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Found 5 results

  1. Steven Bench ‏@SBench12 I've decided to leave Penn State and go to a school that will give me the opportunity to compete for the QB spot and reach my full potential Sucks when your only returning QB with any starting experience transfers. Granted, he's only a Sophomore, but now PSU enters the season with no QBs with Big Ten experience. That trip to Happy Valley is looking a little easier.
  2. Question is straightforward. I'll start with mine: Michigan I despise everything about Michigan except for Denard Robinson (hard to root against him, he's humble with a million dollar smile). Perhaps it's the saying "We dislike most those who remind us of ourselves". And as much as I hate to say it, Michigan is a mirror image of us. College football blue-blood, top 5 overall in victories, heismans and NC's etc., the Rich Rodriguez and Bill Callahan situations are eerily similar (offensive wizards who were brought down by subpar Defenses), similar block M to our Block N logo (just a blue version) to name a few. But it goes deeper than that (1997 comes to mind). Their fans are arrogant. In my interactions with Michigan fans online and in-person I get the sense that they thumb their nose at our tradition and contributions to college football. It seems like every Michigan fan I spoke to in 2010 had no real excitement or concern about us joining in the big ten, basically revealing their thoughts that we would be a push-over in conference play. Virtually every Michigan fan thinks that they would (not could) have beat us in 2012 if Robinson/Gardner played qb against us, and that they would have scored a touchdown on that drive that Robinson got hurt. I really thought that OSU and Michigan would be Texas and OU respectively before we joined. However, I find it is the complete opposite. Every single OSU fan I talked to in 2010 was genuinely excited to have us in the conference, acknowledging room for multiple powerhouse programs. One of my buddies, who is a Michigan fan, after the Michigan 2011 game (after which they truly felt they were 'back') posted a facebook status: "I remember when a man named Bo Pelini said he had no interest in the Michigan job. No one in Michigan wanted you anyways and today we showed you why" and it really set me off. I feel like we will meet OSU in the CCG on a semi-consistent basis for years to come and that those games will be hard fought to contribute to a respectful rivalry a la OU towards the end (I realize NU and OU hated each others guts in the 60s-90s). But I think the right to represent the legends in the CCG will almost always be decided by NU and Michigan, and consistently having these stakes for our games will make our feelings towards the Maize and Blue get downright nasty like Texas. Refute some of my points if you feel differently
  3. This is why you don't riot and damage property in the information age. Cameras everywhere are capturing your image. Gonna be really hard for these guys to get off with photo evidence... More pics HERE
  4. By now everyone knows what happened in Happy Valley. There are dozens of threads where we can discuss that situation. This thread is ONLY for discussing the game. It should not be used to allude to, refer to, or comment on the Sandusky scandal. We need to be clear about this: NO JOKES. No references to the allegations at all, nothing, in this thread. It's not the place. No pictures, no comments, no rants about Penn State, their players or their coaches in reference to this scandal. If you think it's possible it could be taken the wrong way, don't post it. What you post here will be reviewed, and proper action will be taken if this warning is not heeded. I would encourage everyone to use the Report button if they see anything questionable. With that regrettable warning taken care of, let's all enjoy the game.
  5. My prediction is he runs it threw the middle every play next saturday. We have an extremely weak d-line. Redd also averages 5.2 yards a carry. Make that at least 7-8 yards a carry against us, I honestly don't know how we will stop him if we can't stop Kane Colter. 10 bucks says Penn State runs it threw the middle 99% of the time. Might be a short and low scoring game. If we are to win we need to load the box and try to get a stop on first down. Redd runs 8 yards, 3rd down we gotta get lucky with a penalty or something. Offensively our wide receivers have to catch the ball and o-line needs to show up. We should be good on offense if we don't turn the ball over. Redd gets at least 140 yards if not more.
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