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  1. TE Cameron Jurgens [Nebraska Commit]

    Great point. I'm guessing that based on what KW brough in at WR last year, he will make just one big splash at that position in 18. But DW will get to go to town with recruits in the secondary. With the recruiters we have, and the talents in the mid-west for the 18 class, I am very excited to see what 2018 looks like.
  2. TE Cameron Jurgens [Nebraska Commit]

    Insane that this kid has another year of development in high school. Would have been the most physically ready player in our 2017 class! I say let him play wherever he wants... lots of potential at TE, LB, or OT.
  3. SIGNED - LB Willie Hampton

    This guy is grossly underrated IMO. Athleticism jumps off the screen.
  4. SIGNED - WR Tyjon Lindsey

    We needed this one! Momentum is back on our side
  5. WR Joseph Lewis [USC - Signed LOI]

    SOOOOO this wide receiver class could be all kinds of crazy...
  6. CB Ameer Speed [Georgia - Signed LOI]

    Ummmm 6'4"? Yes please
  7. SIGNED - DT Deontre Thomas

    Like how he tackles low in his tape. Many top level recruits go for big hits up high because they are superior athletes in high school. Relief to see a DT commit!
  8. Signed - DE Collin Miller

    Agreed here. Definitely a DE. I don't see enough quickness for LB. Really liked his tape.
  9. Signed - LB Pernell Jefferson

    Pretty vicious hitter. Wish he was a couple of inches taller for DE, but looks like solid potential at LB, in my opinion.
  10. DT Amir Watts [Pittsburgh Commit]

    I think we need to questions HH's recruiting ability. We have really struggled to get talent on the D-line.
  11. Signed - S JoJo Domann

    No Being from Colorado, the perception of their program is as being pathetic. I would be shocked if he wanted to play there in front of 30k fans who could care less.
  12. QB Terry Wilson [Oregon Commit]

    Wasn't aware that it was a messy break up, but I guess I'll take your word for it.
  13. QB Terry Wilson [Oregon Commit]

    Scott Frost to UCF. Wonder if we will try to go after this guy again now?
  14. Signed - K/P Caleb Lightbourn

    Alex Henery is a top 5 Husker from the 2000s in my book.