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  1. Most self-described 'independents' are actually quite partisan.
  2. What level of debt to GDP ratio causes irreversible inflation?
  3. I don't see many non-partisan policy discussions. I don't think I've seen any take place on a sports message board.
  4. But the difference is not how much restraint the mob had or whose loons are more threatening. It was how mobs were restrained by the legitimate authorities. If the dunderheads in Washington had been prepared for mob that they had to know was coming, this story is about a scuffle between Trump-demonstrators and police at the capitol steps, buried under the adulations for Biden's official win Put the shoe on the other foot. If Washington DC was a red dot run by Rs who just like seeing Ds get bullied but just wish their loons would tone it down . . . the mob might have occupied the
  5. They are getting fired, harassed, and black listed. Some majors Ds have called for the dictatorial no-fly list. Just because the oppressor isn't on official government payroll doesn't make it just fine.
  6. You do know that opppression is often pretexted on "the insurrectionists". Governments use one disturbance as an excuse to attack an entire society of political opponents. Try the shoe on the other foot. Imagine the day after 10 antifa rioters toppled a statue a corporation fired anyone seen at the 10,000 person protest.
  7. It's not a diversion. If a political riot in the Capitol is a 'threat to democracy' then so iz an 'autonomous zone' in Seattle. If they were trying to 'intimidate Pence' then the Kavanaugh Clownshow was intimidation. D's reactions ranged from smug to outright approval. On the bright side, everyone is almost on the same page now. til now the Left had caused all of the riots, now I have to say something awkward like 95% of recent lawlessness.
  8. It's premature. You would need a lot of investigation to determine the level of collusion between the tech companies and the government. But that's not what's happening. The corporations are using intimidation to demand conformity to their world view. Very intolerant and the Left used to scream back when business was conservative.
  9. A business owner in the White House. I guess he should have earned his stripes by refusing to sell pillows to BLM supporters.
  10. AIG cancels personal insurance of Curt Schilling over his political views. Not because there is any chance CS would get sued. Woke corporations are very sinister Baseball Great Curt Schilling Says AIG Insurance Canceled His Policy After Pro-Trump Posts | Human Events
  11. THat's not the Feds in the District of Washington, that's the city court. Their job is to manage DC as a city, which they do ineptly. But like all penny-ante prosecutors they think they belong in the big time so they are trying to climb out of their jurisdiction.
  12. That's why politics is ugly. The other day people were celebrating the death of a casino owner because he supported Trump. She noted "Dr Bongwater" You're treating that as a dispassionate non-vindictive news report?
  13. Because the initial anonymously sourced rumors are often wrong and always not the entire story? You're asking if President DJT would try a presumed-hopeless populist movement just to get back at the people who pissed him off?
  14. I got an alert for a post I did not have permission to view this content By all means if posters have a moderation problem with me, then lets have it out in the open.
  15. When both Mexico and Germany tell you you're being oppressive you have a problem
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