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Found 3 results

  1. Nebraska - Oklahoma, nothing else comes close in my opinion. I'm 50 years old, and have grey and white hair with a great deal to do with the rivalry game that used to happen the day after Thanksgiving. Wishbone, Blackshirts, Sooner Magic, Bleeding Crimson and the battle of the big reds. Many years, it was make or break of the season. I'm sure many if not all of us, had Dads who would yell at the TV even if they couldn't hear you, trying to will the Cornhuskers to victory. I had a Dad who on the Nebraska Oklahoma game would be decked out in a Husker hat, at least 4 Nebraska shirts, Husker Socks and Husker shoes that were given to him as a gift from his nephew, my cousin who was a Nebraska Cheerleader. The Rivalry...
  2. Just had someone send this to me this morning, found it interesting. A UNL English Teacher and Environmentalist is calling for the Balloon Tradition to be replaced due to the new balloons not being bio-degradable. The petition says the “supposedly biodegradable latex” balloons travel hundreds to thousands of miles, posing a risk of ensnaring wildlife with their ribbons. Now, why is this posted here and not, say, in the football section? Because there are certain folks that don't understand that politics don't belong in that forum, and anything environmental seems to devolve with certain folks into something less than desirable. IMO if the balloons are being advertised as biodegradable and we have examples where that isn't the case, then this should be investigated by the University and changes made if these new biodegradable balloons are not as advertised. As to whether the replacement is going to actual, proven biodegradable balloons, or replacing the tradition completely, I don't know. But as innocuous as it sounds, I've heard of farmers in central and western Nebraska having problems with livestock ingesting deflated balloons that have landed in their field (not known if it's a balloon from DoNU or not) and ultimately killing said livestock.
  3. I am familiar with how the Husker Blackshirts came about. Hell, if you hang around here and don't know I suspect the woodshed would be ablaze with all the flaming going on in your name. however, are there a lot of other teams that replicate this? I am sure we are all familiar with the common practice of different colored jerseys for different purposes (O, D, QBs, injured, etc) but more along the lines of reward-based? Looks like the Jets are adding their own form of reward based black practice jersey wearing. http://www.nj.com/jets/index.ssf/2012/06/jets_rex_ryan_says_new_black_p.html?utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=twitterfeed Just curious.
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