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Should the Senate end Filibuster rules

Should the Senate end Filibuster Rules   

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Good article about the filibuster rules in the Senate.  There has been talk that if the Dems take over the Senate they should

do away with rules that allow for filibustering.   Sen McConnell (aka The Turtle) said it cuts both ways and the Dems would be

sorry if they did so. 


So what do you think?  Vote in the poll and let us know.






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My take:

One can look at it from 2 different perspectives:

The filibuster may stop the tyranny of the majority where by the majority of Senators may back a proposal that in the long term could hurt

the country or the interest of a minority of the citizens.

The reverse it also true - the tyranny of the minority.  A minority of Senators could ban together to hold hostage needed legislation that could be of benefit to the country.


I believe the filibuster should be 'canned'. It should be eliminated because it is in opposition to our principle of representative govt.  It allows a minority of Senators to have more power than would the electorate had given them.    The filibuster is also a violation of the simple principle of majority rule.  Elections have consequences. If the voters gave a mandate for a particular party to govern in the Senate, than, that party should be able to do so. If they fail, then the next election should correct the issue. 


We've seen too often that the filibuster is used to keep beneficial legislation from being in acted.  It has also been used for grandstanding  (think Rand Paul) which is below the dignity of the office.  IMHO, it is time to end it. 

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