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  1. Sorry to see that you got corrupted by listening to the MSM. Ronald Reagan was my many person who woke me up about the MSM and also how the MSM treated Bill and Hillary Clinton during his campaign against old man Bush. They let him off the hook on his woman problem!
  2. How would you know what Rush says? I didn't listen to him until years later. Just happens his thoughts matched mine, and he didn't tell me squat. Have you ever heard him? I doubt it, because he would be too conservative for people who call themself Republican but would vote for a commie Democrats because they don't like President Trump.
  3. I haven't trusted the MSM since late in the 1980's and people are sticking their heads in the sand if they think those attorney's were not bias! If you think they weren't, I have a bridge I'd like to sell you! Sounds like some people are too young to even know what a subjective Media is. MSM has been corrupt for a long time now and many didn't start paying attention until after they were corrupt.
  4. No I think for myself! Using some good old fashion common sense gained by my 62 years on this glorious earth. Don't need any thing from the MSM/Media Matters world of lies.
  5. I Only mentioned 12-18 because some of them left during the writing of the report because the investigation was over they were no longer needed. The second part was solely written most likely by Andrew Weissmann and then he quite so he couldn't be interviewed by the DOJ Inspector General. Only current employees can be interviewed by the Inspector General.
  6. Well certainly something more than a report written by 12-18 angry Democrat Lawyers (Especially Andrew Weissmann) working for Mueller that all voted for Hillary. Also an investigation that was started all due to the false premises that were laid out in a unproven dossier paid for by the Clinton Campaign! Can't anyone see the conflict of interest with this panel of Attorney's?
  7. You know, that's the main reason I post this for everyone here. If anyone thinks this is to change your minds on things, forget it. Most people are so set in their thoughts, that to change their minds, it would take a great awakening to happen.
  8. If you don't want to trust it, fine. You certainly can make your own mind up, but it has lots of fact, that can not be disputed! So what ever you want to do. It's your choice.
  9. If you choose not read this article you'll be missing out on information that will make you cry later, just like the gif above. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2019/04/23/the-obama-use-of-fisa-702-as-a-domestic-political-surveillance-program/
  10. Nice SWAMP burning gif there! Many deep state globalist dreams going up in smoke!
  11. Hey you believe what you want from your FAKE sources! If you think this hasn't happened that's your problem. In the next few months, if people don't open their eyes, they're going to be left behind! Lots of discovery and legal stuff is about to happen to these clowns! But again you provide no direct evidence! Every single time these kinds of thing happen the left CLAIM CONSPIRACY. The only thing that was a conspiracy was that people who hated President Trump said he was conspiring with the Russians and it was the CIA and FBI under Obama who started all of this along with the help of an unproven Steele Dossier that was bought and mostly paid for by the Clinton Campaign and the DNC. Investigator are now looking into Hillary's dealing with the Russians. Also look for something big coming out of the Ukraine concerning Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden. Big things are coming. Pay back is going to be hell for the people who started this whole hoax, as it should be. This should never happen again to any President or any political campaign, no matter which party is in power! But just keep following the all in fake/MSM/Media Matters news. At this point their credit-ability is gone and only the people that have drank too much of their Koolaid are watching. When people do things to cover up the truth, the truth usually comes out and all of this was due because of hatred of Donald J. Trump. Also doing things out of hate usually doesn't come out good either for the haters.
  12. So what's your alt-left website telling you? I'm curious to see the lies being told to their followers!
  13. Check out this segment from the Laura Ingraham show that was aired (Wednesday night). Mike Huckabee filling in for Laura Ingraham. Here is the video of most of the show. Solo Rudy interview starts about about 3:00 into the video. Panel with Rudy, Robert Ray, and DiGenova starts at about 10:30 or so. Most important thing DiGenova says — solo report on Comey coming out in about 2 weeks that DiGenova says will contain criminal referrals. This might be the best, spot-on discussion of the coup and where things need to go from here. Centered on the FISA abuse. Must watch. The hammer will be dropping on these seditious players in the near future!
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