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Found 3 results

  1. For all those not liking Kentucky football these days. Looks like Kentucky is having their own issue with dismissing of players. http://sportsillustr...l?sct=obnetwork
  2. I thought this was interesting. Vince Marrow is going to coach and be on the sidelines with Nebraska through/during the Bowl Game. This is not a rumor; the coaches confirmed in the LJS. I certainly appreciate Marrow and his abilities, but does anyone else think this could be a conflict of interests. Do we want him spending more time with the team and possibly communicating with our potential recruits? I'm sure that I am being overly cynical; I'm guessing it will be good for the current players. What does everyone else think? Here is the LJS article: http://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/football/2012/capital-one-bowl/red-report-nebraska-locks-in-on-georgia/article_720395be-ab00-5d06-9a76-c671f12e2211.html
  3. This article is from about a week ago, BEFORE, we got Love to committ. We need to find room on the staff for this guy. He seems to have big connections in Ohio. He was out recruiting for Cotton who had surgury on his shoulder and Love commits. "Sometimes, I know a lot of these kids that are coming up, I either knew their parents or — and I come from a large family — their parents know my brothers," Marrow said. "It's very easy for me to go and recruit." "During that time, Marrow helped lure defensive back LeRoy Alexander, who's from Toledo, Ohio, and is set to join the Husker program this summer. Marrow also played a role in securing a nonbinding commitment from 2013 safety Marcus McWilson out of Youngstown." Had a hand in McWilson and Love, 2 four star highly recruited kids. http://www.omaha.com...best-to-huskers Another article on him and his son Mike, who sounds like he will see alot of playing time in the next two years. Pelini also devulged in his Taking the next step article that Sam wrote in the OWH that Mike has a slight edge over CJ coming out of spring. "What people don't understand is Nick Saban recruited him as a big back," Vince said, "and he was right behind Trent Richardson at Alabama as a true freshman." "Once he learns the fullback position," Brown said, "I think he'll be a pretty devastating player." http://huskerextra.c...20c02772a1.html
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