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  1. Boy I couldn't tell you I haven't even looked I usually go to Vegas insider.com for things like that. However I doubt Nebraska basketball is all a sudden going to get the national respect that we fans know we deserve. And that's fine by me you don't get an opportunity to take Vegas too often oh, I'm not saying it's a sure thing but I guarantee you they're not thinking that we I have it all figured out and they're sure not thinking we're going to get a win in this tournament.
  2. What do you think Frost record would be if he was at OU? I am guessing it would look pretty similar to when Frost is at UCF. Bottom line is Frost does not have the horses here to run his offense. You need to win in order to get the type of players needed to run Frost offense at a high success rate. If I was Frost I would find about four plays or so we run really well and run them at a high success rate. I would much rather lose doing something we do really well then lose trying to be a team that we are not
  3. The more I think about it a pat narduzzi head coach Tom Herman offensive coordinator Kevin Steele defensive coordinator sounds pretty good
  4. Bet the overs on the season we are sweet 16 bound.
  5. I don't want Frost to fail either. Frost would definitely be my first choice to be the head coach however it's not working out. And I'm just being realistic here he's 10 games below 500. I have to be realistic and if Frost has lost the team and they come out and play the way they played against Minnesota than there's no longer a reason to keep him here.
  6. Patt narduzi would be a upgrade had success in the big 10. Wont be a splash hirs though. We need someone that can recruit here.
  7. I am still in the boat that Frank solich would have worked out Had he been given the proper amount of time with Bo Pelini as his defensive coordinator. Now Bo more than likely would have moved on as well as some other assistant coaches. However, I think Frank eventually would have picked up Scott Frost as an offensive coordinator / coach in waiting. And it would have worked out just fine
  8. Who would you have wanted to take over at the time.
  9. PRIME TIME BAYBAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Recruiting would go through the roof.
  10. Pat Nardusi. I always liked his defense at MSU. Has not really shined at Pitt but has not sh*t the bed either.
  11. Fire Mario. Replace with Lubic. Hire Herman for his Texas connection to high schools and recruit it heavily
  12. Let's get back on track realistically who are we looking to hire. That is who would be willing to come and polish the brass on the Titanic. Are we getting Saba , Dabo, Kelly, L.Riley. Day. No. Stoops. No Does Trev get Urban. No David Shaw? No Fickel? Doubtful he will have better options. Bill O'brian he would not be here for the Long Haul unless we paid him an astronomical amount of money. I mean I am really at a lose of who we could logically get that would be the program changing hire that will get us to the national championship. I do not want a up and comer I want a proven coach that has long term sustained success. Jim Trussel at 68? I think we need to add Tom Herman as OC move Lubic to QBC and get a recruiting and special teams coordinator in here pronto. Given the circumstances I think it's our best option.
  13. Another option I would be ok with is Hiring Tom Herman as OC and moving Lubic to QB coach. I would like someone to pump some life blood into the recruiting program we need to get a pulse because right now it is dead. We need O linemen depth and we just need to get into the top 10 in recruiting. It needs to happen otherwise I don't care who the coach is; it wont fly without better players.
  14. I am worried that Chins might get the itch at some point.... I do think that Coach T, and Chins are going to be hot commodities at the end of the season especially coach T with the new USC HC whoever it might be might nab him up.
  15. Honestly I think if we had an offensive line that was Junior and senior we would be winning all these football games. That's not a knock on the offensive line because I do feel that they are giving 100% And they are playing to the best of their ability right now but the difference between a freshman and Senior is light years. It would have been nice if Martinez had a senior offensive line this year
  16. I love this team. I love the fight they have, the brotherhood all of it. It just has not for whatever reason turned into wins. We have 5 games left as far as I am concerned we have a 5 game season ahead of us lets go 5-0
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