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  1. FYP, everyone knows McCabe lied in his official capacity. The problem thoughout the ages is that the police never want people really looking hard at how they work.
  2. Cheer up Ds, as usual https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/justice-dept-wont-charge-andrew-mccabe-the-former-fbi-official-who-authorized-the-investigation-of-president-trump/ar-BB100rHv?ocid=spartanntp no one polices the police
  3. So do the dictators have the judge and jury more or less predisposed to hate the accused?
  4. It would have been better for Biden if it had. If UKR would have done an 'investigation' there'd be a story for Biden to attack. Instead he got 6 months of Hunter Biden____Ukraine____$50,000 a month. And Joe could only say it wasn't so.
  5. FWIW the first thing out of my mouth when the UKR 'scandal' broke was this is a typical Trump affair because it will force the media to say "Biden" and 'corruption' in the same sentence. Months later the constant drum beat of stories seems to have bruised Biden and may have wrecked his campaign. Even his supporters don't say much more beyond "best chance to win the general."
  6. I barely remember his platform other than that he was stand offish and boring. Certainly he wouldn't have tried to reform the system with a battle axe like Trump. IMO his real goal is to become a king maker in the DNC, not the king himself. To do that he'll have to cooperate with whoever emerges from the circular firing squad.
  7. Bill Weld and Mitt Romney. Once in a while Taxachussetts gets so stuck they have to bring in an R to clean it. As a byproduct they get too big for their britches. Say is Deval Partick in the race?
  8. This time of decade I miss New Hampshire. Of course we always felt we had to correct Iowa, and we had an Osborne-like winning streak in the late 20th Century for picking Presidents. This time NH basically ratified the way Iowa 'voted.' Is this unprecedented?
  9. Vindman was supposed to report his concerns up the chain of command. Instead he ran to a politically sympathetic CIA person and tried to create trouble. He's lucky he's not undergoing administrative review.
  10. Well, if Col V thinks Trump is corrupt and appalling then he'll be much happier working somewhere else. And it would be terrible leadership to retain someone who thinks that of you.
  11. It's an apt name change. If you want your shot at impeachment rematch you'll have to suck it up and vote for Trump.
  12. I don't think she's ever at her listed address. When vacationing from Washington she spends most of her time at Mr Pelosi's Napa Valley estate.
  13. In light of this week's events, we'll settle for reminding people Romney actually didn't win the Iowa Caucus in 2012, although it took them a couple weeks to fix it. Well if we're counting outliers like Jeff Van Drew, there was bipartisan opposition to impeachment. They say there should be no partisan impeachments. Well if you can't even get the partisan to vote against the other side, it's obvious you shouldn't vote.
  14. It wasn't Bolton, it was for some guy named Charles Kupperman, and the Ds withdrew it likely because they knew they'd lose.
  15. You should just call it the Current Coup Curiosity and have everything: electoral college-emoluments-25th Amd-Russian Collusion etc etc in one easy to find sticky.
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