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  1. Yes. I just read an ABC article about how the speech 'alienated moderate voters' but proceeded to do nothing but quote pundits saying Trump alienated moderate voters . If polls showed that moderate swing voters wanted statues removed, flags banned, dead Presidents banished then we would be inundated with the numbers.
  2. Now that's flattening the curve edit: sorry if already posted but this week is pivotal. If Trump cannot get above 33% to win after all the July 4th hoopalah then his chances are nearly 0.
  3. Likewise the Biden is Senile case is made completely of rare clips of Biden. He struggles to form the scripted and focus grouped sound bytes they lay in front of him. But fwiw I don't think he's actually senile, you have to have a fastball to lose it.
  4. If I can get 2:1 on a Trump bet I will look at it closely. He may be an underdog but not THAT great of one.
  5. Any cutthroat competitive industry is the essence of capitalism, so it's not surprising that the doves in your party are suspicious of SiV. SiV is very much like the hard Right industrialists of a different century with one exception; they hold themselves out as cool non-profit altruists, which makes them the essence of hypocrisy. And I think everyone notices. That's why I want Trump to pound on Silicon Valley on the stump. Give them Madlib slot once occupied by Islamic terrorists.
  6. you would think a mid 20th century dry-toned media would be able to damage Trump plenty simply by reporting the times he's boorish. But this media isn't capable. They aren't reporting news as much as preaching what they want to be news. There is no real difference between the main stream media and the Left wing. One simply does PR for the other.
  7. Yeah one of the petty excuses SIValley, I think Twitter, threw out there was that Trump took someone out of context. Still waiting on one of their own to get the same.
  8. Yeah Twitter won't flag any of PL's garbage. It's Love Speech to Si Valley.
  9. And just how do you know what para-military measures are or are not being planned and executed in response to some form of intelligence rumor? This is like how some political hacks blamed Bush for Bin Laden's safety; when the raid was already being secretly rehearsed before Bush left office.
  10. I'm curious why Putin is attacking his own puppet and trying to make sure he loses reelection. I don't understand how you flip the switch after nearly 4 years of saying that Putin and Trump are buddies and now say Putin is trying to start a war.
  11. I don't know how to argue with anyone who says the sky is green. Are they thinking that urban street people in overwhelmingly blue territories are not violent or are they actually right wing?
  12. Yeah that's wrong. The people who attempt to define "hate speech" do NOT limit it to violence. They include calls for violence because it sounds like a freebie, but they ignore it as long as it's directed against the right targets. NSFH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CQDxefdyeE And since that video will eventually be purged, it's one of many of Antifa screaming at police. Which has only increased obviously since last month. Antifa is a community beloved by the same tech companies that ban conservatives and Trump supporters. And if you were honest with yourself you would see that the Left is many times more hateful and violent than the Right. I posted a parody a few weeks back to highlight the fact that Right wing extremists aren't destroying property and threatening liberals, unlike the Radicals who do it on an hourly basis.
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