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  1. Actual socialism has no incentive at all, pretty much by definition. The exception is the rich who won't use it but instead by private healthcare.
  2. The closed vs open primaries wouldn't have tipped the scales in 2016. Sanders just would not widen his base.
  3. Turnout helps too. But Trump was the only successful candidate I've ever heard of who suppressed his base and replaced them with first time or very rare voters.
  4. They're called swing voters and they basically decide every election. By definition they don't care that much about ideology.
  5. Of course I have problems with the entire caste of characters and put forth the exact same questions I'm asking about the Biden accuser. Do you have any problem with condemning Trump while apologizing for Clinton?
  6. I'm assuming @BigRedBuster meant an accusation that you believe regardless of the outcome of the legal system. For me it would depend on the facts and circumstances and not just the category. I believe she offered an explanation as to why the she changed the grisly details. I don't understand why that link wasted so much time talking about Russia. As if victims are forever locked into one viewpoint on foreign policy.
  7. Because Professor Looney Toons Ford didn't have any 'complicating factors' when the media declared war on Kavanaugh.
  8. We were discussing the difference in media reaction to the two accusations. Or rather, the complete lack of reaction from the media when allegations are made about their own party. And no one who stood behind the Clinton machine for 30 years has even the medium ground. They are main stream media who will back the DNC candidate. Far more interesting is whether Fox News gives her air time. The Biden camp may not be able to play the No Access to the White House if you run it card because the Ds have already blackballed Fox from the primaries and wouldn't be offering much during the general.
  9. And "found her credible" can be replaced with 'want to hear about it.' C Blasie Ford's story had facial weaknesses that didn't require anyone to review her opinion on foreign policy. None of the usual suspects will again say Victims must not only be heard, they must be believed.
  10. It's because you know President Hilary would have declared a travel ban; after all the foreign countries had done it and there was nowhere to travel. Obama-Biden declared a state of emergency . . . in October when the pandemic had hit in the spring. Just as I said and trying to equate the two is pure pettifoggery on your part. So you're saying there's a chance?
  11. They didn't quarantine a bird's turd. And it took them 6 months to declare a state of emergency, during which Obama blamed Bush every day. So far not 1 Husker in this thread has posited how much safer we'd be under President Hilary. Because you know.
  12. Joe can delay it for a while but eventually Trump is going to pound him like a trope for the his non-response during the Obama-Biden Swine Flu. I wonder if JB would do better by starting the cycle early.
  13. I'll ask the same question I posed about Trump's. Fox News refused to report on a Biden scandal? How about Breitbart?
  14. It would be the loss of the century. This would dwarf 2004 because Bush was normal politician who didn't go out of his way to be unpopular. But I think the Ds could pull it off.
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