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  1. This would have been a hilariously fascinating scenario. The committee would have probably s#!t their pants.
  2. "Experts" believe OSU is in with a win or a loss. Most believe with conviction OSU best represents the BIG even with a Wisconsin win. Nobody in the media remotely considers the lowly Badgers in the CFP even with a win this weekend. Yet, the Badgers are the nations highest ranked 2 loss team. It got me thinking, are we in the the most opportunistic or most difficult conference? To think the Huskers could get 2 losses, get blown out by OSU, have a bad out of conference schedule, and lose to another mediocre BIG West team, and potentially be looking at a situation where Wisconsin is right now (yes, on the outside looking in, but nothing to cry too long about) is interesting. I know, the problem is getting to only 2 losses. I'm hoping for chaos this weekend.
  3. It sucks so bad that we have to play all these good teams that challenge us and that will likely result in a loss. I can't stand it! I mean, we shouldn't have to play these better teams, its just not fair especially when the other teams in our division don't play as good of teams as us. The Big Ten officials need to make it easier for us so that we can get better and have a chance of winning the conference. I wish I had my kiki blanket.
  4. How about: "Christian, its an honor that you asked me to wear your late fathers' shirt however I believe he is the only one worthy enough to wear it." That seems pretty easy to me, which makes me believe she is wearing it out of her own generosity and kindness. Let's put this one to bed.
  5. I've decided your serious so that it makes the comment that much funnier.
  6. I actually can't make out if you are serious or just joking around. Can you let us know ?
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