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  1. So you want Maxine Waters arrested or do we wait an aligned mob to murder someone? BTW the total number of people killed by the Trump rioters = 0. Not sure who is going around reacting to old posts but thank you for doing my homework. Pretty much none of the emotionally driven comments hold up even a few months later.
  2. The answer to most of these questions is "yes" but it is not a great analogy because anyone else is not charged with preventing crime and arresting people. Regular people get to call the police and pass the buck on handling a suspect high on drugs resisting arrest. What did you do? We had some yahoos in our high school but not one of them would resist arrest and expect to get any sympathy from justice system or the rest of society.
  3. I'm think the comparison is "The Boston Massacre" and the shooting of Ashley Babbit. The one difference being Sr Airperson Babbit did not actually assault the officer.
  4. I took it to mean the resulting protests and riots generally which was the last straw for the 2020 election. It wouldn't be news if Pelosi merely thanked the demonstrators.
  5. Trump doesn't get a choice, as former President the Secret Service follows him everywhere. I don't know how you transpose Waters' remarks onto a minor R official. Some guy says the police are blameless but quietly demands that no police come near him? I really hope you mean "censured."
  6. Maxine Waters requested a police escort when she visited Minnesota. Was she there to agitate against 'police violence?'
  7. Seriously? How was that conflict of interest allowed? FYI Notre Dame's last national title hinged on DC Barry Alvarez culminating in Miami's final 2PC attempt. Our offense was good enough for another national title from 90-93. Many Irish fans think the drop off in defense kept Lou from a 2nd undisputed natty. https://www.jsonline.com/story/sports/college/uw/2021/04/06/barry-alvarez-gave-all-time-quote-upon-his-arrival-wisconsin/7051074002/
  8. JC is like Patrick Stewart, he's been an old man for so long I subconsciously count him as having been born that way, and immortal.
  9. This is like football fans grumbling about the ratings on FS2 by comparing them to the ABC night game. I don't even get TBS.
  10. I'm guessing the ACC is on top of the Worst-Ever-Performances low-archy. 4-7 in your worst year isn't that bad. My knowledge of the Mississippi River head water is scant. Is Michigan really West of the Mississippi?
  11. The laws were made from a time when buying votes was somewhat normal. Back When Everyone Knew How You Voted | The National Endowment for the Humanities (neh.gov) The practice of offering a dollar or two, a congratulatory tipple, or other goods—sometimes referred to as “soap”—for the trouble of voting was so common as to be considered socially acceptable. “In some instances,” Peter Argersinger, a historian of American populism, has written, “political leaders even agreed across party lines to standardize bribery practices and prices.”
  12. Probably the anonymous "they" who had their votes suppressed. In my state the rule is no approaching people within 50 feet of the door to the polling place. Beyond that I was constantly being approached with water, chips, beads, and 'information.' I was in line for 45 minutes with only the last 10 being in the quiet zone, but that was my choice. Anyone can go to any poll in the county or vote early.
  13. GCU was a local puff piece, it would have been cool if they had the magic that went to Oral Roberts. I did not know GCU dates back to 1949. No one had really heard of them until they were a for-profit college in 2008. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_Canyon_University#History
  14. Southern Cal came out of nowhere too.
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