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  1. Did they announce two Olinemen as eligible receivers?
  2. I wonder where Nebraska ranks on the Transient trajectory. Seems like you've had cheap land and low taxes for a very long time. Californians voted for those high prices whether you're buying a house or a soda can. No one gets into the state house for being pro-business and anti-regulation. Always they restrict building while encouraging immigration, legal or otherwise.
  3. Then who were those clowns last week who assured us it was a fake Russian something? Don't you need to examine it first?
  4. better double check the issue polls. Biden's stated position on energy and immigration is a loser. Yet you were a top proclaimer in the Russia hoax. Try a search+replace where Biden->Trump and Russia->Ukraine_or_China.
  5. I haven't heard NPR mention Biden's noticeable signs of dementia. But rarely a car trip without the overpaid non-profiteers imagining horrors from the poor boys.
  6. Biden won because everyone else colluded against Bernie Sanders. Everyone else colluded against Bernie Sanders because the latter was a heavy underdog to get elected. You didn't want Biden you settled on him.
  7. That 1st and 10 flag was way more ticky tacky than these targetting fouls.
  8. Peace, Prosperity, and Reform. What are three things Biden has never accomplished Alex?
  9. you are really leaning into a debate that's less than 24 hours old. It might take a while for people to digest all of the bad ideas Biden plans to shove down our throats like blanket amnesty, more useless windmills, ban on fracking. That being said the people Trump needed were not watching at all. IT his fault for not doing this on the first debate when they were. IF AZ tilts blue it's because of immigrants from California and other blue states. Somehow people cannot make the connection that they voted in the things that drove them out.
  10. Or you could Bing search it and find that other media outlets report the same thing about NPR... It is completely indefensible. If the shoe were on the other son's foot NPR would not go 15 minutes without reminding us how careless Jr was with evidence of Dad's quid pro quo.
  11. One glimmer of hope. Those who lost the first debate bigly and did better in the last went on to win the election. Bush in 2000, Obama in 2012, Trump arguably in 2016.
  12. In my previous life in biotech it was called Good Manufacturing Practices. My reaction was: We spend more effort protecting the documents than the drugs.
  13. Well the problem with it is that it's wrong. Hannity reporting that NPR is refusing to cover the Hunter Biden story. This fits even the pin-hole definition of censorship because NPR takes money from the US Taxpayer. Regardless of your party people should say it's long past time for NPR to become a private radio company and sell ads like their competition.
  14. Looking forward to a week of hearing about the Poor Boys. At least this time I've known boys who are poor.
  15. Yes and I never figured out why it matters what substance the wall is made of. Headline will be: Trump Wins Debate; Biden's Polls Rise.
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