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Found 2 results

  1. "Experts" believe OSU is in with a win or a loss. Most believe with conviction OSU best represents the BIG even with a Wisconsin win. Nobody in the media remotely considers the lowly Badgers in the CFP even with a win this weekend. Yet, the Badgers are the nations highest ranked 2 loss team. It got me thinking, are we in the the most opportunistic or most difficult conference? To think the Huskers could get 2 losses, get blown out by OSU, have a bad out of conference schedule, and lose to another mediocre BIG West team, and potentially be looking at a situation where Wisconsin is right now (yes, on the outside looking in, but nothing to cry too long about) is interesting. I know, the problem is getting to only 2 losses. I'm hoping for chaos this weekend.
  2. Wow this was a tough season. Never thought we'd struggle so much. Colorado, Purdue, Indiana, and Iowa. All winnable games and if we had just split them the season would have a very different outlook but instead we went 0-4. This was really more of a 7-5 team but there is plenty of blame to go around and there is so much to fix so it's gut check time...are you in this for the long haul or not? Better find out quick. We are riding the Frost train for a long time. And I think that is the right move considering we have to keep younger players and recruits. As for this game vs Iowa: Play calling was poor. The swing passes and bubble screens were terrible. We don't have the blocking to make these plays work. More athletic defenders blow up this play regularly. Mills was having a strong game and then we go away from him? Why? Run the hot hand. McCaffrey comes in and shows immediate impact on the game and then really is not considered again, despite AM struggles to move the ball. Clock management was awful as we all know. Taylor-Britt made a nice pick six but seems like he is always in slow pursuit mode on big plays and it happened today again. He needs to gain speed. The defense has no pass rush. Man, this has been a problem for going on a decade that I have harped on every season. Why we don't recruit pass rush specialists is a major blind spot. Special Teams is not very good as we know. Future outlook: What the heck do we do with so many things to fix? Get healthy. Wandale was missing big today. I think we need to use him much smarter next season. Warner and Pickering were missing due to injuries this year too and it hurt us big time. I think the OL recruiting is going in the right direction. This has to happen for Frost's vision on offense to work. I'll wait and see on how the recruiting finalizes but if we don't finish in the Top 15 then I won't be impressed. This is now Priority #1 until signing day. I think McCaffery is the starter next year. I think Frost wants the Mariota / Milton prototype. AM is too big, indecisive, and plodding for this. To me he actually looks like he needs to drop weight and get back to more lean athleticism. Vedral fits it more but is a poor man's version of it. McCaffrey is somewhere in between it seems but his pure athleticism needs to be on the field. He is a dangerous runner much more so than the others and seems to have the best play action abilities. MoWa...we could have used him for sure. Will he be back? What the hell are we doing with the TE's? Seems like we have a lot of them on the roster and none are making a difference. We need at least one who excels as a blocker and another as a receiver threat (Hickman?). Gosh this position seems so underutilized. WR's...we are thin. Williams, Noa, and Woodyard are senior departures and none of them did anything this year. We are in need of serious upgrade at WR. Defense...yikes? Some bad asses need to emerge from this heap of ashes. Defensive player development is crucial. If I am a stud defender recruit we need to land these recruits because you could be a serious legendary Blackshirt. There is a ton of playing time to be had. So, no more buying into the hype: First year...it was almost impossible not to be optimistic with Frost's hiring (like how could that not be worth 2-3 more wins just for that?). Didn't happen. Second year...OK we now have that cruddy transition season over, we have our QB, and the schedule is easy...easy 8-9 win season. Really didn't happen. Third year...wow, we are not where we need to be after 2 crappy seasons. I'm calling 6-6 next season. Tell me why I am wrong. I'm in with Frost because he is our long term coach but I think this is a long term fix. GBR.
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