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  1. I'm sure the contract lawyers will find things to brief for $700 and hour. but I don't think 6 remaining conference schools could enforce their will if 4 chose to dissolve/depart. I have read that the Big12 is within it's contractual rights to start withholding OU/UT's media pay out but so far there has been no declaration that they will even try.
  2. They seem to be determined to find out how many of the fans won't ppv a game against Toledo. A shame really because UTn is a top performer in the MAC.
  3. Tamyra Mensah-Stock is first Black woman to win wrestling gold for U.S. (msn.com)
  4. There is still time before 2025 for the OK and TX governments to act. It would be politically but not legally difficult to pass a law saying that state institutions cannot lease state property (media rights) without permission
  5. It takes 4 schools to dissolve the Big12 and end some embarrassing litigation. Two are spoken for, KU to the Big Ten, and then ESPN can stick WVU in the ACC and save themselves a headache.
  6. the cultural argument was pretty solid, until the Texas boys decided to take orders from the red necks.
  7. they said that the treacherous twosome started negotiating with the SEC 6 months ago which is the same time as they were quietly planning the playoff expansion. The SEC man in the playoff room must have known that his conference was expanding.
  8. I like it because it functions as contrast dye in medicine. If someone posts and Notre Dame forms a division with Louisville, UCONN, Iowa State and the University of Central Florida... I know he is playing CR scrabble and not passing along actual information. I think the jump from 8 vs 9 conference games has a much greater impact than the individual teams. There is really only 1 body bag [at most] in each conference but every other conf road game can be a land mine. The SEC will have to add a 9th conf game to make it work with 16 teams. But they are balancing that wit
  9. I've asked and cannot get them to think about the question. A few die hard Sooner fans think the Big12 was suppressing their recruiting.
  10. NCAA Calls for A Constitutional Convention (their words) Emmert foreshadowed Friday's announcement two weeks ago when he proposed a smaller governance role for the NCAA in which the decision-making power on a large swath of issues gets delegated to conferences and schools, or even a re-imagined structure where certain sports are managed separately. 1st order of business; make the NCAA smaller by firing Emmert. NCAA to convene constitutional convention to propose dramatic changes to college athletics (msn.com)
  11. Disney/ESPN owns 100% of the SECNetwork and the conference simply licenses their content for cash. That's a different model than the BTN where you NU had to gradually buy equity over a few years. Likewise that means anyone can be booted from the SEC for free while the Big10 would have to buy out the shares of a departing member. Is anyone thinking it's about time to go independent?
  12. That's not even an apples to apricots comparison. In your examples the AD could move new-rugby conferences by himself. What's happening now is the media companies are re-engineering college football so they can sell it for a higher price. And all of the things that made CFB unique are being tossed aside for a point of Disney stock.
  13. They're generally civil cases, breach of contract, tortious interference with contract etc that end with Disney settling for a few million. Bowlsby hinted that he might want something bigger. He mentioned "federal intervention" in the Thamel article. I'm surprised up and coming politicians haven't tried this on as a crusade. There are probably more voters who went to a LEFT BEHIND college than soon to be Power Four.
  14. This is what happens when you let Disney design the football conferences. They make them for what is good for Disney, not the fans, players, or schools. I like that ESPN is behaving like Silicon Valley and making lots of enemies even the casaulty is college football.
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