset I thought this team had a lot of talent, enough to go farther then they did. Texas of all the teams to lose to.
  2. I guess there wouldn't be a running back unless you had 3 wide outs. Anyway it was just a thought.
  3. Well it is obviously not a perfect scheme but if that is the case we release Wandale and let either a pulling guard or RB take the big galute
  4. I'm drinking the Kool-Aid. I would like to see bets line up at tight end position just a package to throw the defense off and plus I think he has enough speed and athleticism to beat linebackers. Back when we had Wandale, I wanted Frost to run a package with four wide tight ends and then put wanDale on the line in the tight end position. So you have height and size difference on the outside and then a speed difference in the Middle with Robinson. I think it would be a big mismatch for the defense. Plus the quarterback could run with the tight ends blocking.
  5. I tried to toot my own horn here but I predicted smothers and Manning would be a dynamic duo. Honestly I'm drinking all the Kool-Aid this year I haven't felt this good about Nebraska football a long time I think we're going to win some football games
  6. Colorado hasn't been good since the 90's, Sounds like they are living in the past!
  7. I don't know why by the height worries me. I know it shouldn't but it just seems to me that at 6'1 it would be difficult for him to stay in the pocket as a pro style QB and see over our linemen. I know Brees and Rogers and others say hello, and the height is not to be a real concern, but I can get over it.
  8. Yeah I think Betts is going to be a weapon.
  9. Betts and smothers I think will be a good tandem going into the future. I look for Betts to be the guy to get us out of 3rd and long situations. Man I am drinking the Kool-Aid 8-10 win season men I believe it.
  10. Yeah I am a little perplexed about Stepp injury. He didn't know about the injury and our staff didn't know about it before here transfered here? Seems odd that neither USC didn't know about it or did not disclose it. Stepp didn't know about it or didn't disclose it and our staff didn't do a medical evaluation before he came here...
  11. We're going to need some help because I'm hearing rumblings at Kurt rafdal is entering the transfer portal
  12. To be fair I think he thought he was going to get that franchise tag.
  13. I would hope that there is not money allocated for that
  14. I can see us with 6 wins minimum I really like Goss post. Honestly we are close to beating toss up games. So 6-10 wins is what I see... If our WR corp gets going I think we can turn a corner this year which would be a year sooner then I predicted. Then Next year with a ton of talent returning and a considerably easier schedule I think we win our division. Also our defense this year will keep us in a lot of games. And our offense really only needs to put 10 more points up a game and we have a winning season. We are closer then what it appears to be on paper.
  15. You want to know who has had a great career as a NFL QB Blaine Gabbert he has played like 20 snaps and has made millions I would love to have Blaine'S NFL career.
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