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  1. On another message board, while no announcement has been made about his future - he is enrolled at NU according to sources.
  2. Yes, I read somewhere it is Thursday at 2pm. They didn't mention the price.
  3. Just to piggyback off this post. Currently only season ticket holders can purchase - general purchase (non-season ticket holders) start at 10am tomorrow. (Wed) #NCAABaseball Oklahoma City Regional tickets go on sale to the general public tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. LINK: http://orange.okstate.com/ncaabaseball-19/
  4. I checked the UConn local papers and thought this was interesting. As noted above, given how we are against left-handers (Feole), I wouldn't mind this one bit. "Penders said Nebraska (31-22) doesnt run a whole lot and, like UConn, its biggest strength is its pitching staff. Penders is debating whether to start staff ace and potential high MLB draft pick Mason Feole on Friday against Nebraska, or hold him off for Game Two." Full article: https://www.nhregister.com/uconn/article/UConn-baseball-team-will-face-Nebraska-in-13899207.php
  5. The recent podcast TM did with Jeff Goodman - talks about his future - sounds like he is going to take a year off and then try and get back to coaching. Interesting listen. https://hwcdn.libsyn.com/p/8/3/6/83614988c284fcb0/Good_N_Plenty_w_Jeff_Goodman__Tim_Miles_4-30-19.mp3?c_id=41170925&cs_id=41170925&expiration=1557638492&hwt=5366e8e851860abad1d93c487a35bac1
  6. You're totally right on Pollard. Thank you for bring that up (makes me feel better)!
  7. We need to lose on Sunday. If we don't then Moos needs to still come out with the details. The longer this drags on, the more chance there is for something to go wrong.
  8. What are the radio stations or ways everyone has found to best match the radio broadcast to the television broadcast? I would rather listen to the radio/internet audio, however don't like when it doesn't match the timing of television. Any recommendations would be appreciated!
  9. Last year single game tickets went on sale November 1st. It will probably be a week earlier or so this year with the basketball start date moved a week. They wait a pretty long time to see if they can get as many season ticket buyers as possible. You can always check Stubhub or other sites from season ticket holders who have already put up games for sale.
  10. Jordan Larson used to go by Jordan Larson-Burbach. In her Wiki entry, it says she was married to Luke Burbach. Did she get divorced? Just a random question of the reason for the name change.
  11. The full link when you click on it says at the end: mcveigh-to-pursue-pro-career-in-australia So it doesn't look like he is transferring to another college. It will be interesting if Copeland also decides to leave for pro ball (European), we suddenly become thin at the 4 spot.
  12. Every team has a few of those in their schedule. We had the opportunity for a top non-con schedule: Kansas Creighton Boston College St. Johns (Predicted to be a NIT or NCAA team before injuries) UCF ((Predicted to be a NIT or NCAA team before injuries)) *If we had won the UCF game we would have played West Virginia, Missouri both Top RPI teams in the holiday tournament. The problem was not our schedule, it was that we didn't win any of them (besides BC)
  13. In case anyone is feeling bad for Northwestern with the injury: Last year this same exact thing happened to Nebraska against them. It was the first full game that Morrow was injured last year (played at PBA) when we were 3-0 in conference at the time. We lost in a close game. Odd how things work out. I am happy for McIntosh that it won't keep him out long-term.
  14. This is good news! Just for context, Iowa State was picked 9th in the 10 team Big 12 pre-season poll. I do think they will finish higher than that though.
  15. We need to hope for an easier first two games (i.e. Rutgers and Penn State) the first week in December in case Copeland doesn't get the NCAA waiver to play right away.
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