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  1. Ok true, but that still does not give someone the right to get violent with someone. I mean the guy starts the conflict knowing that if it hits the fan he has a gun to get him out of the conflict he started. If you're going to run your mouth at least be a man about it and if it does escalate fight the guy but don't run your mouth and then when it's time to do work you just pull out a gun and shoot him. All because a little sticker upset him. Somebody was either hugged too much or not enough as a child.
  2. Yeah I have same crazy theory about folks who run their mouth with guns.
  3. So if I am driving down the road and I have a Nebraska 95 greatest team ever bumper sticker, and some guy from Alabama doesn't like it he can the drive up to me creaming and flipping me off just because he does not agree with my bumper sticker? Or where is the line in the sand for justifying your behavior against someone who disagrees with you? Why do you feel you get to act that way? and what if he felt threatened and then shot you. What would your opinion be then? Just because you don't agree with someone does not get you the right to start an altercation with them especially when you had a gun.
  4. Until someone gets shot for having a political opinion and the court needs to find out who is to blame.
  5. You want to run your mouth and fight about it that is fine in my book, you want to run your mouth and then get a gun is cowardly.
  6. You are both allowed to have an opinion on the matter you telling someone FU, is elevating the situation to confrontational levels. And the only reason why you did it is because you had a gun, which tell me right there that you knew there could be trouble but if it did arise you was prepared to handle it with your gun and not your fist like a man. You started a situation that could have ended up with you shooting someone. Do you not realize that?
  7. Again I don't know how I was "flaming" To be honest I feel like you are attacking me right now.
  8. Nice try? show me where I attacked him.
  9. First I call BS on the whole story it sounds made up, but just so I understand this correctly, YOU willingly engaged with someone who's opinions are different than yours. Verbally harassed this person, again because his opinions are different than yours and the only reason why you did it is because you felt like a big mad with YOUR gun, we have no idea if he had one or not. And the person who did not start this altercation or do anything after you did your little song and dance is a "DIPSH IT" AND A "Knuckledragger" You are right they do reduce a persons inhibitions, why didn't you challenge him to a fist fight if you are so brave or are you only brave when you have a gun?
  10. I think this defense is going to be very good. Top 10 top 5.
  11. Kind of mind boggling to me the Smothers is not closer to the top.
  12. I would keep him at WR, as mentioned above, the weight needed for him to play LBer the juice is not worth the squeeze.
  13. Put away your microscope, I just meant we have a QB battle. It was hyperbole
  14. I hope this young man is next. https://www.facebook.com/CFBonESPN/videos/this-14-year-old-five-star-recruit-is-61-290-pounds-/1379102415909013/
  15. Who's the goon that thought Lincoln was closer that East Lansing?
  16. I wonder whose idea it was to have them cut weight.
  17. The turn over rate is so high now, you can never really tell who is going to be here one year from the next. I would say if we have a opportunity to take as many highly talented WRs as we can then we should. Do I wish it was o linemen, yes.
  18. I get that, but would the B1G wanting a slice of the Texas market come as a huge shock to anyone? This after all is about money and adding 900k viewers you previously did not have probably is not a bad thing.
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